Get Your Zong Dial Tunes with a Single Click

Comprehending the increasing popularity of Dial Tunes and melodies being played instead of those old aged Rings…Zong now offers you to select the dial tunes with a single click. For example, if you are calling you friend, and you hear a song that you like a lot, simply press * button to set this particular tune for your number. Now onwards, when someone will call you, they are going to hear this tune.

Dial Tunes Website

You can also select and manage your dial tunes from Zong’s official website that offers almost 5,000 dial tunes for you to select.

To visit Zong’s Dial Tunes Website click here

You can search the database of Zong Dial Tunes by

  • Artist Name
  • Tune Name
  • Song Genre
  • Or simply type the keyword and grab your Dial tune

You can register your number on this website, and log-in to save your proffered Dial Tunes to be used in future.

Record Your Own Dial Tune

Okay if you want to record your own voice, or some other music file to set as your Dial Tune, that’s possible with Zong. Just dial 230 & select the “record your own Dial tune” option & record what ever you want your friends & family to hear.

Dial 230
Press option 3 to select “record your own Dial Tune”

Remember that you must be subscribed to Zong Dial Tunes first. You can subscriber by dialing 230 or Send “REG” to 230

Selecting Dial Tunes from Mobile Phone

An easiest method to select the Dial Tune that you like is by Dialing 230 where the automated voice will help you in selecting the category you are interested in and then the Zong Dial Tunes of your choice.

And in case you know the Dial Tune code, you can select the option from the menu and enter the code. Content code is available on the website and from Zong Dial Tunes flyers. You can browse through the Zong Dial Tunes website and purchase as many Zong Dial Tunes as you want.

Selecting Dial Tune through SMS

If you know the Dial Tune Code, then you can simply buy this dial tune by simply sending the code to 230

Send SMS: <content code> to 230.

Specific Dial Tune for Specific Numbers

Yes, you can assign Dial Tune to specific callers; each of them will hear different Dial Tune. For that visit Zong’s Dial Tune Website and assign different tunes to different callers.


Subscription to Dial Tune service is free of cost.
Daily fee Rs. 1.21 = Rs. 36.3 per month including Taxes
Download charges (from internet) Rs. 5 + tax
IVR charges (from handset) Rs. 5 + tax

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