Is Mobilink Losing its Grip Over Customers?

We have recently seen a major reshuffle on points table for cellular companies, where Telenor has overtaken the Ufone and grabbing the second slot on the top charts.

With emergence of Zong (a brand of CMPak) in Pakistan, all cellular companies are fully charged up to retain their positions. Babar Bhatti has summed up the current scenario in his post, where stats show that Telenor managed well to subscribe over 500K customers almost same as of the Zong in May 2008.

But the chart shows a very disappointing situation for Mobilink, who could not get more than 25K customer. We all know that these stats are not audited, (CEO Warid has stated on the record that tele-density in Pakistan is said to be more than 50 percent but it is actually around 40 percent), this leads us to a point where one can doubt of 25K customers that were added in May 2008.

This doubt is not pointless, as in a recent TVC, (for Jazz One) Mobilink made an un-intentional mistake or they told the truth when the AD says that connect with 30 million Mobilink costumers with only Rs. 1 per minute, instead of reported 32 million subscribers. So what does that actually mean? if Mobilink has 30 million customers not the 32? or they are loosing customers with time? We remember that Mobilink hit 30 million mark in December 2007, and if they are still standing at 30 million, then they must revise their trategies in order to retain theit top position.

It’s not the case that they are doing anything wrong with the services or the tariff plans, then what exactly is going against them?

Let’s discuss them in comments..!

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  • Cellular companies and PTA count only issued number of SIMs, not the actual active connections. Otherwise the situation could have easily drifted away from Mobilink’s hand.

    For example, if 22,000 Mobilink SIMs are sold in one month, and at same time, 5 million customers switched over to Zong or Telenor, which would result the mark on charts on negative side.

  • In reply to Aamir Attaa, Mobilink’s policy of counting total subscribers is not based on just number of sales but it includes numbers that are active for atleast 30 days.

  • Actually mobilink is always making false promises. Thats the main problem. And it still has the highest rates. Only elite class is loyal. No more youngsters or poor using it

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