Nokia has Vibrant Smartphone Market in Pakistan: Haseeb Ihteesham

Nokia has vibrant, promising and growing market of its Smart Phone in Pakistan, meeting requirement of its customers with different platforms, applications and data capacity in most suitable modes.

Haseeb Ihteesham, Head of Marketing Nokia Pakistan and Afghanistan said in an exclusive interview with ProPakistani.

The high-end handset market in Pakistan is tremendous, which shows its potential with the arrival of new gadgets in every next month with different style and features, he said. Nokia is ahead of introducing stylish and advanced technology handsets in Pakistan.

He said the handsets are now a solution having different software platform, themes and applications – mostly designed to attract niche market having different segments.

The handsets are developed differently for businessman and for techie-savvy youth, therefore, there is diversity in the market as far as targeted customers are concerned but they are good in numbers, which is ever increasing.

Nokia research and development department is continuing to work on solutions designing for different market segments in order to facilitate them at part with the global standards, local trends and popular fashion, he added.

“The collaboration of handsets makers and cellular phone operators is brilliant for us. It has increased the growth of high-end segment and benefited the operators and handsets makers alike in terms of sales of products and services to the targeted market” Nokia Head of Marketing said.

Nokia entered into partnerships with various cellular operators and successfully launched various Smartphones in last couple of years, which has created flourishing demand of its product in the market.

The combination of industry’s partners greatly fulfill the demand of users with offers, such as, data bundle and call packages. “It is a win-win deal for service users and service providers,” he commented

Nokia lunches 25 to 30 sets in a year and 10 out of them could be categorized as Smartphones depending on the prices starting from Rs 15,000 to Rs 50,000. However, different handsets having cost below Rs 10,000 provide features of Smartphone.

He pointed out that prices erosion and fluctuation in the retail market is matter of concern for handsets maker but it depends on the popularity and demand of the brand. Sometimes, the prices of Smartphone drop in the retail market whereas it also increases at retailers end – whenever demand picks up for particular high-end handsets.

Few of Nokia brands such as N8, C7, E7, X201, C3 and C10 were recorded as hit in the local market, Ihteesham recounted.

The Nokia sees attractive and flourishing markets of its handsets in low-cost and high-end as well in the future. Therefore, it will increase its sales and distribution networks with more facilitation to customers and business partners.

“The Nokia management is trying its level best to provide best customer care services to its users, therefore, we have established our networks in major cities and have plans to move in different potential cities as well” affirmed Mr. Haseeb.

“It is our priority to provide maximum satisfaction to our customers because this is our commitment and secret of success,” he concluded.