Wi-Tribe Officially Launched in Pakistan

wi-tribe_Press_AdWi-Tribe has officially launched its Wi-MAX services in Pakistan – they did a press conference yesterday, where they inaugurated their services.

We know that Wi-Tribe had been testing since long, and then soft launch happened, however, this marks their official launch in 3 cities of Pakistan, Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

Broadband Packages

About Packages, i am afraid there is nothing much to cheer, reason is that packages come with capped download. In presence of Wateen’s unlimited download, and EVDO services, i am not sure how much Wi-Tribe can impress its customers by just services.

Wi-Tribe is not offering voice services for end-users. So there is another limitation, but not the real one.

Anyway, official tariff has been updated on their website, (also visible in their press advert, given sideby here). Wi-Tribe’s website is displaying this table as their tariff

So guys, USB Dongle is here too, right away. Otherwise, i find rates little high, given that downloads are not unlimited.

Following is the Launch Press Release

Wi-Tribe today announced the official launch of its wireless broadband service in Pakistan, its largest market to date. The launch phase will include the cities of Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, and Rawalpindi.

“Today, a new milestone is achieved in the evolution of wi-tribe and the realization of our vision to become one of the top 20 telecom players by 2020,” said Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al-Thani, Chairman of The Qtel Group.

“Following our launch in Jordan, Pakistan marks a major stepping stone towards our expansion strategy and our intention to leverage the scale and strengths of The Qtel Group in order to deliver the latest technologies to our customers and continue to enhance services across our operations,” added Sheikh Abdullah.”

Dr. Nasser Marafih, CEO of The Qtel Group and Chairman of wi-tribe, commented: “Consumer broadband is at the heart of the Qtel Group strategy and a major pillar of growth. The launch of wi-tribe in Pakistan is a very important moment for all of us at The Qtel Group as it reflects a major stepping stone towards our commitment to bring broadband wireless access to more people, to connect individuals and businesses more easily and to improve access to the internet in all new and emerging markets.

“Broadband penetration levels in new emerging markets are currently very low compared to markets in the region. However, consumer demand for wireless services is growing at a fast pace. So we will continue to focus on this area in the future as we see good business opportunity and significant growth potential,” added Dr. Nasser.
Shaikh Abdulrahman Ali Al Turki, Chairman and CEO of A.A. Turki GroupA.A.

Turki Group of companies (ATCO), commended on the growth and success achieved by the wi-tribe group stating, “At ATCO we are extremely pleased with wi-tribe’s developments since its establishment in 2007. The addition of Pakistan to our tribe is proof of our firm commitment to bridge the digital divide and bring to emerging markets the best in connectivity and ease of access. It is about time these markets got excellent quality service.”

“wi-tribe uses WiMAX technology to provide customers with the advantage of broadband internet access wirelessly, giving them the option of accessing the internet whenever and wherever they choose within the network area,” commented Sami Hinedi, CEO, wi-tribe Group. “We strongly believe in improving the lifestyle of our customers by understanding their needs and offering them the best personalized customer experience. We want to provide solutions that are simple, easy and valued by individuals, businesses and the Government,” he added.

Wi-tribe is a focused and dedicated consumer wireless broadband provider and will offer instant connectivity with applications tailor-made and simplified to accommodate the needs of every customer. The wi-tribe service will deliver broadband internet access through the ‘plug in and play’ option offering speeds of 256Kbps, 512 Mbps, and 1 Mbps. The process of becoming a wi-triber is extremely simple and beneficial. The wi-tribe service uses an efficient and highly effective plug and play modem which provides online access on the go. Internet users in Pakistan will experience the best in consumer wireless broadband service and wi-tribe’s unique customer care experience.

The wi-tribe group was founded in April 2007 by two shareholders, QtelQtel (Q.S.C.), and A.A. Turki Corporate Trading and Construction (ATCOA.A. Turki Corporate Trading and Construction (ATCO), with strong partnership with Clearwire, one of the world’s leading wireless broadband service providers. Wi-tribe intends to leverage The Qtel GroupQtel Group’s regional operating experience and multinational footprint, ATCO’s network of investors and Clearwire’s broadband wireless experience to extend wireless broadband services to the masses. Wi-tribe is focused on delivering excellent network quality and services in targeted areas, mainly for residential, small office/home office customers, and developing a strong platform for distribution of broadband content.

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  • PTCL and WorldCall offer a service similar in speed to end-user function in pretty much the same cities, but they work on EVDO network system and (PTCL) offer upto 3mbps!

    Let’s see how this works out. I am interested to get my hands on this bad-boy.

