Who is Issuing Press Releases against Ali Zafar?

For those who don’t know, a press release, news release, media release, or press statement is a written or recorded communication sent to members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something claimed as having news value.

In other words, a Press Release is information supplied to reporters. This is an official statement or account of a news story that is specially prepared and issued to newspapers and other news media for them to make known to the public.

Now look at this news, published in Daily Khabrain, and it is attributed as Press Release – “Pay Ray”, is abbreviation used in print media for Press Release.


Here is the question, who issued this press release?

Let’s discuss in comments about the issuer and what made it issue a Press Release against Ali Zafar..!

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  • Insider

    My answer is: Telenor

    Elecrta mera howa hahaha

  • pro desi

    Khabrian Akhbar ha ha

  • Umer

    this is common practice to issue marketing material to newspapers, but i dont understand why the word PR is coming with the news.

    this is mistake basically either by marketing department or the newspaper. in either cases it is clear that this is planted news

  • Jo kuch wo chahe wo karay uss ki marzi kisi ko iss par koi tankeed nahi honi chahiye
    Mujhe bhi nahi hai…
    agar mein hota to meri marzi hoti chahe me Warid k saath kar leta ya phir Zong me aa jata…
    ye to insan ki apni marzi hoti hai koi kisi ko rok nahi sakta …jo uss par tankeed kar rahay hein wo bewakoof log hain …ya Pagal…
    Best Regards
    Mohsin Khan

    • Syed Shariq, Abudhabi, UAE

      Mr. Mohsin, the most Precious thing for a relation is trust & for a professional word, I know two words trust & Commitment.

      • Rashid

        And both of these words have absolutely nothing to do here.

  • Getting back to the point, what made the company issue a Press Release against Ali Zafar ???

    • omerfarooq

      Admitted that It wasn’t professional of even newspapers to publish such indecent articles.
      But, that is what the demand of market.

      • omerfarooq

        LOL-Our Gossip lovers would buy that copy even on double prices now.

  • taimoor khan

    yeah mohsin ur right yaar sab say barhi baat yeh hai ka woh telenor main apna contract pora kar kay mobilink main gaya hai.ab us ki marzi hai agar telenor walay usay itna pasand kartay thay to uske demand pure kartay or contract extand kartay.kiya khiyal hai

  • @Mudassar Mufti

    I do agree – Press Releases won’t make any good difference now.

    I got a chance to discuss Telenor’s latest advert here: http://www.propakistani.com/2009/07/17/telenor-shift-in-advertising-approach/

  • omerfarooq

    Being Brand Ambassador is nothing like this-that. Ali Zafar should know that how much telenor helped him making a brand name by helping him releasing song albums (Telenoe is doing same with new comer too).

    But then, Telenor’s newly hired Senior Marketing Personnel started making mediocre changes and He had to go.
    Also can you remember how they made Ali Zafar a Chaiwala. Telenor’s Marketing department is getting freakkkk.

    But still, Mobilink didn’t made wise decision because As soon as Ali Zafar comes first name will be of Telenor that will emerge in peopl’e mind(A disadvantage for Mobilink from Marketing Point of view)

    • MRM

      And Mobilink wala made him a porter (a Qulli). What to say now?

  • addy

    i dont think kay yeh issue aaisa hai jis pay awam ko koi issue hai. har inssan ko haq hai apnay baray mein acha sochnay ka

  • @addy
    Yep you are right and who knows this press release was released by Ali Zafar Himself. Actually his jumps from one to another company has been so aggressively replicated on Pakistani sites specially on Facebook and other I think the “Mujrim” of this press release is very close to him lols.

  • Amir, I don’t think this practice of blame game should continue…we have other issues in our country and keep Ali Zafar alive like this won’t make a solution. He was Telenor’s guy earlier, contract got over and he moved ahead. It happens when a woman is divorced and get married to someone else…what will happen in that case?? the ex-husband will publish news?? would it be right?? When some one from higher management left Telenor and joined mobilink….it is the same case here. And what sort of campaign is this..http://www.apnatime.com/index.php/articles/index/6057 i have a very decent image of Telenor branding..but this ad may change it….

    • Rizwan

      It is axiomatic that whenever women gets divorced she spends some time in Eddit. In case of Ali Zaffar it is not like that. Don’t you think it is against of proprieties

  • Ubaid Ur Rehman Khan

    Assalam O Alaicum,

    Very good press release report…. Hats on for press release,
    ye bhikarion ki terha bigte hain star kahan se ho gay…. in ka na tu koi moral hota aur nahin kisi kisam ki insaniyet ye sirf paise k liye kaam kerte hain jaise koi bhikari..

  • uzzi

    i think yeha un ko itni izzat nahi mele gi jehan pehaly thi :P

  • Iftikhar Awan

    wise decision by him …
    where was telenor PR and Advertising department when it was the time to renew the agreement ?
    Its dam advertising, people pay for the play…the one who0 pays best gets best…
    Good Move Ali zafar…!

