Sending Funny SMS or Emails on Politicians can Take you to Jail

Interior Ministry Chief Mr. Rehman Malik has instructed cyber wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to trace out the originators of fictitious e-mails and SMS, sent to the people, which involved political figures of the country, especially the ruling ones.

Associated Press of Pakistan has reported that Mr. Malik is of the view that these emails and text messaged are forwarded by thousands if not millions, primarily aim at launching vilification campaign for the character assassination of the politicians and senior leaders.

The directive given by the Interior Advisor to the investigation agency will help initiate immediate action against the culprits, indulged in the smear campaign against the political leadership of the country.
These forwarded Emails / SMS messages normally contain jokes, cartoons and other elements of hilarious nature.

President Asif Ali Zardari is lately center of attraction for such activities, particularly in a recent activity someone faked his signature and reproduced president’s message that had spelling mistakes in it.

President Zardari was once again targeted in Emails after his meeting with Sarah Plain.

Consequently, there came a warning to all fun-loving Pakistanis: the cyber crime wing of the FIA has been instructed to hunt down those circulating jokes on him through emails or mobile phones.

But at same, we are not sure if FIA is capable enough to track text messages or emails. With no system available to cap and/or monitor the messages, which are forwarded and then re-forwarded to multiple mobile users, makes it almost impossible to reach the actual originator of that text message.

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  • Muhammad Wasim

    Musharraf government was lot better than this one, now emails and sms will also be blocked along with tv channels

  • Shahid Saeed

    You are saying Musharraf government was better. The Cyber Crime Ordinance promulgated during the PCO to catch bloggers. Details are below

    and the Cyber Crime Division of the FIA has not been introduced now, it’s bee in operation for a decade

  • Ingeyla Karim

    dis is absolutely not fair. zardari is not da 1st person ever in da world 2 b a target of jokes. thousands of ppl (including political leaders) have been da butt of jokes, even jokes were made on bush den wat? dis is really going off hand. instead of improving urself n ur activities u r putting restrictions on ppl. if a person is so insecure 2 not take a humour lightly den he shudn’t bg doing silly, stupid things

  • bull shit
    this is the fruit of democracy ?
    and for zardari’s fictious comments on Quaid’s Tomb please go through the following for reality

  • roses

    is free? like u can send n recieve messages for free?

    • @roses, yes it is free, but you need an invite to sign up… meaning that if someone already has an account with iSMS, then he/she must invite you to sign up there…!

  • roses

    oh ok but when i try 2 send an sms each time it says invlaid # when it is valid????/

  • shakeel

    zardari and the character of Amir khan in movie Ghagni both are the same.Both forget their promises after 15 minutes.Inspite of stopping e-mais and SMS they should bring a change in themselves.

  • Aamir

    I advice to Mr.Rehman he must focus on massive internal security problems/terrorization (I personally think Rehman is not competent for this job) sms topic is very miner it’s not important for Pakistani.

  • Khurram Shamsher Lall

    It is very strange to me that in this entire issue, not one single person has mentioned the supreme law of the land – The Constitution. Article 19 clearly states, subject to reasonable restrictions such as the glory of Islam or the honour of the Holy Prophet [PBUH], every Pakistani citizen shall enjoy FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Thus, to criticise the ruling party is a constitutional right, though it may be offensive. Being criticised and made fun of is the price one must pay for high political office, as no one is forced at gunpoint to run for office. If the high ups in the present gov’t have such a poor knowledge of the Constitution, why bother with one altogether? It is only civilised countries that have constitutions, as savage countries are ruled from the barrel of a gun.

  • a m malik

    The best way to stop the emails/SMS and the smear compaign is -Mr AbdulRehman- not to indulge in such activities causing this to take place. Should this happen- I personally Guarantee that none of the above will occur