Warid Joins Blackberry Club, What is Telenor Waiting for?

As expected, Warid Telecom has introduced Blackberry services for its users. Their website reads about prices as following

Warid BES Plus
Monthly Fee Rs.1500 + tax
Warid BES
Monthly Fee Rs. 1500 + tax
Warid BIS
Monthly Fee Rs.1000 + tax

Not bad one, but Ufone offers little better than this offer.

To check out more details visit their official webpage here

For Blackberry on Warid Number, check out this demo

For More details call 456 from your Warid Numbers (some users reported busy lines, but hope that they will get rectified soon)

And warid’s existance on blackberry website (to create an acconut) click here

While writing this post, got this email from Mustafa Rana, who states that Warid is offering unlocked blackberry phone, hence they may also accept unlocked blackberry handsets to get Warid Blackberry Services (However, consider this statment as unofficial)

[Source: Mobile Pakistan Blog]

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  • Hi Aamir Attaa,
    Nice blog.

    I just saw this linkback. I would appreciate if instead of writing “SMS Snapshot via MobilePakistan Blog” at the end, you could properly mention that the “Source: Mobile Pakistan Blog”.

    Apart from the SMS Screenshot of my E61i, I see that you have copied the exact way I wrote the tariffs (I didn’t copy from Warid’s Website – I adjusted it myself), the link of Warid’s presence on Blackberry’s website, the comments of the helpline being busy, and I compared Ufone’s Blackberry rates. Even Warid’s scanned advertisement has been taken from my blog.

    Please read the copyright on my blog & give proper Credit.

    Have a good day!

    Allah Hafiz

  • Dear Admin,

    Thanks for correcting…however, that’s matter of co-incidence, that all this information was gathered through my research on TGP, AD scan was also sent there by Tee Emm…hence taking only the….

    Anyway, i have altered the linkback as saying it a Source…!


  • @Aamir Attaa
    Thanks for correcting the source and linking properly back to my blog.

    As far as the Advertisement Scan is concerned. I think you haven’t noticed that the advertisement scan that Tee Emm has sent you has my MobilePakistan.wordpress.com logo on it.

    Thank you Tee Emm for not removing my blog’s logo from the Scan.

    Allah Hafiz

    • I have a blackberry 8800. How can I get it unlocked in karachi so I can use it with one of the services. Please help.


  • Nice info. I think that now only Telenor and Zhong are not offering BB service. The cost of handsets is coming down, but monthly charges should be attractive if the operators want the BB to be popular. Also banks should offer BBs (like Habib Bank Credit Card) BB handsets on easy installment plans.

  • Its nice that Warid has introduced BB…however it took them a while to do that …the original BB service providers were Mobilink and the service is great..not even once i faced a problem…its like Mobilink has always initiated and paved ways for other telcos to follow…regarding zong introducing BB i would suggest if they would pay attention to their current offers they can do well to sustain…

  • Dude this company sucks…….becarefull before you join it.
    No wonder they got money reipping off poor people; WARID PrePaid customer should know if you go over the limit which is your security deposit then the will stop you outgoing as well as incoming calls too yes incomming calls to0 is’nt it non-sense it’s better to be prepaid customer atleast you get incoming calls. eventhough postpaid bring more business than prepaid paid

    Good Luck!

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