Zong will Depoloy 9,000 Cell Sites in 2 Years

Zong signals have hit cities of Gilgit, Hunza, Skardu, Besharn and Sust. The network was rolled out by Alcatel-Lucent, one of their infrastructure partner along wirh Ericsson Pakistan.

Zong had been giving preference to Northern Areas of Pakistan to provide them cellular coverage at earliest. They also bear the added experience of network operations in similar high mountain areas in China. Moreover, the company was interested in covering the road that is connecting China with Pakistan. The region now being covered by Zong borders with China, with the Karakoram Highway (old Silk Route) is going to play a vital role in freight transportation.

We may see hundreds of more cities covered by Zong in coming months, as the company is aggressively rolling out its network in less served areas of Pakistan. Zong had invested US 1 billion dollor since they overtook paktel from Millicom, and these new rollouts are consequences of their initial investment they made in Pakistan.

Recently we have heard about US 800 million dollar additional investment in following years to expand its coverage area throughout Pakistan. We have seen previously how rapidly Zong is fetching customers’ share, while with this increased coverage the company is going to get even better position to gain the momentum.

Zong has said in a PR that It has added over 2000 sites since its launch and the network cell sites have grown from about 900 to over 3000. By the end of 2009, just two years from the start, the cell sites are targeted to grow to over 10,000.

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