SC Orders PTCL to Restore Pension, Medical Allowances in a Week

Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered the management of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) to restore pension and medical of nearly 4,000 employees within one week which had been stopped for past 18 months.

PTCL management has stopped paying pensions and health allowances of the employees who refused to vacate the residential quarters of the company situation in metropolis for long period.

The company stance was clear-cut that employees who were to quit its property would get restored their pensions and medical facilities. It had already restored the pension of some 70 employees in Karachi who vacated residential quarters of PTCL.

Meanwhile the local governments have leased the PTCL residential societies and provided legal ownership to the residents, which made the case controversial and went into litigation.

The large number of the employees’ union was of the view that pension was their basic right ensured by constitution of the company.

The defence counsel said that according to Pension Act of 1871 section 11 under no circumstances or claims the pension of employees can be ceased furthermore, he added, his clients had vacated the residential quarters but still their salaries and medical facilities have been stopped.

Admitting the petition of PTCL retired employees Sheraz Ahmed and others filed through their counsel Advocate M Kokab Iqbal the SC ordered the restoration of pension of these employees within one week.

Counsel for PTCL Munir Ahmed Paracha Advocate told the court that the petitioners despite being retired have not vacated their residential quarters and the rent of these quarters is being deducted through their pension.

Arguing before the court Advocate M Kokoab Iqbal said that PTCL administration for the past one and a half year has ceased pension of his clients.