Few Proposals for Cellular Promotions

Five Minutes Pulse Calls

Many of us miss those golden days when PTCL used to allow 5 minutes’ long calls. How about implementing this idea in cellular calls too? – makes sense? Okay price of this five minute call should be lesser than 5 multiples of one minute call; for instance, if one minute call is charged Rs. 2 per minute, than 5 minute call could be offered at Rs. 8 per minute or even Rs. 7.

Such a package will be picked a lot by ladies, who take couple of minutes before gearing the actual conversation. Same can be the case with few of gentlemen as well.

“Your Mobile is Switched Off” Caller Tune

This gonna be an interesting caller tune. Everyone gonna love it – but not the cellular companies. Reason is simple, who is going to pick the phone then? No One! Hence less revenues… but what if a tune is composed with such a message “App ka Matlooba number iss waqt band hay… hahaha ban giya na mamu, hold kar bulata hon”
SIMs with DVD

This idea can be adopted to sell SIMs by cellular companies. Latest movie from Bollywood, or DVD of PTV Oldies Goldies or some speeches from Islamic Scholar can make some difference in balance sheets. It would be even better if choice is offered.

By the way, this idea has been implemented by an Italian cellular company.

One Minute Free Call at Fixed Line Rent

We did a survey couple of weeks ago, in which 66 percent people opined that they can afford Rs. 1500 per month for unlimited on-net calls. Meaning that people want to spend this much money on phone for un-metered calls. Okay don’t offer unlimited, it may jam your network… how about offering one minute free call at line rent of Rs. 600? Calls exceeding one minute duration could be charged at normal rates.

This offer may attract masses, those who make short duration genuine calls.

Mobile Classifieds

Maybe I am getting too techy… but no one knew that Craig list could be a such a hit. Okay, here is the idea of Mobile Classified…!

There would be 2 types of people in the list

1 – Subscribers = they will be getting SMS notifications @ Rs. 1 per SMS. They will have to subscribe to a specific category, such as if I am looking for a room mate, then I would have to subscribe this category called “Looking for Male Room Mates”

2 – Advertisers = they can advertise @ Rs. XXX per advert

Even if advertisements are moderated, I wonder how huge response I gonna get to sell my 5 marla plot.

More to come in this series…!

Input from Gurus will make me further better my capabilities. Such as, if i am just shouting for no good, or these proposals were workable. Also add your proposals too, if there are any!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • one more suggestion if youd ont mind
    the companies are offering the packages like call gets cheaper as you lengthen the call. there should be a package vice versa

  • These are very good suggestion for Cellular Companies to promote their packages and services. I really appreciate these proposals. ;)

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