ZONG Launches Post-Paid; Attractive Packages on offer

ZONG has announced its entry into the “Postpaid” market following a huge increase in its prepaid subscribers’ base across the country. A number of customized postpaid packages are on offer, to suit the vastly varied needs of individuals, large corporate entities and small businesses.

The key features of the ZONG Postpaid include same airtime rates for both on-net & off-net besides keeping the rates competitive and simple with no hidden charges or catches. The postpaid service is said to be aimed towards a common mobile user who has more talk time and is currently keeping a prepaid subscription eventually paying more.

Zong Post Paid Packages


  • 30 Sec billing
  • Air-time rate for both On-Net & off-Net calls are same
  • Off-Net Calls i.e. Calls to other mobile operators & PTCL will be subjected to Interconnect charges given above
  • Free minutes will be calculated on per minutes basis
  • We will offer 5 FnF (on-net only) numbers on 100, 300 & 600 package
  • FnF addition charges will be Rs 15 for each addition
  • For FnF Addition / Modification dial 1313 from your Mobile
  • Spouse number will only be applicable on Rs 1200 price plan with zero charges
  • Spouse number can be added / changed once in a month
  • Free minutes calculation for Rs 1200 price plan will be exclusive of Spouse number as the charging on Spouse number will be zero
  • Free Minutes on 1200 package are exclusive of Spouse number
  • Spouse number can be added by calling our help line or visit our Customer services centre
  • Rs 2000 LR package will have 6800 free minutes in total, 6000 minutes will be On-Net with a daily cap of 200 Minutes (Fair usage policy)
  • The first 200 minutes of the day will be charged at Rs 0 after which charging will be done at On-Net Airtime rates i.e. 0.1 per 30 sec

“The ZONG brand has been built with a vision to enrich the lives of people of Pakistan through better communication. We will be providing guidance to our customers and sending them comparisons of their bills to ensure that they are at the right package and saving money by best selection of their package plan”, stated Awais Malik, Director Segment, Products & International Business ZONG.

ZONG will be offering state-of-the-art payment solution; postpaid customer can pay through Scratch Cards, Miniload, Cash, Credit Cards, Debit cards etc. It will also be providing a Web-based “do-it-yourself” Customer Service interface where the customers can change or add anything in their subscription from Friends and Family numbers addition or modification to mobile payments.

Salman Wassay, Head of Marketing, ZONG while expressing his views about this launch said that before stepping into market, the company carried out extensive market research into what is liked and disliked by the existing and potential customers about the currently available services in the industry. “The research enabled us to create an environment in which communication is hassle-free, intuitive and meaningful”, he added.

“ZONG market research showed that customers wanted new, exciting mobile offers and value for money. ZONG has created different packages for heavy, medium and light users as well as introducing new service plans with reduced prices. An important aspect of the offering is that ZONG has bundled a whole great range of services for postpaid customers”, he further added.

A unique offering of ZONG post-paid is the Spouse number facility whereby customers can call one number for free for the whole month. One important feature of ZONG post-paid would be that the company will not block any number (security deposit paid) till the time credit limit is reached – even if the customers have not paid their bills for months (being inside their credit limit).

In addition, a specialized team of relationship managers will be constantly offering quality service on a single call to all the valued corporate customers.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • gumby

    Are you sure that Zong has officially launched post paid package. These packages are up there on their website since day one and there seems to be nothing new in them. Moreover no advertisement or marketing makes it clear that the post paid package is not yet launched. Rumors are that zong will launch its post paid package in April along with a Blackberry offer just like other operators.

    • Yes, they are up…. You can call helpline to confirm : – ) Though we don’t have any information regarding Zong’s blackberry.

      Moreover, print/electronic ads will be aired soon

      • Azhar Khan

        Dear Aamir,

        These are the old packages which are there since day one. New packages are still awaited .

        Azhar khan

        • gumby

          you were right amir!
          lets see how it goes with postpaid…

  • Muhammad Abrar Naeem

    these are the old packages , what is new in them ?

  • Saqib

    Whats New In These Pakages
    Wht Abt the Sms pakages…

  • Fahad Ayyub

    Hi everyone!
    Zong has launched its new postpaid packages. Ads are on air on almost all channels and also in the print media today. You can also check the webiste which has bee updated for new postpaid packages. A total number of 5 postpaid packages has been introduced.

  • Saqib

    New packages are posted on their official website now, can be checked here http://zong.com.pk/postpaid_packages.html

  • Saqib

    New packages are posted on their official website now, can be checked here http://zong.com.pk/postpaid_packages.html
    There is a drawback in their free mins break up, free mins are assigned to ptcl numbers as well separately, had this break up been in the categories of on-net and off-net only, they might have blown up the postpaid market.

  • The package is great but I simply dont like the ad. FEELING LIGHTER. Now I am going to look in the sky to see how many ppl are using Zong postpaid :P



  • raheel

    as with Zongs other packages which are already giving so many problems i wud never go abt using it..the best u can get in post paid is Telenor Persona Addons….everything is there be it sms …low call rates or even edge services are great….


  • send a rate on tracking packages!