What’s So Good about 668 Service? And why its Last Hope for Curbing Unregistered SIMs?

668 – SIM Verification System has been in place for quite some time now, and it is largely discussed topic in the industry these days.

PTA has been patted for introducing the service, while cellular companies are bearing the brunt – in terms of blocking their numbers and increased overhead due to the service.

“Good thing about 668 service is the “idea”, not the service”, commented a telecom guru, who wanted to remain un-identified, when we asked him if 668 is going to be the last solution or we gonna see another flop effort of eliminating illegal SIMs from the country.

He believed that, there was no other way to curb un-registered SIMs, or those that were registered with fake ids. “The idea evolved through 668 service is to tickle the end user, and make him concerned about those SIMs which are registered in his/her CNIC. This was the only possible way to make this country free of illegal SIMs”, commented the analyst.

He was of the opinion that PTA has tried multiple times in the past to curb unregistered SIMs, which includes the pressurizing the cellular companies, inspection of franchises, SIM data verification from NADRA and so on, however, all those efforts failed due to mechanics.

Thorough 668 system, PTA has made a common mobile user realize the importance of unregistered SIMs, by not letting him know the damages of an illegal SIM but also informing him about the amount of un-registered SIMs.

If carried away with dedication and watchdog’s severe eye, soon we should see complete elimination of illegal and unregistered SIMs.

But it is reported that selected mobile phone companies are contacting un-registered SIM holders and asking them to register SIMs instead of blocking them, despite a written request from those who own the registration of such SIMs.

“668 SIM verification system is going to be the last hope for having all those unregistered SIMs blocked, such efforts of keeping these SIMs active and alive will damage the core spirit of 668 SIM Verification System”, concluded the expert.

Industry understands that blocking all unregistered SIMs will cost the cellular companies pretty high, that counts the overhead, revenues coming from those SIMs, the companies’ market position due to loss of millions of customers. By the way, it is anticipated that at least 12 million SIMs will go down with help of 668 SIM verification system.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK