Do You Play SMS?

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It is a well-acknowledged fact that after invention of Internet another thing that brought revolution in people’s life is rapid growth of mobile industry. Inclusion of this new communication method not only brought change in social life of people but also left a deep impact on economical sector.

On Social front, people claim more intimacy with each other by using tips of their fingers that is almost cost free. An unwanted interference in life has been made so easy and cheap by SMS. The whole day you are bound to answer the greetings of both close one’s and of people who are trying to come close to you. You will feel as you have been closely monitored by bunch of people who will keep on investigating through SMS. How are you? Where are you? What are you doing? What were you doing? What will you do? How did you do that?  Where are you now? And so on…

Celebration of different days was not a new concept one decade before but the momentum that it has got now was never observed before. Thanks to cellular companies that have made people to realize the importance of at least 200 hundred days out of 365 days in a year. As you get up in the morning you find 8-10 messages of Happy ———– Day and then to remain “IN” you have to send the same message to ten more people and celebration of that day goes on… It seems as after some time people will also celebrate Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday : – ) By the way after 15 days I’m going to introduce “ Happy Result Day” for the students of intermediate ;-)

It is not only that you are being sent jokes through SMS but sometimes you find your “Fate “ closely knitted with your choice of forwarding a SMS to at least 10 more people. No need to do any struggle or go to any Aamil Baba, just obey the order given in the message and your wish will be granted.  Remember 10 means 10 otherwise luck can put her arms around some one else ;-)

On Economic front, SMS stands for Superb Money Service. Television Channels are getting benefit from this golden sparrow. Voting system on Reality Shows is the best way to make money through SMS. People send SMS in millions to stamp the success of their favorite candidate. News channels are now giving importance to the opinion of those people who send their views through SMS. Charges of these SMS are greater than normal charges. These Channels get 60 % share from that money while 40 % goes to the operators. So the opinions of people are really of great “Value” ;-)

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