500 SMS a day for Rs. 3.38: Mobilink


This package has been discontinued. To view updated package for daily SMS click here

Mobilink has realized that SMS packages are big source of retaining customers, though little late, but they did it at last. Mobilink has offered this latest SMS package for their customers with as many as 500 SMS a day for Rs. 2.79 (Exclusive of taxes, it becomes Rs. 3.38 when tax included)– that’s 20 Paisas lower than Ufone and Zong.

By the, don’t go before its, TVC that claims unlimited SMS – they are actually 500 per day!

Other bundles include weekly and 15 days’ package…! Keep reading to know the details

SMS Tariff and Validity Details

Jazz SMS Bundles
Minimum Balance
Req. (with tax)
Daily Bundle Rs. 2.79
1 day
Rs. 3.38
Weekly Bundle Rs. 10
7 days
Rs. 12.1
15 days Bundle Rs. 35
15 days
Rs. 42.35

Note: 21% tax apply on the above mentioned price

Subscription Process

Method 1:

  • For Weekly Bundle(Rs. 10): Enter *101*1*01# on mobile screen and press send
  • For 15 Days Bundle(Rs. 35): Enter *101*1*02# on mobile screen and press send
  • For Daily Bundle(Rs. 2.79): Enter *101*1*03# on mobile screen and press send

Method 2: (Activating Via Helpline)

Dial 121 for Jazz Features Menu

  • Press 6 for New features
  • Press 3 to Hear information about SMS bundles
  • Press 1 to Subscribe to SMS bundles And then
  • o Press 1 to select ‘Weekly Bundle ’ OR
  • o Press 2 to select ’15 Days Bundle ’ OR
  • o Press 3 to select ‘ Daily Bundle ’
  • Press 1 to confirm the selection


Balance Inquiry of Free SMS

For balance inquiry of Free SMS Enter *101*2# on mobile screen and press send.

If you require more information on this dial your help line or visit this Official Page

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • JAzz has again taken the lead by introducing the best packages for sms…and they have come up with many offers in very less time…this is great they really know all about customer satisfaction… :)

  • Hey Telenor add on has introduced

    200 sms @ rs 25 per month
    500 sms @ rs 50 per month

    unlimited sms @ rs 150 per month

    turn to add on its simply great….

  • Telenor PErsonaa all in all is great..they have covered everythinggg absolutely everythingggg……..be it sms talk time or edge services….ggreat work.

  • hello ASSLAM O ALKUM all friends and all team of mobilink
    thxxxxxxxxxxxxx 4 ths wonderful offer again thx mobilink .and jazz dunt provide deliverly repory coz jazz is the name of trust tht y i use jazz ,but plzzz ths is my request tht call rates should decrease moreeeeeeeee

  • This is very funny listening to all the “Mobilink is great” comments. Subscribe their sms package any time of the day and it expires at 12 midnight. i.e. if i subscribe at 8 pm, i only have 4 hours.

  • This is very funny listening to all the “Mobilink is great” comments. Subscribe their sms package any time of the day and it expires at 12 midnight. i.e. if i subscribe at 8 pm, i only have 4 hours.
    SMS deliver very late. Subscribing to simple services like is very cumbersome. They never gave sms delivery report. Always fleeced the customers with so high rates.
    Still people like us are stuck to it.

  • Hi, A-0-A, as good but JAZZ Weekly Bundle Rs.10 “100 SMS 7 days Rs. 12.1 as same above but very good Telenor as same SMS nice Paise 0.24 of 100 SMS daily Rs. 12.1 Nice, Please, Note I inform you that JAZZ SMS make weekly bundle Rs.10 “200” SMS 7 days Rs.12.1 nice, thank you nice, Smile!!!

    15 days Bundle Rs.35 SMS 500 15 days Rs.42.35 as same Telenor Nice,
    so JAZZ good trid you will made 15 days Bundle Rs.35 SMS 3000 15 days Rs.42.35 beaz Telenor 15 days Rs 85 SMS 5000 15 days nice V.Good….
    thank you
    From, Nasir Haque

  • JAZZ FEVER was the best pakage and will keep the top position ever that has been disoppointingly snached away from customers,

  • aahhh atlast jazz has done some thing good.otherwise i was thinking to convert my network to u

  • Keep in mind that its a “Limited Time Offer” by Mobilink. Which pretty clearly says that Mobilink has the right to discontinue this service at any time, at any stage. Its just a method to attract customers. Once Mobilink feels that it got a good number of customers, it’ll discontinue bundle SMS Service.
    Around 10 years ago, when call rates was near 10 rupees per minute, and messaging was free, Mobilink played the same cheap technique to attract the customers, and once it got the sufficient number of customers, it discontinue its free couple of services including free SMSs.

