Mobilink Offers Pollen Updates via SMS


Mobilink’s pollen service is a unique seasonal offering for people suffering from hay-fever or pollen/spring allergies.

The best way to avoid allergies is to avoid allergens like pollen grains, which increase manifold during the Spring seasons of both Islamabad & Lahore. With Mobilink’s Pollen Services, getting the pollen air-suspension count & tips on how to avoid it are as easy as sending a simple SMS.

SMS “pollen isb” to 300 & receive the pollen count information for Islamabad
SMS “pollen lhr”  300 & receive the pollen count information for Lahore
SMS “pollen tip” to 300 & receive the pollen information (not location specific)

The best remedy remains precaution & taking timely anti-allergens. And with Mobilink’s Pollen Services, you can easily keep yourself actively informed & out of any seasonal hassles, with the simple ease of pushing a button.

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