Best Cellular Company for Customer Support – Survey Concluded

survey_pakistan_cellularWe started a survey, asking our readers about which cellular company has the best customer care service, including Helpline, Customer Support Center and complaint resolution via Email.

Survey was started on December 2nd, 2008. A reader could select only one company, while our system allowed a reader to participate in polls only once (with unique IP address and cookies enabled).

Total of 2,160 readers participated in this survey, and Telenor Pakistan got maximum number of votes while it remained in touugh competition with Ufone scoring second highest votes. Mobilink Remained at 3rd slot.

As customers keep connections of multiple companies, so the results bear more importance in a situation where majority of cellular customers hold experiance with different cellular companies.

Our next poll is about prices for Call/SMS for all cellular companies, in which readers will be asked to vote for cellular company that offers best call and SMS rates.

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  • It is interesting that Telenor would be considered the best in customer service, when you have numerous times written about Ufone, Telenor and Mobilink charging customers to call their helpline. Isn’t that a contradiction of fact?

    How can the best customer service company charge its customers for basic service? If you ask me, as a cell subscriber, I pay a good amount in monthly line rent to justify that I not be charged for customer support. If you were to ask me to start paying for support from cell companies, and then reward the companies that charge by calling them the “Best Customer Support” company, are you not setting a dangerous precedent? What if PTCL, KESC, WAPDA and other non-performing organizations start to do the same?

  • Im ammazed that people have given votes to ZONG.. Zong has the worst customer service i have ever seen. if u call thier call centre they will not answer your call ive waited for 15 mins and they didnt attended my cal. Secondly i went to customer service office in Big city Lahore. When i was entering a guard stopped me and said me get a side and dont enter and stay away from the door , i looked around and saw some chinese people coming from my behind and entering into the service centre. it was so himulating for me and as i am a business student i am taught that customer is very much valued to companies. Thats not the right way to do this thing.
    While on the other hand telenor and U fone customer service is the best.

  • After All, I would like to say that Telenor Pakistan is the best to serve It’s Subscribers.

  • I beleive the survey could not be conducted in a closely monitored environment hence the misleading results have been concluded. It is evident form the official and professional survey companies’ surveys that Warid has been offering the best in class customer serivce in Pakistan throughout it entire period. Cheers…

  • Salam to All,
    I think Telenor is Providing the Best Customer Care and Also the Best Services to their Subscribers,
    And the Big Point is they have no Hidden Charges.

  • neither do Warid has any hidden charges.. hidden charges phenomena is in banks my dear Wafa… in today’s telecom there is no such thing exists… the consumers are aware of all the charges and tariffs…

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