  • Wireless facility but at expensive cost and limited downloaded. Any way until get hands on , can’t more comments on it

    • if we want to instep with moderen communications skills ,we will have to appriciate ever who provide us a unlimited downloads packeges,b cz communications skills do,t care about 5Gb or 10 Gbs in this centurey where we are standing
      we should go ahead at all


    • if we want to instep with moderen communications skills ,we will have to appriciate ever who provide us a unlimited downloads packeges,b cz communications skills do,t care about 5Gb or 10 Gbs in this centurey where we are standing
      we should go ahead at all


  • Why would someone go for such packages if he/she can get unlimited internet in lower price. I do not understand the logic of offering capped internet packages considering the competitive internet market.

    One week back i called them up for the connection in F-7/2 area of islamabad and they didnt had the proper signals over there, i wonder how will they going to sustain

  • From: Asad Tariq
    Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2009 5:55 PM

    Subject: whatta Tribe it’s been :)

    I seriously don’t know who to address this email to? CEO? Director sales? Qtel ? Jordanians or My dearest RSM????

    Does Witribe owns us when it pays us just 25 K as basic salary ? My RSM just told the whole sales team in my absence that “its an unfortunate incident that Asad has to leave”…. It could have been the other way around. I was in Islamabad for my visa interview as I’m already leaving witribe. Ppl from Islamabad come n portray witribe as rome, A rome that doesn’t even exist.

    Dear RSM, u know what a good manager is like?? He blends in with the team n I have barely seen u as part of us in this 1 month. We have so many question n problems n I barely know if u were a part of this team. When I was joining witribe on the request of a beloved friend, I just wished I had joined Warid as a corporate accounts Manager instead of joining this Seth company called Burraq Telecom. Serioiusly, I think its more of a seth company then a qtel sister concern. U may be a good leader but u aint a good manager sir, to be honest. Or is this the CEO who wants us to forget our families, forget if we have a wife or son at home waiting for us to cum back by 9pm ??? does he know?

    Does witribe has the right to take away our freedom and make us work on Saturdays and Sundays aswell n just pay us a begger’s salary? Does witribe has the right to call us in the middle of the night to deliver a task that’s supposed to be delivered in working hours? Dear RSM, u don’t even know what ur team wants…. Go sweat in the heat, listen to the pathetic words of those customer who don’t want our service n then make just 1 sale to the person u don’t even know, u’d know how it is to be a CSE in Witribe. Just try making that 1 sale to an unknown customer, maybe then u’d know.

    This Witribe was never witribe at the first place and in can never be. It will always be burraq telecom, a seth company. CEO says its his baby n he wants to nurture it. Please gimme a break??? How can u do that when u’re pressurizing ur CSE n SE so much? Is it a job of SE to collect co-ordinates? Is it a job of an SE to go around the city everywhere with a CSE to collect payments worth Rs. 650 n spend a fuel of Rs 500??? Is he an an inhouse SE or a collection officer? Every1 deserves respect atleast respect them for whatever they’re doing so far which is not even mentioned in their job description. Then u complain that CSE’s are not on time when it comes to work? Dear sir, CSE’s bust their butts till 2 am in the early morning just to get that 1 sale n yet u don’t appreciate it? 1 sale is so difficult sir, u go sell n I’ll ask u howz it been so far.

    U said I aint a part of my team, SIR its not waseem’s team, its MY TEAM, ITS OUR TEAM n trust me I have the best potential in MY TEAM who can turn everything around, u don’t even give a Pad on the back to the nationwide best performer? Is this what u have learnt in ur career?

    Do u want us to work from 9 am to midnight n not utter a word? I’m soooooooooo sorry sir, it aint possible. Team leads shud stop acting like vultures n give us our lives back.We really want our lives back. U ppl even make us work on Saturdays n Sundays …. It this what the this piece of contract letter say???
    Do u even respect ur CSE’s and SE? Sales co-ordinator talks to us as if we’re her slaves? Hell with it y the heck we shud send u the report when we’ve already have a rough day? Who the heck is this sales co-ordinator??? Headmistress of a school n we’re the students? Do we have any respect? Cuz even the admin cums to us n tells us to do things that we’re not supposed to do. Who are they to tell us to do this and that? Is admin incharge? I’m sorry sir, We’re CSE’s and We’re SE’s. we’re the future of witribe. Witribe will exist if we exist. Witribe will just be a pice of rotten things without us. Hum hain toe witribe hai…. Hum nahee toe witribe bhee nahee.

    Every single day I hear team leads telling their CSE to park the car in the middle of the road, camp their CPE’s n reply to their emails as waqar sahib wants it done??? Y does waqar sahib wants everything done there n then?? Y doesn’t anybody speaks upfront to him ? is waqar sahan a jin bhoot? Then what is he? Y cant ppl say NO to all this nonsense that has been going on that doesn’t make sense n be normal? U know why? They don’t have another option? All of us who are here in witribe never had a better option, if we ever did we wouldn’t be here at the first place or would have left by now. Luckily I found one perfect opportunity that I’d be taking on from tomorrow onwords n I just hope witribe has the courtesy to pay me my salary n my dues.
    Seriously are we CSE’s or ghulaams??? Dear Witribe u don’t own us n lemme tell u this, we are in control of our lives not U! Each n every single CSE n SE has the right to control their lives n not bend the heads infront of Vultures like wi tribe management.

