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I am not an advertising guy, but I was not impressed by UBL ad published in today’s ‘Daily Express’ that claims UBL Net-banking is available on Mobile Phones now.

For those who are not familiar, UBL offers net banking services through which its customers can manage their accounts while staying online.

Getting back to this ad, you would know that that surfing websites on mobile phone is not UBL’s feature; it is just a GPRS service from cellular companies. To promote someone else’s feature and advertise as if your own is beyond ethical behavior.

This print ad further claims that UBL is offering Net Banking for the first time in Pakistan, which is absolutely not the case.

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  • I would have to disagree. The advertisement is perfectly fine, GPRS is an UMTS 2000 & IEEE standard so it belongs to no one. As per say mobile banking , UBL is probably the only Pakistan bank situated that can do all these features efficiently, all their online banking features are ‘in built’ meaning they produce the technology themselves.

    Also the feature so available in the left icons / picture part of the advertisement gives you lots of features from normal mobile online banking.

    GOOD JOB UBL !!!

  • Yes Aamir bhai! UBL is correct, they are the first who are offering mobile version of their website ebanking account.

    • I think we need to clarify definition of Mobile Banking, which must support SMS, or client end software in order to check balance, making transactions and others. Correct me, if i am wrong.

      • Dear Aamir,
        UBL offers Net Banking, Mobile Banking, and Phone Banking. Let me explain about all three services.
        1. Net Banking: By using this service you can access your account via standard web browser e.g IE, Firefox or Chorme etc on a PC. However if your mobile supports html browsing (most of latest cell phones offers it) you may access it on your mobile.
        2. Mobile Banking: This is the WAP version of the Net Banking. So can easily access this services on any mobile supports GPRS/EDGE or any internet facility. This version has reduced graphices and short pages to properly fit on a mobile screen.
        3. Phone Banking: Using this services you can access your account from any phone(Cell, Landline). You have to dial Bank number and then you can listen your balance, transaction history or do other tasks. To use this service TPIN is a must same as ATMPIN.

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