    Try to understand the marketing games guys, the best thing is keep your best number with you and use MNP (Mobile Number Portability), That’s the only way to live smartly.


  • im a very old mobilink postpaid user . n i think mobilink is only taking care of its prepaid customers . and post paid customers are being neglected . Tarrifs are high sms is high ive been using it since like 9 .. 10 years but now thinking seriously about switching to another network . whr postpaid customers are also valued Tkanks Mobilink

    • Hi Fahd Kalim,

      You might want to check out the warid’s post paid packages, they are so far the best in terms of prices/services.

  • I am using mobilink since 2006.I had a firm trust that mobilink is the only network of standard and many of you people will do agree with me.But after every high tariff I never thought of going on some other network, even MNP. Mobilink revealed the whole new sms bundles which offer very pretty less rates as per sms value.I thanked God for this and thought that this outstanding offer is gifted to me n all mobilink users as a reward of having firm faith in the company.But what they have done?……Discontinued the main attractive offer and says it still have two more bundles there……ahh…how cute n honest they are?They just played a game to attract users to them n now they stopped the service saying it to be a limited time offer.I now questions MOBILINK where should I go?Is this my reward for having faith in u.I am very sad……..because I also used to feel that I AM A PART OF MOBILINK FAMILY. Now family is on the side that i should leave it……..but how should i do this…..i realy dont know…because IT REALLY HURTS.

  • hi friendz i have zong sim and now i want to covert my zong sim to mobilink plz give me some way how 2 do this thnksss.dr hadi my cell number is 0313-5400287

  • hey doc.hadi,,,,its my friendly request nt to have mobilnk connection…i m one of the unfortunate coustomers of those a** hole,,,,,try ufone connection…im even getting rid of mobilink.it sucks….


  • yar tum logon ko sharm nahi ati tum logon ne 3.38 rs k bajayee meray 39 rs kaat liyee meray cell main 63 thy ye daily bundles ka packege karne se meray 24 rs bachy hain

  • plz iss pe action lia jayee k meray 7 jazz waloon ne ye kia hai and its not a fake complain ok its true

  • ab main kia karoon mujhy passy too return nahi karain gay ye log main kia karoon ap loog mujhy batain

  • Hi guys, i suscribed sms bundle offer but, they deduct more than 3.38 rupees from my credit daily. Please tell me how can i unsuscribe it… HELP ME(worried):-$

  • Please ap ye daily bundle SMS dobara se started kardein ye packege hum jazz ki sim walon k liye bhout hi acha hia.

  • jazz is totaly doing for retotaling there money from the customer and he did not no to faciltate there beloved customer say to there he finish all the ppackage of SMS NOW there will no more cutomer to come again this network for a long time.

  • Mobilink is just making fun with there customers. What the hell they are doing with SMS packages, They just launch any package when they feel there customers are switching to any other networks thn again turn off the package when it seems due to SMS package heavy load on networks and there services are going down.
    “No Compromise on Calls and SMS rates”
    Now Mobilink really need to give some thing more attractive to ots customers to save its trust. Other wise mibilink already lose there trust specially in young generation.
    Bye Bye Mobilink

  • salam maray ko lagta hai main ya jazz istaml na karo koi sms packege nahi hai jo tha finish ho giya asa hota hai

    • Walaikumsalam G bilkul sab ko hee aisa kerna chahiay daikh lena Eid k baad new sms package aa jaey ga laikan thore arse baad phir khatam ker dein gay behtar yehi hey k meri trah network switch ker lain aap.

    • G bhai aik hal to yeh he k kuch din wait kerain bcz customers ka trust to already mobilink lose ker chuka hey me ne mobilink k marketing manager se baat ki to un sahib ne btaya k Eid k baad ya isi package ko dobara on ker dain gay ya phir iss se zyada attractive package introduce kraya jaey ga.
      Lets wait and watch what will happen, meri zati raey yeh hey k mobilink ko apna network theek kerna chahiay shayd aap ko yeh baat ajeeb lagay mager ager Zong apni SMS service khatam ker de to us ki service mobilink se achi ho jaey phir telenor aur warid ka aap khud andaza ker lain;)
      young generation ka trust mobilink se bilkul khatam hota ja raha hey aap ko yeh sun k shayd herani na ho laikan sab se zyada mobilink k customers ne apne number port kraey hein ksi aur network me.
      Daikhtey hein G kya hota hey.. aap intizar ker lain kuch din otherwise kisi aur network me switch kra lain.