    Dear sales, I bid u farewell, I’m leaving happily n I’m proud that I stood up for u guys n I aint sorry at all

    Allah nighayban

    Witribe Pakistan

    • Wow, if this is how wi-tribe’s management is treating its employees, then the company will not last long. I have heard bad stories from wi-tribe’s employees before also. There is a lot of mismanagement of resources and employees. Employees are like internal customers. If management cannot treat its employees well, then such management should be removed and replaced.

      “This Witribe was never witribe in the first place and it can never be. It will always be burraq telecom, a seth company. CEO says it’s his baby n he wants to nurture it. Please gimme a break??? How can u do that when u’re pressurizing ur CSE n SE so much? Is it a job of SE to collect co-ordinates? Is it a job of an SE to go around the city everywhere with a CSE to collect payments worth Rs. 650 n spend a fuel of Rs 500??? Is he an an inhouse SE or a collection officer? Every1 deserves respect atleast respect them for whatever they’re doing so far ………”

    • Hi Asad and Salman,

      Can you please guide me about wi-tribe CSE role? I have applied to wi-tribe as CSE and by the look of your email it feels i have wrongly applied there. Can you please tell me what is the salary and other benefits which wi-tribe offers to Coorporate Sales Executive? I have heard they offer excellent medical facilities, fuel allowence and good package?


  • well, the dongle is definitely an edge at the moment. other than that.. the one thing wi-tribe will definitely do is tap the light users market!

    having 256 or 512 for less than 1k a month is a very good value proposition for people who just use the net to check their email and some light browsing. (which constitutes a whole lot of people in my family atleast :p)

  • Witribe’s packages are very confusing. Packages from PTCL and Worldcall are much simpler. Wi-tribe is not giving unlimited downloads like Wateen or PTCL. Wi-tribe is more expensive than Wateen. Wateen is offering 256kbps at 499 whereas witribe is offering 256kbps at 650. Wateen is offering 1 Mbps unlimited at 1399 whereas witribe is offering 1 Mbps/15 GB at 1600 and it is not even unlimited. In today’s work environment, 256k is an insufficient speed for broadband users. Now that PTCL has upgraded the market to 1 Mbps as the minimum speed, offering 256kbps doesnt make much sense.

    For the wi-fi modem, it would be silly to pay 3900 in activation charges when you can get a wi-fi router for 1500-2000 from a computer shop.

    For dongle, Witribe might be cheaper than PTCL and worldcall but the thing to remember is that both PTCL and worldcall are giving unlimited downloads on their dongle product. But witribe charges Rs. 75 per extra 500 MB. So if you download 5 GBs extra per month, you will end up paying Rs. 750 extra per month. Too expensive!

  • yr i hv a question k yeh wohi usb dongles hain jin ka propakistani par aik dou din pahlay zikr ho rha tha??

    if tht is so thn it is a gud introduction

  • Come again, this is quite reasonable. The activation charges are inexpensive, but then again, who knows how much the USB itself will cost…

  • i m sure it is going to fail if it will not decrease the charge.PTCL and wateen are very competitive thats why they r successful.

  • @Shakeel: I am little confused about the technology they are using. Is it wimax or wifi? These are to different technologies so why is the witribe wimax network selling wifi modems?

  • Dear Abdus Samad,

    Witribe’s regular modem does not have wifi. So you have to connect the modem to your computer through a LAN cable. But if you get their wifi modem by paying 3000 extra, then you do not need to connect your computer to the modem if your computer has wifi. Hope you understand the difference now.


  • i just have one question?

    what kind a jerk would introduce wi-tribe-like packages in a market as competitive as Pakistani Telco? 5 GB limit? People are already sick of Wateen and this is another bandwidth slap on their face. Why would people buy this when they have wired dsls and WorldCall EVDO?

    Pack your bags and go home.

    • YAAAAAA me agreed
      b cz 5Gb ,10 Gb term should be finished ,there should be no limitations ,communications skills are serving in all countries at learning basis and providing great packegs ,

  • Hi guys !! its nice to read your comments.Well i know the Wi-Tribe has taken a step in a competative market.I have heard that there are some more WiMAX companies also coming with their network in Pakistan.But can anyone tell me whether its a fixed Wimax or a Mobility Wimax which you can use any where,any place,any time… I mean driving,deserted places etc..thanks


  • Witribe is offering fixed wimax, not mobile wimax. Meaning it does not support broadband in motion such as during driving. For mobile wimax, Witribe will have to get a mobility license from PTA.

