Zong Mid Year Business Conference 2011

Zong held its “Mid Year Business Conference” in Islamabad. ZONG has shown outstanding progress and steady growth in the past six months and the team vowed to continue such progress during the remaining part of the year and in the future.

Picture shows ZONG’s CEO Fan Yunjun along with its core team in a group photo.



    Ehhh….Wao ..
    Love Zong…And love the team too :p

    Keeep it Up Zong… We pray for your progress and prosperity Always

  • Zong-Sub keh doo


    • SAJID

      Every body knows Ms. Sumaira..:)

  • Truth Teller

    Zong is a FAILED Business Case.

    They are not making any money, nor earning any profits.

    All they have done is to create and fuel PRICE WARS which has very badly affected the whole telecom industry, profits of other operators, job situations there and business for vendors and other 3rd parties.

  • Buddy

    Aqraba parwary nay ZonG ko kharab kar dia, after some time what happened with PTCL same will happen with Zong.

    Please be very strict while selecting the people and when some body leaves Zong do conduct a proper Exit interview.

    from Ex-Zonger.
    few people know me very well.

  • Buddy

    Zong is not a failed business case, just lacks in leadership.

    • Ahmad

      Reason to fail? Lack of leadership. Now it makes sense

  • Caveman

    If that is a core team then no wonder nothing can go well, core for me means four or five ! Not 54