Ufone Playing with Productive Marketing Tools

We discussed few months ago, how telecom marketing departments will be tested in coming days, as the gifted growth that was brought in by Telecom boom, is nearing its bread limit (and some say that it has reached the limit, but in any case), there is no doubt the marketing telecom products is not easy at all like before.

Telecom marketers’ minds remain busy round the clock, who try to bring innovation and productivity in an in-expensive manner. Today, I am focusing Ufone, on how they have tactfully reached out their target audience with 2 key points in mind

  1. Reach the grass root level
  2. Adopt in-expensive ways to advertise

For the purpose, instead of going into a lengthy article, I am presenting two images which will speak for the Ufone themselves – Captions of images will add further understanding of their pictures.

This image, Taken by Shahzad Khan (Attock), displays tariff comparison that is reportedly distributed by Ufone sales’ team to all Mobile shops and Balance Share outlets in various districts. Tariff omparison is simply printed on ordinary paper and concludes that Ufone offers better rates than Mobilink – to catch customers’ eyes and heart
Ufone guys give Rs. 500 to Rickshaws Drivers (told us a Rickshaw Driver) and brand these Rickshaws to advertise advertise Ufone’s products. This sort of branding includes no taxes, renewal, maintenance or any other operating expense. Ufone people also know that their branded Rickshaws will never get occupied by any other company (due to lack of vehicle advertising trend in the country), hence Ufone is enjoying seamless and competition less ground with plenty of performance in hands.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Marketing Head.

    The marketing tools discussed are interesting specially when hitting at the grass root level I personally feel this is not the grass root level it is the target audience you are hittig at, the images speaks for itself of the grass root level. This may promote the part of the product but not as a whole, impact it will have an adverse effect on the corporate image of the brand and may not help in expanding the business as a whole.
    I would like to assist the company in promoting the brand @ business not in the capacity as an employee but through my company. I have a elite client based in posh locality. If you think it sounds good we could discuss the proposal.
    Please excuse me for my comments if it, has hurt, you in anyway. Thanks AJQ

  • Thanks a lot, The information is rather beautifully made , Lovely As my mumar used to quote : Finally, it isn’t gonna mean much the amount of breaths anyone took, but how numerous situations took ones breath away

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