  • We welcome any one new, but new commer has to realise that only entry is not enough. We were expecting competitive rates and also a reasonable discount for students. But as it is said that Pakistan is a sellers paradise, it seems that this is just increase in the paradise for their own benefit and they don’t have any relation with the residents of Pakistan.

  • this is pathetic that still we are playing with the end users on volume basis..means how long it will take to things seriously??

  • Wi-tribe gave an advertisement consisting of ” 4 ” pages , with good quality pages ..!!
    They r wasting a lot of money for advertising of such an idiotic thing ..!!

  • Wi-tribe gave an advertisement consisting of ” 4 ” pages , with good quality pages in spider magzine ..!!
    They r wasting a lot of money for advertising of such an idiotic thing ..!!

  • Guys,

    I have gone through your comments , well i have question how can we jump into the conclusion and say that wi-tribe will fail i mean 1st we need to use what they are offering …i have been using dsl and CDMA but i have found that wimax services are smooth and stable always …i never had problems with wateen now i will try wi-tribe.One thing more to clarify wateen is not giving unlimited service on there wimax they do not allow torrents and if you download upto 5-8 GB they block ur services.Wateen advertizes that its unlimited however there is a hidden CAP limit.Even its confirmed from a friend who is a techie at wateen .wi-tribe is an eye opener .My friend using dongle is satisfied and his home is not even in the coverage area and he is getting signals by reflection and he is still happy and says its better then ptcl and wateen.

  • I think the rates are too good.The download limit is pretty reasonable for an average user.Most of us can do well within the limit so why pay more to wateen whose signals are poor in some areas of Islamabad and the speed is not what is claimed.So give Wi-tribe a try if dont like return in 7 days.

  • Let’s wait for the result of this war, off course in the shape of lowering rates like mobile companies,
    An year to go,

  • there is no special offer in wi-tirbe, and it is no fuul coverage of lahore. hope so they lunch a new packeages.

  • just wondering. has anyone tried using the wi-tribe dongle in karachi? if so, how did it go? i’m interested in switching over to wi-tribe from wordlcall evdo but not before i get some feedback from current tribe users.

  • I am using wi-tribe from 2 months and its great and cheap form Wateen, PTCL is good but Online gaming stucks on PTCL but wi-tribe provide equal distribution of all services and its great going here

  • what ever the rates are in current scenario ultimate benefit will be to consumers (people of Pakistan) over the period of time by competition!
    and thats a good thing.

  • AOA, Read maximum comments of the above fellows but can’t understand many of them.
    I want to understand why we gona use this internet service ? Mr.Sales manager can convey us.
    As i came to know by some of my friends that wi-tribe broadband internet wireless services launched in pakistan and giving maximum facilaty along with USB dongle that’s why
    i realy want to get connected with wi-tribe if i got email from wi-tribe official alongwith brochers and cell no. and landline no of sales representative,
    waiting for email from wi-tribe official

    with best regards
    Sabauddin mallick

  • i want used wi tribe dongle. if any body have in cheapest price please contact me on 03132685353


  • Wi-tribe 512k Economical Package speed is very slow , Even if you near with booster and have good signals. i can’t see youtube clips smoothly. Also helpline and sales number 111 187 423 is Always busy busy busy busy even if you want to contact with there sales department ;) . they mention 7gb monthly limit on website tarrif but its actually only 5gb a month. so its another lie.

  • WATEEN Wimax Offering
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  • Activation Charges (for new subscribers):

    Desktop modem (slider): Rs. 500
    Wi-Fi modem (slider PLUS): Rs. 850 (earlier these charges were Rs. 1,500)
    Activation charges are non-refundable
    It merits mentioning here that this package is only available for desktop modems while wi-tribe is currently offering only 512Kbps on it’s dongle.

    Also as per details, volume consumption is same i.e. 40GB per month and wi-tribe really needs to rethink here about upgrading the bandwidth as well.

    Detailed Tariff Plan:
    256Kbps Rs. 650 Rs, 1300
    512 Kbps Rs. 750 Rs, 1400
    1 Mbps Rs. 950 Rs, 1500
    call now

  • I am recently settle in 1-10/1 Near Al-Shaikh Market, Street 17. But my portion (ground floor) didn’t received Wi-tribe signal; even a bit. It is amazing thing; wi-tribe is not covering even ISLAMABD developed sector.
    If some concern person look my compalin; address it. Or some one give me any technique to received signal, inform me please.
    ( I am still customer; may be for half month more.)

  • Very bed signal strength; i am receiving here in i-10/1, Gali 79. this week may be, i will closed relation with Wi-Tribe; because they are not able to provide me average service in Islamabad’s old residential sector.

  • >