PTA Suspends Braintel’s License

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has suspended Bratin Tel’s License under section 23 of the act. PTA in its determination said that braintel was violating terms and conditions of the license, furthermore, PTA said that it reserves its right to impose a penalty equivalent to the amount of loss the licensee has incurred to the national exchequer through aforesaid violation of the terms and conditions.

Determination said that PTA, through the Traffic Monitoring Facility, noted that Braintel unauthorizedly originated 450,814 international telephony minutes (accounting for 65,482 international telephony calls) and terminated those minutes in different countries through IP address by using SIP over non-standard port 8891 from 14th May, 2008 to 30th June, 2008. Furthermore, it has also unauthorizedly terminated 2,442,779 international telephony minutes (accounting for 339,917 international telephone calls) in Pakistan through IP address by using SIP over non-standard port 8891.

Determination said that Braintel has been using its locally allocated numbers for the Lahore Region (N/S) outside Pakistan by misusing Direct Inward Dialing technique and by mapping its numbers against IP addresses, hence, these numbers are being used globally and more than 50,000 customers of the Braintel were using these numbers in around 77 countries.

PTA had issued Braintel a show-cause notice back on October 15th, 2008; however, company didn’t stop violating the rules defined by the authority.

Full copy of the determination can be Downloaded Here (right click and select “Save Target As”)

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  • Hi,

    The concern is that VOIP services should be regulated by PTA in such a manner as to accomodate the gloabal usage of this new technolgy since it is both beneficial for the government and the consumers who are living in pakistan or abroad. Globally VOIP service providers are providing virtual number services that are available to any consumer around the world so instead of trying to ban it, PTA should accomodate such usage in the rules and agreements since it will continue illegally from some other sources so why not make it legal and reap the benefits.

    • Actually behind this suspensions i can see LDI consortium has fitted a bar in the ass hole of PTA that is why the regulatory authority is behaving like made. In actual LDI consortium wan to earn huge of money on incoming traffic from abroad especially Eteslat(who is paying istalments of their share in PTCL). Do you guy think its true that a service which was noticed illegal in July 2008 and is suspended in Feb 17, 2009. Where were they sleeping for the last 7 months? May be regulatory authority availing this service for its usage as well? Secondly THE REGULATORY AUTHORITY has cooked a very good story that brain tel was having more than 23000 user in ME and a lot more in other countries as well. I came to know from brain tel resources that they ppl have got issued only 2100000 to 2109999 number mean only 10000.
      brain tel service is really a NAYMAT for us who are living out side the county.

  • seriously… im pissed at PTA….
    i mean this was the ONLY decent way to communicate with the ppl in middleeast… the other termination charges are made to kill…. :s

  • Braintel was a very good service for the people living outside the cuntry. I dont know why PTA suspend the service. Since Braintel is pakistan based company and if someone call from out side the pakistan company was benifted bcoz we are paying the bill for all the call made to pakistan so, there will be good revenue going to pakistan.

    I request to athouties plz dont suspend the licence of braintel its only hope for us to contact our belove pakistan. Thanks

  • As im away from my country Braintell was very good and economical…plz can anyone tell me when we have it again???

  • Hi
    According to my point of view there is no Military Gen. or any minister of our beloved country behind this braintel services therefore the liecence is cancelled.

  • We all living outside Pakistan were proud and satisfied that we pay to Pakistan. Now we will pay outside Pakistan.
    Anyone can expalin, why PTA has stopped this country good revenue generating source and a good chaep service to Pakistani living outside Pakistan.

  • I m not in Pakistan now, and I am happy that now:
    2- I will purchase voip cards from indians and money will go in their hands,

    2- Braintel service was getting worse day by day.

    Thanks to PTA, I never expected anything better from them, they are senseless people like arabs who block voip in their countries.

  • Hi!

    Its correct that braintel is a Naymat for all, those who are living abraod and their loveones living in pakistan. this is the best and cheapest way of communication. If PTA really want to facilitate pakistanis living abroad then why they do not offer such cheapest service to us. I believe that Etisalat is the reason behind to cancel braintel service. I request PTA to resolve braintel issue becs it is in the National interset that all calls fees being paid to local company resulting benefit to country’s economy.

