Bulk SMS Packages Distressing Masses

The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) has said that SMS packages offered by different Mobile operators have become a source of inconvenience for the public. Many are misusing the facility of unlimited packages provided against payment of few rupees.

“Last year 20 billion SMS were sent while this year the average stands at 10 billion per month,” said Dr. Murtaza Mughal. Majority of these messages may not have contributed towards anything except for the additional revenue to mobile operators. It has also helped officials claim achievement.

Facility of sending hundreds and thousands of short text messages against small payment has helped many to start SMS marketing business. Uninterested and illiterate also receive these messages on their devices. Some elements send messages with a short tragic tale asking recipients to send them money or balance.

Dr. Murtaza Mughal said that these practices are nothing but deceit and violation of human rights. This trend should be discouraged by fixing price of an SMS. Unlimited and Bundle packages should be discontinued and every consumer should have right to allow or disallow messaging service on his or her mobile phone.

Consumers should also have right to disable promotional messages from their respective operator. A system that allows sending and receiving messages from the numbers added in a user’s phone book will also help improve situation.

When every subscriber has a right to get internet service activated or deactivated on his phone, he or she should also have same facility regarding SMS, said Dr. Mughal.

Such a move will not only bar others from harassing consumers but also help stop rumour mills working freely across the country. This will also minimise incidents of mobile infections through viruses.

He said that ethics should not become victim of business expansion. Corporate social responsibility shouldn’t be propagated but also practiced.

  • TOTALLY dis agreed…… there r black sheeps in every field in every case….. so i guess the sms packages r to facilitate the consumer

  • I am not agreed with the comments.

    yeh to derh inch ki masjid bananay ki baat ho gaye jahan apna matlab ho wahan aisi ki taisi aur jahan apna mufad na ho to us service ko hi band kar do. totaly rubish.

  • Assallamaleequm.
    Yes Adeel I am Agree with you, Yeh log aawam ko sukoon se nahi bethny dy ge, ly dy k ek sms package bacha tha ab us k pechy par gay, in logo ka bas chaly to yeh log aawam key Mouu se Rooti bhi cheen k khaa jaein.mujhy kehna to nahi chahiye magar Jis tarah Public pe Pabandiyan Lagai Jaa rahi hey is k hoty hoy muo se Phool to nikal nahi sakty ge.

  • I think dr mugal needs to have a positive approach i am using mobile from ten year i think i only got 3 advertising msgs in that year that didnt create any problem for me and wnt create for any 1 and buying bulk msgs had unlimited benifits 4 me

  • Agree with your analysis. One man tesing me from last 3 days. he sent me around 2100 sms in three days. This is quite horrible.

  • Totally AGreed with the poster…..Its being widely misused…Black sheeps are in this case are far more in number than in any other situation

  • there is a number blocking facility available with various cellular services provider , one should simply block thy bothering number. and thts all ! also there should b a SPAM reporting number of PTA so PTA will take action in such cases if the complain is received from various customers regarding same number.

  • Meray khayala ma mughal sahab ko mahiray nafsiyat ki zarorat ha khud ko sms pasand nahi to baqiyoun ko bhe nai krny datay ya to wohi policy ha k na khud khelo na khelny do rubbish ha ya sub. Mugal sahab geo or genay do plz

  • “Majority of these messages may not have contributed towards anything except for the additional revenue to mobile operators”.

    Well Ms. Mehwish Khan, what is the purpose of a business..??? Isn’t it to earn revenue and make profit…??

    And there is nothing inherently unethical in Unlimited SMS packages. Most users totally reject the idea that Unlimited packages should be banned. The solution is that that costumers should have the option to opt out of SMS ads and have the ability to block numbers. Action must also be taken against those who are repeatedly reported of violations.

  • Yar ek bat samajh me yeh nahi aati k misuse, misuse karny waly log kehty to hein k misuse ho raha hey lakin mere bhai, app roko Internet, Tv, Radio, Dish Cable etc, app yaha to misuse ko ek issue bana k apna comment best dikhana chahaty ho lakin dosri taraf yeh nahi dekhty k jo iska theak tareeqy se use kr rahy hey un k liye yeh facility cheeni jaa rahi hey jo k galat hey, 2nd yeh k ek dost ney SPAM ki bat ki to its right way to stop anyone from there,

    Ek taraf agar issy crime me shamil karty hey to wo F.I.A Cyber Crime Cell kia kr raha hey??? Jo Government key banaya hey? Think batter yar app Masha Allah se smajahdar log hien or achi batein krny waly log hein mein ap logo ki qadar karta ho lakin mana k hum bewaqoof hein magar itny nahi Jitna app ney Samajh liyea hey,

    Sorry If u mind anything from this Comment.

  • What i think k there is need to educate ppl… Agar aisi sari services bana bhi di jayien tu more den 50 percent loogon ko pata hi nahin lagay ga how to use these services….

    Caller Tune service bhi band ker deni chaiye phir.. Aglay banday nay mera na pasandeeda songa lagaya huwa tha and it caused me alot of distress :P…

    What exactly has THE PAKISTAN ECONOMY WATCH to do wid da distress of ppl over sms issue anyway? Shouldnt dey be more concerned about the Sugar crisis and stuff like dat?..

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