NUST Students Design Pakistan’s First-ever Hybrid Car

Prototype of Pak-Wheeler's Hybrid car design
Prototype of Pak-Wheeler's Hybrid car design

A group of Eleven Mechanical Engineers, named as Pak-Wheelers, from E&ME College are participating in the upcoming Eco-Shell Marathon in July 2010 with their Hybrid car, that happens to be first ever hybrid designed in Pakistan.


The event will feature around 100 teams from all over Asia competing for the top spot on the Sepang International Circuit, which is also used for Formula One racing. The winning criterion for the Eco-Shell Marathon is simple: Whichever team gets the best mileage out of a single liter of fuel.

Pak-Wheelers say that their design and simulations are complete, but they are waiting for Prodigy’s body to be completed. Team is likely to begin live car-tests by the end of May, 2010.

“Our initial design was giving us a mileage of around 450 kilometers to a liter but we managed to improve that number to more than 700 km/liter after switching to a hybrid model,” said Faizan Zafar, a team member of Pak-Wheelers. “We have optimized the car according to the track,” Hassan Ali added.

People initially laughed at the group’s ambition and project goals. But now, the proud and joyful faces of their friends and families tell a different story.

The group came up with the idea at a birthday party back in July 2009. They were inspired by another team from Pakistan Navy Engineering College who had participated in the Shell Eco-Marathon Europe 2009 in Germany.

They presented their idea to Ikhlaq Khatak, an associate professor at the College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (CEME) at NUST, who encouraged and mentored them to pursue it. Then onwards, Yahya Hassan Khan, Abrar Mehmood, Hafiz Awad Awan, Syed Hassaan Ali, Farrukh Ali, Raheel Ansar, Faizan Zafar, Zafarul Islam, Muneeb Shah, Muhammad Abdullah, Majid Ghafoor and Hassan Ali, started working on various aspects of the car’s design and its simulations.

Getting companies to sponsor the project was particularly hard. “Initially, we pitched our proposal to some 50 companies. Only BMW Pakistan responded to our pitch,” Hassaan said. Later, other companies started coming on board. “We are currently receiving funding from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, NUST, Hypercomp and the Pakistan Army,” he added.


The group is still short of their projected expenses, managing to raise only Rs 1.4 million of the Rs 2.2 million costs they originally estimated. This sum includes the cost of transporting the car to and back from Malaysia. “We want to be able to hoist Pakistan’s flag in Malaysia,” Hassaan said.

“We want to be able to show a new face of Pakistan to the world, one that is considerably different than what the western media is showing,” he added, reciting the team mantra, “For some teams it’s a car, For some teams it’s a project For us, it’s an ideology An ideology to prove that Pakistan can be constructive.”

By the way:

  • A hybrid vehicle combining a combustion engine with an electric motor to increase its efficiency.
  • It harvests energy lost during breaking and reuses it for running.
  • It uses super capacitor banks to store energy.
  • The petrol engine produces a constant energy of 3.5 British horsepower and the remaining power comes from the super capacitor banks.
  • It uses a carbon-fibre body.

More details about the car can be found on the team’s website,

Via Express Tribune


  • @ authar
    I just read the web which you type in this post it says//

    Nine Mechanical engineering students from EME college NUST

  • Keep it up dear brothers.I appriciate are bloming stars of pakistan keep it up

  • Great great great!!! Proud of you guys!! Thats a slap on people’s faces who have nothing but to laugh when someone comes with something constructive!! Keep it up! God bless!

  • Gr8 work. NUST university is already making good name in International education. I know govt will not take it serious like past :)

  • nice work guys great effort.u will be suceeded INSHALLAH.

  • It is not a big deal. This is not a research because many countries built this. THIS IS NOT A NEW THING.

    What is going to be big deal is if they started production of hybrid car.

    It is not difficult to make it.. every thing is available on the Internet as many students of foreign universities are pioneer of it.

    • yea you are right bro, it is not a research.. Its done by many foreign students. Do you remember a guy made a browser, it was a piece of joke. It was just drag and drop of browser control (Internet Explorer). thats crap

      we are very happy that first pakistani guy invented a wheel :-)

      Hybrid cars are very old yaar, it is not new thing just try to understand. i dont understand whats new it in??????

      • hey man
        we hv atleat made the hybrid car for us, dts really needed in our daily life……. bcoz of our fuel problum….

        nu u guys well done. keep it up

    • Well getting 700km/liter is new… also at least our youth is doing something creative besides sitting and posting negative comments – like you and me ;)

  • Thank you guyz!!!!!!!!!!! just oray for us…….we will INSHALLAH not let u down!!!!!!!

  • An extraordinary effort from this group of Pakistani engineers; this is what we need and tell the world that we are not a nation of terrorists, but this kind of people also live among us.

  • All of them arre my seniors.I remember 3 of them ragged me so hard when i was in first year :D.M proud of them……gr8 job sirs!!

  • Congrats fellow Pakistanis!

    This is great news for us!

    I really hope we can buy this!


  • They can design it. They can build it. They can even manage to bring it on the road. But will the evil and corrupt ministers in Petroleum department and the petroleum companies earning billions in Profit allow such a thing to come in their way???? I think not

    • Why do we have habit of blaming everything on the ministers, america and Israel, get real. You and I wanted CNG we got it. I personally believe it has more to do with the demand. To support this argument I will recommend going to pakhero website, look at the way they are manufacturing motorbike – you will be surprised! yet they are doing very good business. Hybrid cars are available in Pakistan though a little costly but yes available – its just you and I who are not buying them and going for overpriced cars pathetic cars.

