Pakistan.PK gets 150,000 Visitors in 70 Days

rabta_onlinePakistan.PK, National Rabta Online Portal, has been visited by 150,000 visitors with-in its first two months.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) had developed and launched an exclusive online information portal ( on 13th December 2010.

Pakistan.PK acts as a single source of information and a content repository to residents, visitors and International communities.

The visitor’s statistics available at the portal speaks for its upbeat success during the first 70 days of launch where the present number of visitors has surpassed 150000, an average of 2100 hits per day.

According to PTA, primary objective to launch the portal was to create a single source facilitation web portal that allows users to access any and all information regarding Pakistan that is already available electronically. The electronic access of information will improve the productivity and efficiency of public and private organizations.

This overwhelming response from the Internet users applauds the success of the portal both in terms of its anticipated benefit and available content. These types of initiatives to facilitate the local content availability to general people would surely support the promotion and utilization of Internet in the country.

We are told that PTA has also planned to develop the Urdu and Mobile versions of portal to provide more facilitation to the Internet community of Pakistan.

  • Rameez Kakakhel

    +1 i just visited after reading this post :P

  • Naeem Mustafa

    excellent work done … at least someone is working ..

  • mazahyr

    its a gud site though…helped me in guiding me through making my domicile and CNIC…its really helpful and has all the official forms too…gud work eh!

  • Salim Nawaz

    I am impressed … never knew about the website … I think PTA should do some more marketing of the portal …

  • fahad

    powered by joomla ;-) m also a joomla developer. you can contact me here

  • Saba Tariq

    In Pakistan good work goes un-noticed and unknowledged. This is simply excellent :-) I run a NGO and always have problems referring people to information about Pakistan. I think this website addresses the issue very well.

  • Muhammad Zahoor

    I am a student and i found this website very informative. I have seen many similar websites for different countries and feel that Pakistan’s Portal is the best one. It helps me alot for finding very good information & resources here. Congrats

  • Dr. Khalid

    Hi! My name is Dr.M.Khalid and I am serving at a private hospital in Pakistan. I am a regular reader of ProPakistani website and always looking for interesting technologies news here. Today I have visited the Pakistan Rabta Portal website and i got some very good information related to my profession. I must say this site is very useful for the pakistani community.
    Excellent work done! appreciated.

  • Talat Abbasi

    Well done PTA.

  • Ali Rathore

    The site is very impressive, a good initiative to promote the face of pakistan at online world.

  • erfanullah

    150k in 2 months is nothing