PTA Permits Withdrawal of SMS Packages during Eid

PTA in a meeting with representatives of cellular companies, authority did not object over the withdrawal of SMS packages during Eid by leading operators, and said that value-added services offered by Mobile operators such as SMS are un-regulated services in terms of pricing and validity.

Official statement issued by PTA said that bundled packages are optional services offered by the operators which require consumers to opt-in and agreeing to the terms and conditions offered by the operators.

“Since SMS bundle packages are not mandatory packages, PTA is only regulating quality of services whereby the operators are required to conform to the quality parameters as per the license terms and conditions.”

Operators were asked to ensure inclusion of adequate information in media campaign with regard to validity period of the SMS bundle package offer along with operator’s discretion to withdraw the said offer.

PTA’s press release.

It is interesting that PTA has separated value added services from the core telecom services, however, it is not mentioned anywhere in Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act, 1996 and Pakistan Telecommunication Rules, 2000 that Value added services are not part of regulation. Instead, there are special clauses available for VAS services, which defiantly come under regulation in terms of pricing and any alteration during the validity.

Besides this, PTA is contradicting its own verdict when it asked telecom companies to notify customers 30 days in advance of imposition of charges on balance inquiries.

We know that this is second time cellular companies have withdrawn SMS packages, still PTA is making them learn to ensure inclusion of adequate information in media campaign with regard to validity period of the SMS bundle package offer instead of charging them.

We do understand that cellular companies may not bear the Eid traffic, and it’s necessary to block the services. These services are totally dependent on operator’s policy and they can withdraw it any moment they want to. However, its customers’ right to know about any such change in tariff, package or service – and PTA was supposed to protect customers’ right, which it couldn’t even for the second time.

Just for the study and information, you can here download Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act, 1996 and Pakistan Telecommunication Rules, 2000

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  • Day before yesterday i checked my remaining balance (i have a telenor connection). The message after the credit information was contradictory to the news that the sms bundle had been withdrawn. The message went something like this ‘On this joyous occasion of eid buy wichever text bundle you want’. This isn’t the exact wording but the message was along these lines.

  • it’s really bad, I suspect if things are going in this direction due to political influences.

    can anybody confirm, if telenor has taken back it’s package as well? or if telenor has plan to take back it’s package like before?

  • Hi I am user of Telenor, i have confirmed this from helpline and got a text message as well, Telenor is not taking back their bundle offers, we can enjoy sms bundle offer from Telenor during Eid :D

  • As per news mentioned @

    it is stated,”On the directives of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), all mobile operators have agreed to continue all the SMS bundle packages during Eid-ul-Azha. The PTA has directed that no mobile company will discontinue any of its SMS package during Eid holidays, said a statement issued on Friday. Mobile operators will also ensure quality of services during Eid and other such occasions. “

  • Tu per sub awo warid glow per kiyuki warid is the best.And warid does not stop there sms packages even in eid.

  • It is sorrowfully stated that PTCL has started false and fabricated propaganda that is beyond of facts (as the four computers are running from the first day in my premises) in result of my continuous complaints with complaint No: 91132 dated 10-11-2009, complaint No. 90988 dated 12 Nov.2009 that were forwarded by PTA to officer of PTCL for redressing. They are unable to provide me proper, accurate and quick service. As such they want to protect themselves and want to finish my DSL net service by making false and fabricated propaganda of subletting net service while actually there are my two houses (the address of one house is mentioned on the CNIC of my elder brother Asadullah, the owner this phone No. and other address that is mentioned on bill and on my CNIC) and one in Bathak (which PTA knows about it as its representatives have visited this bathak when I complained against Zong internet for slow speed of their net and their teams with zong teams visited and checked speed on my computer in my bathak that is near to my two houses) and I am using this service from the first day in these three my homes on four computers as I requested the person of PTCL DSL Broad band who phoned me to come for installing the modem and I requested him to bring modem with four out put plugs but he asked me to bring a device namely switch and install it after modem to use the four computers if they are in my own premises That are together with attached walls and there is our joint family of seven brothers. As per clause 7-ix that is not applicable upon me because I am not subletting the net service but using for personal use in my own premises that can be verified by you by sending any Government officials who can ask from the residents of this Goth and my neighbors or you may check The Address given on the CNIC # 424016898098-9 of my elder brother Mr. Asadullah, the owner of this phone # 021-36351408 and can be verified from NADRA record or from the copy of CNIC submitted in PTCL Office for this phone.

    Two persons came from PTCL for checking speed of DSL Net as they mentioned in their attached notice but there was no one of my brothers at the house as I & my brothers were in our offices. PTCL has not informed about their visit. So those two persons were not allowed by the ladies to come in the house. They have been already given my cell numbers but they did contact me because it was only pretension to protect PTCL and not to redress the grievances of a customer and only to fit the hang rope in the neck of a customer by misrepresenting rules as the speed images plus SNR Margin have been sent for consideration before.

    Two Senior officers of Local PTCL exchange Mr. Faisal Ghani & Mr. Attique Saeed both have already threatened me to disconnect my DSL net service because I am complaining against them to higher Authorities from time to time against their irresponsibility and not maintaining service in proper way. They have done a great loss of me and blocked my DSL net service on Thu, 19 Nov 2009 at 11:30 am without any inquiry from me & create prevention in the study of our children and I have been fed up from their behavior and bad service as such if I am not relax I will write to Chief Justice of Pakistan and after obtaining his orders will file a suite in local court of Karachi but prior to it, I request Honorable President of Pakistan, Honorable prime Minister of Pakistan and all Higher authorities along with Telcom Minister and PTA to redress my repeated complaints and stop malpractice of the officers of PTCL.

    I have been given a notice by Mr. Mukhtar Mehfooz SM MM&BB Karachi/PTCL saying that I am subletting their services by using distributions switches that is wrong I am not subletting but using for myself in my own premises. When I got the DSL connection, I requested the man who came to install Modem to bring a modem with 4 plugs for output so that I can run my four computers, He asked me to buy a switch from the market and install it right after the modem. Then I asked him whether is it legal or not. He replied me it is legal as I have been informed him by you and as I am using it for personal use, it is not illegal according to him and if I would like to use it on commercial basis then it need written permission from PTCL.

    This is no case of trade connectivity or subletting broad band net services but Mr.Mukhtar Mehfooz SM MM&BB Karachi PTCL, Mr. Faisal Ghani & Mr. Attique Saeed the senior Managers of Gulshan-e-Maymar Exchange want to run their own kingdom and want to start rules and regulations of pharaoh’s kingdom and has disconnected our broad band DSL net service on Thu, 19 Nov 2009 at 11:30 am without any inquiry from me to stop study of our children and it a great loss of me.

    Would our auspicious Government, higher authorities and officials extend a helping hand and orders to restore my broad band DSL internet Connectivity and also orders to take a drastic actions against the responsible persons deputing official person to hold inquiry that there is no case subletting and reselling their broad band DSL Net service to any other network or telecom company.
    Yours faithfully,
    Abdur Rehman Hijazi

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