MQM’s PhotoShopped Rally Picture Exposed

It is very much obvious that political parties are now using internet and computer technology for their political campaigns along with reviving the party agenda during peace days.

Recently a picture published in Daily Express turned out to be photoshpped to exaggerate the number of audience.

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

Incident should be taken as a lesson for other parties to not to deceive the tech savvy audience by using technology, because you will be easily caught. However, political parties may legitimately use blogging, social media and other internet resources to convey their messages.

By the way, the photoshop guy must be in hot waters after this.

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Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • Mr. why discussing politics here!

      I dont understand why??

      and targeting only one side …

      I think you know what I mean LOL……

  • ohoooo man what loser phoshop this blunder hahahaha
    it is so obvious its duplicates ….even the people are small and then big in size … n then again small hahahahhah
    >>>i cn make here land a plane in photoshop without anynotice hahahahahah

  • I think its was a lame effort to demolish the growing popularity of MQM nation wide. These propaganda have been tested against MQM in the past and i believe that the ture popularity of the party remains un harmed as the ground realities have always supported the facts and they are that MQM is the most popular, enlightened & liberal Movement of Pakistan.

    • What ! MQM is most liberal and enlightened party of pakistan?. I am sure Sheikh Mohammad Nehad has not forgotten 12th may when MQM gundas were roaming with guns in the city and please dont you blame “agencies” for 12th May

      • Dear Ahmad,

        Let me clear the situation for you. I hope that you are aware of the whole circumstances present on that day. The MQM rally was attacked and when ever there is a action, there is a reaction. If you could go deeply, apart from the media reports, you will see that there were only 3 bullets being hit on the AAJ Tv building and MQM’s rally was underneath the building. The firing was taking place from the opposite side.

        And also to clear your thoughts more, Kinldy watch the video’s present on Youtube “Bitter Truth”.

        I hope you are sensible person and would decide neutrally.

        Thank You.


        Sheikh Mohammad Nehad.

    • Bro – I am not discussing any political agenda here, neither want to prove that MQM didn’t get any crowd, my viewpoint was simple: Picture was photoshpped, if you got any thing to say regarding that – you are welcome.

      • u shouldnt have posted this political news or with any party name. i think this website is for technology related & what about the newspaper who published it

          • amir bhai plz avoid politics
            aap bohat achi koshis kar rahy hai technology kay hawlay say politics say door rahay to acha hai brother

            • عمران بھی اپ کے مشورے پر ضرور عمل ہوگا، پر یہ فوٹو شاپ کا معاملہ تھا اس لئے لکھا ہے . یہ اسی طرح ہے جس طرح کل ہم نے بیلوں پر لکھا تھا – جن کا تعلق ٹیکنو لاجی سے نہیں تھا پر ان کی ویب سا اٹ کا تعلق انٹرنیٹ سے تھا

              مجھے امید ہے اپ میرے موقف کو سمجھ گئے ہوں گے.

  • holy cows lol man
    what a poorly photoshoped image even an amateur wouldn’t make such a mistake looks like some one is going to be very angry with there qualified tech staff hahahahahahahaha

    Its just A TECHNOLOGY LOOPHOLE so why he shoud’n SHARE it HERE.
    ISn’T IT?

  • I think you should not post any thing related to political issues. this blog i guess is for telecom related and not the graphics one or the general tech blog. You are posting your comment “By the way, the photoshop guy must be in hot waters after this.” and saying that you are not supporting any political views or blah blah. by the way this picture was firstly exposed by PTI and it is present on their website as well. Please try to avoid such kind of political issues discussing over here.

  • @Aamir Atta
    آپکو متحدہ قومی موومنٹ کا جلسہ کا دعوت نامہ ضرور آنا چاہیے تاکے آپکی سوچ متحدہ کے بارے میں بدل سکے متحدہ کو ان اوچھے ہتکنڈوں کی ضرورت نہیں ، یہ کوئی غلطی ہو سکتی ہے .
    بہرحال آپ اپنی ویب سائٹ کوسیاسی نہ بنائے . یہ بہت سے لوگوں ک لئے دل آزاری و تکلیف کا سبب بن سکتا ہے –

  • @ Aamir Atta
    Im regular viewer n fan of your site, but you should’nt publish that story in such a political way using name of any Party, this is tech site not Taanga site.

  • Yar, please get a life… someone forges a picture of MQM’s rally, why do you suppose it has to be MQM doing it? please grow up people :)

  • @ Muhammad Zohair Chohan
    brother can we say him an artist ? i think we should say amateur. who tried to learn work on MQM lol

  • @ Amir, Please don’t make this site for discussion of political wrong doings, whether its tech or not. There are zillion of wrong doings of polictical parties which come under technology. Will you also alow those to publish at your site? if yes please let me know.

  • Its good that people are noticing each and every thing in new and media.
    All political parties wants to make AWAM fool all parties have same agent (looto) and all have same gools

  • Its good that people are noticing each and every thing which shows that now its hard these politicians to make us fool.
    All parties have same agenda (lotoo) and make people and to lotoo they have different game plans, they all are same but looks different from out side

  • Look yar I am not agianst MQM or any other pilitical party but ……..Grow up Yar……. accept if there is something wrong done by your party ……..If u want to see Pakisatn prosper plz adopt this acceptance culture ………………..

  • Those people who say that MQM is a liberal and enlightened party are the biggest liers in the histroy of this country…………
    The party comprising of mobile snatchers, murderers, thiefs, rapists, robbers, and bhatta-khors….and some people have the guts to call it an enlightened party!! what a farce!! You should be ashamed to call yourself Pakistanis and Muslims….You people follow a leader who is scared to come back home and lead the country he was born in!! He is afraid of losing his life and you people follow such a coward!! Disgusting!

  • I think this picture was edited by the newspaper, not by the party. Because other papers, including JANG, also published this picture in the strip without editing or masking. I have noticed these kinds of mistakes in Express before this as well.

  • MQM is the only political terrorist party (declared in Canada) in the world, that do crimes under politics. May Allah give us (Karachite) liberation from this party. we have been living in threads since long time. Ya Allah keep save every citizen of karachi and pakistan from this fearious and deadly party, Ameen!

    • ha ha ha on the internet everyone claims himself as a citizen of Karachi……Yes MQM is terrorist for that reason they have developed Karachi, they have given Parks, better drainage system, roads, Bridges, and they done everything that was not done in last 60 years…. and just a hint and knowledge Karachi and Huston is now sister cities….Have u ever seen a terrorist party in world working like that…..come to reality my little boy…. ;)

      • ہٹلر کی ناذی پارٹی بھی بہت سارے ووٹ لیا کرتی تھی۔ دور کیوں جائیں پڑوس کی شیو سینا بھی ایم کیو ایم سے ذیادہ ووٹ لیتی ہے۔ ایم کیو ایم نے غیر مہاجر علاقوں میں کام کیوں نہیں کیا؟؟ آپ آئی سی آئی کے پل سے گلبائی تک چلیں ۔ کراچی کے ترقی کا راز کھل جائے گا۔ سعیدآباد ، شیریں جناح کالونی، ۔۔کتنے نام گنواوں؟ اب آخر میں ایک سوال۔۔ حکومت برطانیہ سے وفاداری کا حلف اٹھانے والا ، اٹھارا سال پہلے کا کراچی کاشہری۔ جو مہاجر عوام کے دکھ میں سوکھ کر کانٹا بن گیا ہے۔ کراچی کیوں نہیں آتا۔

  • HAHAHA MQM is banned in Canada.. you jerk! search for MQM Canada on google and then come back.. oh yes, also youtube, please for the latest speeches of MQM’s parliemantarians in CA NA DA

  • ohhhhh i c……..sumbody saying miss use of technology?????????
    then what u say abt PPP
    abey koi dodh ka dhoola nai hai………but MQM is far better from other…….