  • I am from Australia. I have been using the braintel service for last 2 years. It was realy a blessing for us living abroad.
    I condem this deicsion of PTA aganist braintel. I would say only that the Zardari’s present govt has decided to vipe out everything from Pakistan which can make people life easy.

  • PTA has made a wrong decision by cancelling the brains licence. PTA itself is running over forgein money. There is no mind inside PTA who can start such projects like private sector. PTA cannot see any other private section company growing and popular. So this act of PTA is nothing but a jelleuosy toward genious and brain orinted compnay

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  • PTA is claiming that they have identified 4 braintel customers even in isreal….LOL

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  • Hi

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  • Hello,
    I condem this deicsion of PTA aganist braintel.
    PTA has made a wrong decision by cancelling the brains licence.
    I wish PTA to resolve braintel issue because it is in the National interset that all calls fees being paid to local company resulting benefit to country’s economy.

  • Hello,
    condem this deicsion of PTA aganist braintel.
    PTA has made a wrong decision by cancelling the brains licence.
    I wish PTA to resolve braintel issue because it is in the National interset that all calls fees being paid to local company resulting benefit to country’s economy.


  • This is ridiculous. I mean the whole world is going one way and we are going backward. thats what happened when you don’t embrace the new technology and live in a hole.

  • Totaly wrong diceion from PTA.

    Braintell is very Important compay for abroad Pakistanies.

    Braintell try to fight wid powerfull commints to PTA.
    Me Apeal to all Overseas Pakistanies to says Govt vawe off bane from Brain tell.

  • Once a person lost his horse. After making long failed attempts to find it, finally he start thinking like a horse and then left his house like a horse and afterward shortly found him close to his lost horse.
    I think it right time that braintel should also start usage of ‘brain’ and before starting this process must read the following:
    I think any of the following ‘strategies’ should equally work well.
    1) Find an appropriate front man of president or prime Minster or chief of army staff.
    2) Make deal with Taliban (s) to restore this service (this may be more appropriate as PTA authority would not prefer ‘beheading’ from backside of the neck).
    3) Start joint venture with AWT.

  • Dear Brain Tel Users,

    Brain Tel services were suspended on 17th February, 2009 consequent to passing of determination order by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority against Brain Telecommunication Ltd.

    This PTA determination order dated 17th February 2009 for the suspension of Brain Tel license can be downloaded from following PTA web site:

    An appeal was immediately filed against above determination order before the Honorable Islamabad High Court which was fixed for hearing on 6th March 2009, which can be downloaded from following site:

    On this date of hearing i.e., 6th March 2009 the Honorable Islamabad High Court was pleased to set aside PTA determination order dated 17th February 2009 and has remanded the matter to PTA for deciding it afreash.

    The Court order can be downloaded from following web site:

    As a consequence of order dated 6th March 2009; PTA is in the process of issuing directions to relevant LDI operators to restore our services and Brain Tel telecom services are expected to be restored very soon. Inshallah.

    Brain Tel is waiving off number retention charges from 17th February 2009 to 28th February 2009 in February 2009 billing, in terms of fairness.

    Since the matter was a consequence of PTA orders, hence the service unavailability was un-avoidable, however do accept our apology for the inconvenience caused.

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          So conclusion is that your service is very expensive.

        • i need some info. about the offer by Naveed & Farooq. i am living in UAE what is the best way to contact you.


  • Dear Navid

    Me live in Kuwait.In Kuwait skype website and software is bane.
    wud u likw to tell me wht I do now to make cheap call for pakistan.

    wiating ur kind reply

  • There are many options like brain tel in the world. PTA or any country like Kuwait can not stop VOIP and Virtual Numbers around the globe. You can search many Virtual telephone number providing companies on google and can buy Virutal Number of USA and will pay maximum $7 per month and your families in Pakistan can call your USA Virtual number for Rs. 1 and you can attend call on your desk top for free anywhere in the world. It will be even cheaper than BrianTel. So can PTA block Virtual numbers of USA also? It is world of technology and banning IT never works in such fast moving world.

    By the way I am having also virtual USA number for all calls from Pakistan. If you are technical guy then can configure IP Phone and it will work same like landline but for you free. Only Broadband will cost you.

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    Thank you

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