  • sir mujhe package activtion ka method bato de 121 par be call kar k package on nahi ho rahe k method change ho ga ha plz tel me urgent my number 03052131725

    • Dear Kashif & Abbas, You both are “bhole bad shah”, Daily Mobilink Package activation is again disabled by mobilink end.
      Eid is coming and Mobilink afraid that if users start to greet there friends and family via SMS the network of mobilink will go down as it is only for calls, there bandwidth and range is poor, poor even poor as if we compare mobilink service with “any” other network.
      So please switch your number to any other network or wait for Eid, after Eid they will again activate daily SMS package for Rs.4.77/Day.
      Zohaib Ahmed.

  • Dear All,

    Over the years I have used ufone, warid, telenor and mobilink and I am glad to say that mobilink’s voice service has tremendously improved since 2007 vis-à-vis other operators. Conversely, warid’s and ufone’s ‘voice quality’ services have further deteriorated. There is seldom any clear connection via their network and voice usually starts to break after 30 or 45 seconds. Telenor on the other hand has provided stable service offering adequate mix of voice and sms packages. Even though it’s a cliché, it perfectly fits with mobilink that “there are no free lunches in the world”, hence you’ll eventually have to pay more for good service. Thereby, if you are looking for excellent voice service then I would recommend everyone to have mobilink connections, whereas for all the young people who prefer texting to voice conversation they should switch to telenor. Fakiroun aur bikhariyoun kay liyeay ufone jo dunya ki sub saay sasti aur ghtiyaa call service daitay bilkul theek hai.

    Peace All

    Max Dias.

    • Dear Dias,
      Thank you for your post.
      You comment just one side of the aspect.
      I just want to ask 1 simple question.
      If you are comparing Mobilink to any other network that you seems to be poor & If that network increase there rates and close all promotional packages like mobilink did, I am 100% sure that network will definitely boost up with service and quality, On the other hand Mobilink was the first ever GSM network in Pakistan, and has generated sufficient revenue so may be the reason Mobilink do not care about customers, Mobilink just try to play with customers by doing many experiments,
      Finally if mobilink network is best in quality , why mobilink switch off SMS packages on Eid and such similar days, Just bcz Mobilink know very well that To just introduce a SMS package Mobilink will lose the quality ;)
      Best of Luck
      Zohaib Ahmed.

      • Dear Zohaib,

        Targeting mobilink every time for closure for their sms package seems like a petty and obsessed issue to me. You guyz need to dig more deep into the matter. It would be good for u people to take a look into the latest statistics published by PTA on December 18 ( http://www.thenews.com.pk/daily_detail.asp?id=214003 ) which clearly indicates that mobilink still as the market leader followed by telenor while warid and ufone have lost their positions as top tier cellular companies. These figures are also reflective my arguments (posted earlier) which rated mobilink and telenor as better companies vis-à-vis their peers due to their quality of service and product mix. One needs to understand that over long term people prefers good quality service with slightly higher service charges rather than poor service with low charges. This argument can be further manifested by achievements of PTCL and MAXCOM who have drastically sweeped market share of other internet service providers by offering quality services with slightly higher rates. Furthermore, mobile phone users in Pakistan in general also do not take into account the tariff structure in other regions , including India and UK, where there are still heavy incoming call and SMS charges especially on intra country roaming service, thereby our market is our already very much favorable to consumers. With fierce price war emerging in last couple of years, cellular companies have witnessed significant decline in their revenue streams, profitability and liquidity indicators ensuing in decisions made by telenor and warid to eventually withdraw the Pakistan market. SO MY DEAR FRIEND ZOHAIB MY ARGUMENTS ARE NOT ONE SIDED; THEY ARE BASED ON A LOT OF RESEARCH AND CREDIBLE INFORMATION.

        MAX DIAS

  • Very good pakage for sms.i am very happy ..and i use it……..difference to other network is you can use 500sms for two days.

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