Military Officials Deny the Hacking Attempt of Gen. Shuja Pasha’s Email ID

In a news appearing today on an Indian website claims that an Indian hacker successfully penetrated into Gmail email id of Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha, Director General of ISI – however, the relevant military officials have denied the incident and said that the screenshots provided by the news website are fabricated and bear no originality.


When contacted, concerned military officials told ProPakistani that the news of hacking of Gen. Pasha’s email id is fake. He further commented that the screenshots are fabricated too.

Claim of military officials about denial of hacking make sense, especially if you have a closer look at the screenshot. For instance, most of the emails are undelivered and returned to sender  – which is usually not possible, if you are emailing someone who is a friend of yours.

Getting back an email means you sent the email to an unknown ID, or to an ID which never existed.

Apparently, hacker tried to fill the space with some email messages to get a screenshot to show the world.

Moreover, the dates mentioned for emails in above screenshot shows that Gen. Pasha received around a dozen emails in last 6 months, which again looks a distant reality.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • lol, emails recieved periodically to such a big personality.

    Also how such a big personality will recieve emails with full subject and details and on gmail and not on outlook :p

  • — Moreover, the dates mentioned for emails in above screenshot shows that Gen. Pasha received around a dozen emails in last 6 months, which again looks a distant reality.

    Whether or not the account data is faked or not, this is a Bad assumption in general. The alleged screenshot is of the inbox, not “all mail”. I don’t know about other users but I archive most mail.

  • Clearly FAKE. Does it shows the plain address when showing inbox. I always noticed a #inbox at the end of my inbox address.

    Funny isnt it, its the head of ISI we are talking about……….

  • Yaaay!! Go Indian Hackerss!! You can continue dreaming about hacking the ISI…. please stick to stupid government websites only.

  • Pasha uses Gmail — I hope he’s gonna leak the secret info on his facebook account soon :P

    • hehehe….agreed with ali hammad “Gmail account of ISI chief Gen Pasha”…soon we will see Gen Pasha twitter and Facebook account which will also hacked by indian hacker…indian hacker hack his hotmail and yahoo accounts also….!!!

  • why are they trying to be CIA? :p Wanna-be Indians!

    Look at the list:

    1. movie’s story line (copied)
    2. songs (borrowed or copied) In this case they borrowed it from Pakistan.

    3. Military equipment (defaulted) watch ‘Rang Dy Basanit’ by Aamir Khan

    4. And now this!!!!!

    Get a life man

  • ISPR has noting but to say “no”to whatever happens. its becoming “denying dept” rather than public relation dept. even a sipahi would be enough to act as DG ISPR. general has noting to do with it .

  • apart from news it is true that Pakistan army has no email system of its own

    yes . an institution that has budget of above 5 billions dollars don’t has its own email system .

    its not only letting above incidence happens but also tells us how Pakistan army is spend millions of rupees on stationary

    if pasha has an email ID which surely he does. it would be either on gmail,hotmail or yahoo

  • Strange to know army doesn’t have its own email system…however public email portals shouldn’t be used for sensitive info exchange at all…

  • Really a cheap indian joke. ISI is far beyond there understanding that is why they can do nothing but make this kinda joke.

    poor indians….

  • ISI is the top agency of the world and Indian cheap and poor people will hack their accounts LOLZ, thats very funny

  • The screenshot can be genuine and not doctored/photoshopped. Its my view that its possible that the hacker obtained momentary access. However the ISI is no kids organization and this thing must have been sorted out soon enough. If this is the only screen shot he managed than a glance shows that it includes nothing to incriminate Pakistan in anyway. Extremely large organizations, most of them, have their own intranet and/or extranet nowadays and given the size and scope of ISI, i am sure, logically speaking that they have such a setup. For this reason I am also sure this isn’t his primary email account. What a lame attempt by Indians. Incompetent they are, no intel organization uses http mail accounts for classified info handling, you dunderheads!

  • Inshall indian are not able to do any thing against pakistan or pakistan’s army and other people who are related with pakistan army

  • Allah is the gaurd of pakistan and pakistani institutions indian will not be able to do any thing against pakistan ,pakistan army and all the people who are related the pakistan army INSHALLAH

  • I believe the main objective of this exercise was to bring in discussion ISA chief and that’s it ! people/News Agencies around the world would automatically start creating news about him.

  • All this justification above of doctored screen shot is crap. Gen Shuja first of all should not be using Gmail for God’s sake.

  • Hi
    i have seen some thing….but i am not sure

    1)-he got only one email between 8 march and 22 April???? why?

    2)-Look at the email of 23rd march….to or from ambassador….Do you think ISI will talk to ambassador on *Gmail*?????

    3)-There are 7 emails with delivery fail….i dont think Pasha is so dumb that he put email address wrong again an again Feb 10 to march 28?????

    4)-His status is invisible, its mean he has friends on chat list??? is this possible that a ISI head do chatting on Gmail??? :)

    5)-He has 377 un-read emails???? why?? do you think Pahsa has distributed his email to whole world for Forwarded messages.

    6)-There is no important email in this whole time

    7)-agencies never show their identity (i have some friends in agencies in pakistan, even his mobile number do not appear on my cell phone)….and ISI Head is using his ID with full description of his name???????

    8)-Agencies do most of the their communication on Fax with code words…..not like this

    9)-At Last—–Army do not relay on email system like gmail or hotmail……

    conclusion:::: A Silly attempt make the world Fool

    Adnan latif
    Uppsala University, Sweden

  • No need to heck his id, As GOOGLE can check on any email account of Gmail. We all are open infront of Zionist media.

  • Its fake…. DG ISI kabi Gmail ki id use karay ga jisa server USA main para ha????? Never,

  • We Pakistani don’t worry about indian dogs because someone has a good saying

  • i will not wonder if this hacking is proved to be true.Because in recent days we have seen many drawbacks
    of our intelligence

  • Indian trolls are out in force online. You can see them posting on pakistani newspaper sites, international news sites and pakistani forums etc Very few have moderate views most of them sound like brain washed zombies blinded by their gov propaganda.

  • I can made such an ID, can send fake emails in any date (in past, any time, any name), screenshot will look real like this one. Pasha must be knowing that he shouldn’t communicate through email specially Gmail which under the table cooperates with CIA. We also see Indians are soooo obsessed by our ISI…watch their movies in which they do propaganda against Pakistan, they never forget ISI in their propaganda.

  • I will not discuss that either hacked account is the account of Ahmed Shuja Pasha or someone else. The thing that make me surprise is why Chief of ISI is using US based gmail like accounts.

    I want to suggest two things:

    1. Intelligence Agencies should have their private domain and email system.

    2. Chief of ISI and others should use laptop based on finger recognition.

    Please think about it.

  • FUNNY…
    Your suggestions are valid and are being followed ALREADY(I think)

  • hahahaha……. ye konsa bewaqoof tha… IDiot hacker.. ISI cheif aur wo b Gmail use krty hoe.. hahaha…… shame full…

  • close