Verify NADRA CNIC Through SMS

In the race to implement technology, NADRA has hit another achievement with the launch of a very useful service for verifying CNIC details.

Now you don’t need to visit NADRA offices to get someone’s details verified. Whether it’s part of background checks for hiring or any other purpose, verifying someone’s details is easy now.

Simply verify their CNIC by sending an SMS to 7000.

Write CNIC Number without dashes and send it to 7000. In response, you will get name and father’s name of that particular CNIC number holder (in urdu fonts).

Example: write 3740149922830 and send to 7000

Charges: Rs. 10 plus tax per message (Around Rs. 12 including taxes)

At the moment, this service is available for Mobilink, Telenor and Warid customers while Ufone and Zong are in the process of getting listed.

One may think that this is a privacy loop hole. However, as it does not provide any contact details of the CNIC holder and only reveals the name and father’s name, it is acceptable and could prove to be very helpful in a number of cases.

Talking about benefits, this service will really help the public in general as well as aid in special cases. You will be able to easily verify someone’s details to check if they’re being truthful or not and this is of help in business deals and personal contracts where you need to be sure about the authenticity of identification documents.

This service will also be helpful to law-enforcement agencies as they will be able to get more details compared to public because there is another special number for them. They can get CNIC information by sending the number at 7001.

Subscribers will get details through cellular companies which will collect data in real time from NADRA National Data Warehouse. This is thought be a secure data transfer as service numbers are labeled as “Special Numbers”.

NADRA is also supporting law-enforcement agencies and govt. to implement and cope up with prevailing law and order situation. This step is regarded as a great initiative as it will bring quick background checks to anyone who needs them.

A lot of things are on their way but there is still a BIG job to be done.

  • awesome service….
    charges should have been 5Rs+tax so that every one can afford it

    any ways, really nice work done
    keep it up

  • great service but charges are very high. yes i agree that it will be very helpful for the business persons in verifying the identity of the person.

      • Excellent , I appreciate NADRA efforts.
        They have progressed alot, i think we need progress in other departments too like banking sectors , Police , education feild
        and i want that nadra introduce that search engine with the help of every person can verify another person that he is a resident of pakistan or not .
        Rao Imran Hussain

      • hi my dear
        i hope to recvied ur mail i am waheed but my card sould not be recived from nadra still now what is the problem can u help me about my cantact number is 00923338877768 and i am always waiting for u bye take care next time

  • Well , the service works both ways. It would allow allow the perps to check their data and correct it … that is called a backfire ! There needs to be a better validity check of the source requesting the data.

    • I 100% agree with NH, as said the service works both ways & NADRA must give it a thought.

      Any ways the launch of this service is a step further ahead by NADRA that sould be appriciated but there is always room for improvement.

  • @Khaki if you don’t have problem publicily posting ur guard’s cnic number then post it here,i’ll try to get it verified for you.

  • anyways whether its costly but its a good service. no question abt it. if we see thru another perspective its not costly. imagine u have to go to NADRA office, it will cost your petrol time and absence from your office. u have got it on mobile. so its absolutely useful service.

  • Excellent , I appreciate NADRA efforts.

    its to difficult to get a new id card . make it very easy and simple.

    we have no time to stay in long rows.

    • Dear Uzair,
      Currently NADRA has signed agreement with Mobilink, Warid & Telenor.
      Agreement with Ufone is underway, thats why you did’nt got any reply.

  • Great work done by NADRA. NADRA is doing great for the nation. I apppreciate the all team workers of NADRA.

  • iam satisfied for using the nadra services.but still im saying love pakistan and build pakistan.pakistan zindaabad

  • iam satisfied for using the nadra services.. But I an waiting for system to be Online over the web.

  • iam satisfied for using the nadra services.. But I an waiting for system to be Online over the web.

  • CNIC verification: Does it make sense to ask for a computerized identity card to be verified from e-sahulat centers – when it can be verified through a single SMS. […]

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    • mehrbani farma kar is nic no kanew nic no or adress inayet farma dain old no yeh he 504-57-170206

  • its bull shit. i forwarded a sms on the given no and guess what i received?
    000000000000 sorry these are zeros, i received symbols resembing squares instead of particulars.they didnot forget to charge the sms, mind it…………well done………..NADRA


  • Sorry to say but…..’very poor service and behaviour of mangement in “FAST TRACK”.Plz note down all the intructions about attestaion of “CNIC” fourm and many other things which related to the gernel public on the entres of ‘NADRA OFFICES’.

  • Its good system but charges are very high. please reduse them Rs 5.00 or lower than that. provide similier like on NADRA’s web

  • hi hassan here i think the idea of cnic verify by sending sms on 7000 is exeelent step but in other way its show also its side effect bcoz avery one put the cnic no of any body and watch the information so plzzzzz its a very serious issue

  • i want to decrease my age year how to do i have not any avidance to prove .it creates problem for my job atleast 2 years distsnce.

    it could be possible to change

  • NADRA should done to verifi cnic through internet.
    Because we can also take out the print of verification.

  • Sorry to say but…..’very poor service and behaviour of mangement in “KEAMARI”.Plz note down all the intructions about attestaion of “CNIC” fourm and many other things which related to the gernel public on the entres of ‘NADRA OFFICES’.

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