  • Such activities from students are healthy. Rather than getting infuriated by the speeches of Mullah’s, its better to do something for the betterment of the society.

  • Wish you Good Luck for Future :). In all times of your efforts remember ALLAH(SWT), it all because of HIM who guided you towards this.

  • NUST as always produced great engineeers this is great stuff that Pakistani invented their own Hybrid Car! Geo Pakistani Great Work

  • Bundle of thanks for all the support and appreciation. Your prayers and unflinching support is all we need.

  • so nice …. NUST walay bhi kaamaal hai bohut achay Engineers tayaar kartay hai

    all Inventions and projects of NUST i seen at

  • this is just a scam to get their names on the web… if u look close at even the picture posted here its work for a small kid making something in a 3d software i guess my 11 year old can do it better with the graphics…. i have investigated this its all scam…

  • I am working for Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, EME Nust is our partner organization, can we meet some day ?

  • I wouldnt expect too much from a Military school – until I see this hybrid team winning an industry known award on this, I’m assuming its a sham.

  • To all those who think that making a hybrid car is a joke.

    Aizaz and Salman:
    If this doesnt impress you, try making a normal petrol car yourself. I am myself an engineer and I know what designing and making a hybrid car entails. Only three or four companies out of the more than 100 companies in the world have managed to produce a hybrid car. The ones which managed to produce hybrid cars have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in R&D and have the experience of more than a 100 years in car manufacturing. If university students are able to produce a hybrid for a couple of million bucks, they have done something amazing. They dared to dream and toiled to acheive what other can only imagine. They should not be discouraged.

    Forget 3D, try making a very simple architectural layout in 2D and i’would give you a million dollars. All i can say is, it is because of people like you that I sometimes feel ashamed to call myself a Pakistani.

    I takes alot of guts and courage besides technical expertise to make somthing like this. We are a nation of negtive thinkers. Instead of patting them on the back for being so enterprising, we just discourage them by calling it a scam and childs play. In my opinion we as a nation need to grow up (alot) and need to think more positively. Otherwise the world would continue to deride us and brand us as terrorists.

    The hybrid car team:

    Shabaash, make Pakistan proud!

    • I agree with Aizaz and Salman that it is not a research project …. it is just making use of existing technology and demonstrating that we can do this too …. but but but

      I personally thing there is nothing wrong in this approach ….. every year students of electrical/electronics/telecom repeat the same project over and over again …. During my MSc, I remember every year there were few students who designed and developed PABX , ECG recorder etc. Although they were not designing any thing new but during that 6 months they learn a lot which helped them in future …. our atmoic program was not new … it was also a copy ….. right? but we are proud of it … those guys are our heroes now …. right?

      Only thing which is not good is that although we have the resources and talent but these big companies and our corrupt ppl. in GOV do not let our local talent to do any thing practically ….. anyway this should not stop us to learn ….may be some day …. may be :-)

  • Beautiful!!!

    we don’t lack talents… we just don’t expose them… Our Media and Govt must focus on such things as well to promote talent.

  • Pakistani engineers are the best engineers in the world. INSHALLAH yeh log Pakistan ko aagay lay k jayen gay
    Pakistan Zindabad

  • I m really feeling very proud to read all this ….
    keep rocking boys…. and thanks to those who helped them…. we solute them…. Pakistan Zindabad

  • Ha! We Pakistani’s cant just appreciate! =P My comment is specially for all the nay-sayers.
    And i second Shahzad. He just made the most valid point ever!
    Our nuclear program is nothing new. Oh, its old, The technology is half a century old. Half a dozen countries had already done that. Now, if you think making something that already exists is no big, go to AQ Khan and try telling him he’s not a hero.

    Don’t hate, Appreciate! =P

    I am proud of these guys! =) Go Team Go!!

  • AoA

    I am a member of team PakWheelers and i would like answer a few questions and clear some doubts here .
    First of all , one ov our big sponsors is HEC , so i think Government is on our side.
    2nd : Hybrid vehicle is a vehicle which uses a mixture of power or fuel sources. Now all the persons here who think its not a research project , kindly post some link or just refer to a hybrid car that uses super capacitors with IC engine !
    Looking forward for reply.

    • i m proud of you

      if you are saying that hec is sponserd you why they are not sponsoring lot more for the development of country

      for not developing nust only

      there are other institutions also where is the talent but dnt have sufficient fund ????

      why our government dont think

  • Watch a report on this project in news bulletin on ptv news tonight and watch detailed report on sunday between 6-7pm.

  • ya well pakistanis nare just gr8 ,they just need a little chance ,if they get chance they will be able to show themselves

  • Hey guys you have done the splendid work. I am just become damn lover of Nust university’s students. Well done guys wish you all the best for your future. I hope you will keep it up. And listen those idiots, who are saying that this is a scam. You are damn fool of your country. You Should be very ashamed of your self. Every PAKISTANI should be proud of this achievement.

  • Is this totally a new car with a different setup or is this some sort of a system which we can accomodated in all of our old vehicles.

  • Its not the first hybrid car of Pakistan. NUST(PNEC Karachi Campus) has already made a hybrid car. It was a final year project of some students.

  • Hi
    I m not good in english
    I hope u understand my Qus
    Can u reply me bro
    How much ur car Engin heat the hood

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  • what a work done by our engineers

    if our government members take steps so we have such resources that we dont need to be begging to imf and america

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