Desi Technicians Bringing OOB Innovations

Pakistan is no doubt the richest nation for OOB (out of box) ideas. Once I met this gora  who said to me you  know , what your country has? I asked what? He said, the instantaneous OOB approaches everywhere; but I am feeling sorry (Gora said) they do not have enough resources to convert these ideas into industry practice so that they can also emerge as “Google” or “I – Phone”, whatever.

I always bring the above mentioned discussion in my mind, when I feel something discouraging with in my country and feels proud that how people assess us.

I went to Mobile market to change my secondary mobile phone’s casing. It was a Motorola v3x phone and you may know that it is very complicated process to change Motorola v3x casing, as there are very good chances that this may disturb hardware parts, which are of sensitive to nature.

This phone technician was about to finish the process when suddenly he stopped at one step, on that node he was having problem with lock system of the phone. As we all know, housing was of B grade nature, not OEM. Therefore, now I was also in the same determination, no problem I lost my phone. He suddenly said to me, no problem, let me do something; he piled the hole of that lock and fixed lock like it was fixed by the OEM. I was amazed that Gora will be definitely astonished when he will see this semi re-engineering with the phones in market for almost Rs.400/- or even Rs. 1000/- .

Same is the case with other I.T supported markets like, computer monitors’ market, they buff you monitor screen for Rs. 50/- and your monitored screen look like you bought your monitor now. Even packages like “Get your monitor color in Rs. 300” and they offer genuine Black color with brand names on it (Reverse Engineering).

Recently, one person invented self power generation system as reported in the Jung and it is never the less like we saw in some Indian movie. I also know one person who has invented RF antenna to get proper signal at his rural home. We can see lot of other examples around us, especially related to I.T fields, like developments of CRM’s, MIS solutions, Blogs, Easy Unlocking of Phones, and this list goes on…!

Now days, I know lot of I.T professionals who are focused towards SAP and in fact practicing the same solutions with in enterprises even having no proper certification just because of their OOB approaches.

It’s nothing, what I tried to bring in my article. But I want to request to all you that please promote these people, anyway you can. They are one of true potential of our Pakistan and we must proud over them by sharing them with others and please suggest them better way to manage the same or give them more tips to broad their vision as most of the re-engineering OOBs are not well qualified.

Proud to be Pakistani