  • yes amir i have seen that….you took my news…:))

  • Tania Aslam

    I agree that everyone has right to switch the job. But the job we are discussing here is really important for any brand. :)

  • muahmmad furqan

    ali zafar showed his true colours as being a greedy,gold digger.if he had left telenor and advertised for olpers that would have been something but he went to the rival in the same industry which is highly cutthroat after telenor helped sponsor his music videos.i say,good riddance to bad rubbish,telenor is better without such a characterless person.

    • Iftikhar Awan

      @ Muhammad Furqan….
      how can he go to olper, he is allready working for Tarang….but i guess tarang and olper are from same Parent i-e Engro…is it ?

  • zahid ahmed

    hey,y doesn’t propakistani do a story on the facility of ATM’S and phone banking of banks allowing customers to pay their postpaid bills while sitting at home or in office day or night.this is a major convenience for postpaid customers as no need to stand in line,that also within the office hours to reach their service centres.with phone banking i paid my indigo bill at 11 in the night.i would like to see such iniatives being taken by mobile companies to make the bill payment easier.

  • او سر جی خبریں کی خبر کو کیوں تکتہ مشق بناتے ہو؟
    یہاں پہ معروف اردو اخباروں کا کوئی حال نہیں
    خبریں تو پھر کل کا بچہ ہے
    کیا پتا ان کا ایڈیٹر سمجھتا ہو کہ (پ ر) سے پبلک ریلیز نہیں پیڈ ریلیز بنتا ہو
    اردو اخباروں کے معیار کا آپریشن اس پوسٹ میں ملاحظہ ہو

  • shaaani

    oaaa PAISA BARA HAi ….

  • Arif Kamawi

    I support Muadssar Mufti’s comments that we have many other issues to discuss here… Any how this Press Release I guess came from Ali Zafar. He is the one who is issuing such articles to renown himself.

  • LOG


  • Khurram

    he did what everybody else of us is doing around, business/people in job change profession/companies which pays them best……….what to criticise?

  • obaid saeed

    That’s something usual from media.
    Nothing surprising

  • Kami

    I still believe it was unethical on part of Ali Zafar.
    Doing one commercial for a company and moving to another is a different story but being a brand ambassador and moving to competitor is hard to absorb.
    Money matters yes but moral values should also exist.
    Seems like he is playing with public.
    Just imagine how u feel if shahrukh start drinking coke and Aamir start drinking Pepsi.

    What was even more unethical that he was taunting his previous company by saying “I have been promoted”

    I am not Ali’s fan anymore

  • kamil

    Hello guys, just think for awhile if you are a celebrity and has affiliation with many brands but not competitive, suddenly you feel that on of your sponsored brand not renewing your annual contract and more over than you get information that the particular brand has been hired another celebrity for same portfolio. What would you do?

    Ali Zafar used his wisdom and availed another opportunity with Jazz, being promotion marketer of digital industry I can predict that Mobilink will get many benefits by endorsing its brands with AZ, i.e.

    • Youth will be engaged in interactive campaigns because of AZ
    • The TRP & GRP will be increased in all mediums because of AZ

    Overall it’s a big achievement of Mobilink and failure of Telenor, Telenor missed opportunity to keep AZ engaged with its brands, we do have limited prominent celebrities in Pakistan in which AZ really exist in TOP-10, so Mobilink took this initiative and made contract him with quick and wise decision.

    I can say only weldone Mobilink

    Keep it up Ali Zafar

  • Faisal Thaheem

    Simply this is a media WAR.

  • Ahsan Farooqui

    Its a commercial decision. Whats the hulla bulluo about. TN losses a lot of old ads but this is the real world. Technically AZ has not done any wrong, once his contract is complete, he is free.

  • Yasir

    i think mediaa

  • Masoom

    Khabrain should not published such news……Khabrain has not good repu……

  • Mariya

    obviously telenore,

    Ali zafer is independent person and he can take decision wehere he have to work, he showed greed etc. all are rubbish

  • Arif

    Ok people are missing the real story here.
    1)Inside as stated before is that Telenor breached contract,delayed his payments and still owes money to Ali Zafar.This alongside many other things ticked him off and he decided to go with mobilink.

    2)This newspaper has no value and is very obvious that telenor got it printed.People adore him stll and more because of Coke studio etc.

    3)Look what telenor did to itself. The image it started with and where it came to.I say very wise move on Ali’s party.Time will show.

  • ironheart19

    khuda kay bando aisa kia anokha kia ali nay?
    you join a company sign a contract….contract ends and then you and your employer renegotiate the terms for a new contract….if there is a better offer from another company you switch…that’s so lame kay woh competitor kay pass kiyon gya?
    say I work with express news and my contract ends, of course I will move in the same industry whether geo/duniya/hum whatever and they are competitors…trust compromise, comitment what the hell? it was a professional relationship not a marriage. Cut the guy sum slack!

  • Its ali zafar life he will do what he want he have 3 year contract and now finished so he is freely to be another cellulars ambasdor he is not leaving their parents or his religion he is just completing the contract and signed new

  • ahmed

    This press release must be issued by Telenor, who else is responsible!!!!!!!!!!!!? capitlist use people for their own purpose