Ufone’s 'Collect Call' Service is Causing Balance Loss for Customers

One of its kind service launched by Ufone, named as ‘Collect Call’ is causing un-wanted balance deduction from customers’ account, who do not want to pay for receiving calls – but they lose balance due to ignorance of service (rules).

It may be recalled that through Collect Call Service, if party A calls Party B with 11 prior to actual number (i.e. 1103335566778), then call charges would be deducted from Party B (which is receiving party).

Reportedly, bad thing about this service is that Party B who receives calls is normally not aware of the service, and he/she can’t identify that this incoming call will cost him/her. Worst of all, this service is activated on all Ufone numbers by default; however, one can de-activate it latter through certain command (if you want to deactivate this service click here for details).

Opportunists are making calls to wrong numbers while using this service without fearing the call charges. On other hands, many customers are losing balance without their consent.

One solution to such a situation is to revert back the package and offer it to only those who activate it, or Ufone should run awareness campaign to educate its customers in this regards.
It merits mentioning here, that incoming calls through collect Call service come with suffix +11, meaning that if you

receive a call with this format (+1103335566778) then be informed that this incoming call will cost you. However, if your phone displays only name and not the number (for numbers stored in phonebook) than you can’t identify if it’s “Collect Call” incoming call or not, as in this case only name will appear.

Should I ask PTA to come into play or they have already noticed the drawbacks of this service.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • its just Mr. Aamir’s assumption, actually B party will get an
    call from collect call ‘11’ + A party. As soon as B party picks up the call, following prompt will be played. “aap ke paas aik Ufone Collect Call ki darkwast hai, Ufone Collect Call accept karne ke liye 1 dubain, aap ki call aap ke muntakhib karda package ke hasaab se charge ki jaye gi, Ufone Collect Call band karne ke liye 2 Dubain ya phone band kar dein”
    If B party (Pre-paid) presses 1 to accept the call & has sufficient balance then call will be initiated to A party. Prompt Played “Barai Meharbani Intizar Farmayah, ager ap kay account mei yeh call kernay k paisay mojood hain tu ap ki call jald mila di jaige”. A party will get the call from B party. However If B party does not have sufficient balance then call will be disconnected as soon as B party presses 1.(after prompt), In case B party (post-pay) outgoing call is barred then A party would be informed accordingly.

    If B party hangs up or presses 2 then call will be disconnected & A party will be notified by SMS.

  • zar how many people know that what this call collect is all about? a normal user will accept the call anyway

    why you people are not giving ads of this service to tell people what this service is all about?

  • NOT CORRECT aamir sahib

    Prompt upon receiving call clearly explains to the customer that he will be charged, if he decides to not accept the call he is charged nothing. Kindly correct this entry, better still, kindly try out this great service yourself and then correct the entry.

    • @ufone user, Thanks for your comment, i appreciate your concern,

      Let me clear something, i am not saying that it doesn’t prompt from users, while i clearly said in the post as following

      “but they (receiving party) lose balance due to ignorance of service (rules).

      Reportedly, bad thing about this service is that Party B who receives calls is normally not aware of the service”

      Just for an update, i report services only after using them myself. I used this service right after it was launched (January 19th, 2009 – 10:20 PM)

      Also to update you that this service didn’t work for first whole day, until it started working in the evening next day : – )

      No doubt it is a useful and very unique service, but Ufone should promote and aware this service as well.


  • srif eik bat bas jab collect call party B ko ati hai tou usko IVR per recoding ati hai k apko accept kerni hai tou 1 press kare some thing ore wo inform bhi kerte hai k agar app accept kerte hai tou apke balace ki hisaab se apko change hoga wo inform ker dete hai k balace change hoga agar apko nahi kerni hai tou naa karo naa balance nahi hoga ore hint yahe hai PART B ko bhi 11 ka sath show hoga ore accept kare ga tou bhi us se permission li jati hai tabi he ok i think u can check it 100% company pagal nahi hai soch samj ker offer kerti hai service ko ok dear thanks

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