Intelex Chosen as Quality Management Software Provider to Telenor

Intelex Technologies Inc. has announced that they have been chosen by Telenor Pakistan to provide them with a web-based software solution designed to address all aspects of an effective telecommunications quality management program including document control, non-conformance and corrective-action tracking, and audits management, etc.

When they began shopping for a software provider, Telenor Pakistan identified several requirements for the solution that would best meet their needs, the top three being an easy-to-use document control system, a reliable audits management program, and the ability to streamline TL 9000 initiatives organization-wide. Much like ISO 9001, TL 9000 is an international standard concerned with quality management for the Telecom Industry governed by the Quest Forum; however, its requirements apply solely to the telecommunications industry.

“In what is an exciting, fast moving market, Telenor Pakistan always needs to be ready to meet growing market demands and offer reliable and robust services that our customers demand of us. Choosing a TL9000-based QMS is a step in that direction. TL9000 includes all the ISO 9000 requirements, and 90 additional requirements specific to the telecommunications industry. However, what really sets TL9000 apart from ISO 9000 are the set of measurements, which can be benchmarked globally under various product categories. We selected Intelex because it’s QMS, iForms®, and reporting software could be easily configured to manage the TL9000 measurements, in addition to the standard requirements of ISO 9000. We look forward to a rewarding partnership between Telenor Pakistan and Intelex Technologies,” said Khalid Shehzad Chief Technology Officer of Telenor Pakistan.

“We knew that the document control and audits management modules included in the Intelex Quality Management System would exceed Telenor Pakistan’s expectations; however, out-of-the-box Intelex’s quality management system didn’t address TL 9000 requirements,” said Daniel Marcus, Account Manager at Intelex Technologies Inc. “To meet Telenor Pakistan’s needs we utilized Intelex’s iForms® technology to build custom forms and reporting capabilities that would comply with TL 9000. Using our iForms® application, Telenor Pakistan will be able to create user-configured forms and define unique data-entry points, units of measurement, and routing without ever needing to speak with an Intelex Developer.”

“Telenor Pakistan has only been around since 2005; however, in just four years they have become the dominant player in the telecommunications industry in Pakistan. They have experienced tremendous growth over the last few years by dedicating themselves to providing their customers with a superior product and customer service,” commented Mark Jaine, President and CEO of Intelex Technologies Inc. “Implementing the Intelex Quality Management System with iForms® is just another way for Telenor Pakistan to solidify their commitment to providing high-quality services.”

About Intelex Technologies Inc.: Intelex is a global leader in the development and support of environment, quality, health & safety, and business performance management (BPM) systems. Our web-based EQH&S and BPM software solutions have been designed to drive continual improvement, exceed regulatory compliance, and achieve / maintain ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registration.

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