Askari Bank's Web site Down During Eid

We have seen time and again on Eid Holidays that ATMs of different banks get out of operation normally. State Bank has been telling them to co-operate with the customers but seems it all fall on deaf ears.

Wake up State Bank!!

But website being down is something new that we have came across. Since this morning i.e. third day of eid, we were unable to browse Askari Bank Website(www.Askaribank.Com.Pk). Site is giving error of temorary down.


We needed to do some fund transfer but whose listening. Pity on our poor souls… We want State Bank to do some action against this bank.

We did tried other leading banks too like MCB, ALLIED BANK, BANK ALFALAH, MEEZAN BANK and NATIONAL BANK but they were all working online. Time for some action.

  • Hi
    I am in KSA and I completed Hajj rituals on Sunday. On the same eve i moved Jeddah and since then could not open Askari website website despite the fact i need to see my accounts.

    At the moment i am moving back to Mecca but could not check my account here.

    This is really painful !

  • same thing happened with me, i had to transfer funds through ASKARI ATM, but couldn’t do it :S
    this was really annoying as i was supposed to do that transaction but ASKARI ATM :@

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