Are You Sick of Taxes? Here’s Another One!

Few days ago we wrote about 1.5 percent increase in withholding tax on telecom services, in response to which we witnessed the maximum possible protest from mobile phone users.

Well, that was just 1.5 percent tax, on a service you use, which you can save if you don’t use the service at all, but just imagine if at once you have to pay a new tax, in the name of “Flood Surcharge”.

Based on information we are getting, all public/private sector employees are going to pay 15 percent of their tax liability to the Government as tax.

What country is this? Who is running it? and with what aims? A totally un-comprehendible step, I mean look at the inflation and they are asking for further cuts?

This is even more distressing when we see our political leaders paying their taxes in mere rupees, in fact few of politicians don’t pay taxes at all.

Check few stats below (according to Nadeem Malik of Aaj TV)

  • Mr. Gillani paid Zero Rupee as Tax
  • Mr. Shahbaz Shareef paid Zero Rupee as tax
  • Ameer Haider Khan Hoti Paid Zero Rupee as Tax

We believe Pakistanis are severely tested and bread limit is about to be reached.

Cellular companies (along with other sectors) are sending following email to their employees, have a look;

From: Human Resource Division
Sent: Thu 3/31/2011 4:13 PM
To: All Employees
Subject: Implementation of 15% Flood Surcharge

Dear Family Members,

Consequent to the promulgation of Income Tax (Amendment) Ordinance, 2011 an additional amount of flood surcharge @15% will be deducted from salary against income tax payable pertaining to the income for the period from 15th March, 2011 to 30thJune, 2011.

Hence a prorated surcharge for 17 days has been deducted from March, 2011 salary and full months surcharge will be deducted from the salary for the months of April, May & June,2011.

Surcharge payment procedure issued by FBR is attached for your reference or you may visit to for further details.


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