  • @ all
    Before engaging in political spats, use common sense: It is the newspapers, who edit pictures taken by their field reps, before publishing in their papers.
    @ Attaa
    Bro, people visit for Telecom/IT/Technology news. Try not to give your articles a political spin by saying names. Did you investigate whose fault was it that this pic published in Daily Express? If not, then kindly refrain from putting blames.
    @ All
    Please maintain the sanctity and professionalism of this platform. Thanks.

  • Check your facebook page to check the original picture which ProPakistani photoshop’d and circulated to the media and online. I dare you to delete it… will confirm yoru loyalties.

  • Sorry but i am not convinced ……Aisi explanation tu mein bhi day sakta hone balkay is say bhi better …..jaisi aap kay Altaf nay di hai …….and thank GOD i havnt be the part of this MQM……
    Its just a fact mqm is not Muthedah Qomi Movement….
    its Mahajer Qomi Movment who wants a Land like Janah Pur…..Shame on You ALL MQM’s

    • shame kis ko khe rahe ho tum khud khe rahe ho janah pur pakistan ko torne ki baat karte ho aur shame mqm’s ko keh te ho tum to ghaddar ho kam az kam un ka qaid jhoot to nahi kheta hai.

  • Here is the decoded script =
    so if MQM has given it to the newspaper its responsible and if Express did it without MQM’s approval MQM should take EXPRESS to task for bringing its reputation at stake else people will point fingers at it :)

    1. Original pic

    2. Horizontal flip (its a norm and quite legal)

    3. Duplication (and this is where the problem is, since it falls in the domain of PROPAGANDA by deceiving the viewer, please dont come to me about propaganda techniques, Google it yourself)

  • @ S.A.R.A
    Yeh sure i am not going to join such party who Supported the 12 May Karachi Restoration of Chief Justice incident … Shame on u all ………
    Plz look analyze carefully before joining any Political party….Cause if that party did something wrong in his period then u will also get punished on the day of Judgment for that wrong thing happened tooo….
    think about that plz…………………

  • @ S.A.R.A
    sure i am not going to join such party who supported incidents like 12 May Restoration of Judges karachi
    Shame on u……
    @ All
    A request to all plz analyze all political parties before joining any party cause if that party done something wrong in their period u will also be caught on the day of judgment for supporting them…..

  • what ever is published, it is with the consent of the whole party management. so what these people are, its been showing over here. MQM is the corrupt political party of the pakistan, what ever they are doing in karachi just for the sake to cover the whole pakistan, like fund relief, making karachi beautiful by collecting the ransom from the same karachi people and killing them if they dont’ pay off.

  • Aamir bhai ur doing a wonderfull job. don’t mind these Fools. But post about all the parties not just mqm. MQM is wrong and antipakistani no doubt about that but all parties of Pakistan are Anti Pakistani and zionist asset. Thanx for this info.

  • kiya ye nahi ho sekta ke aamir atta ne khud ne photoshopped ki ho? :p ho sekta hai wo MQM ko badnaam kerna chahta ho….coz maine tu ye pic kisi news paper mein nahi dekhi….na hi aamir atta ne news paper ka name aur date batayee hai…ab ye mosuuf bahane banayenge but brother…

    kisi bhi cheez ko prove kerne se pehle uski haqeeqat ko tu jaan lein…

    har koi comments de raha hai kisi ne bhi sochne ki koshish hi nahi ki

  • Altaf Hussain Jaisa bhi hai pr zardardi aur nawaz shareef se bohat acha hai kiyunke _______ ki koi izzat nahi karta.

    [Comment Edited]

  • yuss..
    as the fraud is shown in the snaps, in the same wsay MQM is deceiving with all the Pakistani poor ‘Awam”..
    may God clean our country from the dirtity people of mqm…
    9(Ameen – Sum Ameen)

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