Marriott Blast Jolted IT Companies as Well

Unfortunately, Pakistanis had to bear Marriott’s blast on Saturday evening, which not only left physiological impact on Pakistani, but it affected our economy as well. This mishap also arose various questions pointing towards the flaws that our system has within it. In this post, I may not discuss all of them, but my focal point would encircle only the jolts that IT industry felt very severely.

Evacuee Trust Complex aka STP2 (Software Technology Park), is just adjust to Marriot Hotel, Islamabad. This five floored building is home place for a large number of software houses, banks, Multinational firms and even the head office of Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom.

The burst of 1 ton explosion was less than 1000 meters away from STP2 complex; hence caused serious damages to building.

Until now, media has been neglecting this damage that struck STP2 building, leaving it not a viable place to work for IT professionals (until it gets repaired). Thankfully it was a Saturday eve (normally a holiday), otherwise the dead toll may have gone exponentially high. Even now, around 6-10 deaths and 20+ injured are reported in STP2.

Future of these IT businesses is still uncertain, as professionals are being shifted or they are asked to work from their homes. Defiantly not an ideal situation to have…!

I was thinking what can we do in such circumstances? Are we left with multiple options? If not, then let’s join our hands together and help each other.

It has been reported that at least 100 companies are affected and urgently looking for alternate space. Some companies are:

Mondo, GEO PAQ
OVEX Technologies
Ministry of IT
Pakistan Tobacco company and others

PSEB and [email protected] are on the scene and helping IT businesses to get their (temporary) offices. So, if you have some space available to offer to these IT companies, please contact PSEB or PASHA members.

Please share your views? What steps should be taken NOW? How to fight this evil of terrorism?

Also how these continuous economical attacks can be fought? If you were a victim of this attack, in any way, what steps your company has taken to ensure your safety?

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK