Mobilink Reports Positive Revenue Growth in Q2 2011

Mobilink has posted positive results in it’s second quarter for current fiscal year, said an earning report issued by Orascom Telecom, parent group of Mobilink.

Report said that Mobilink generated a total of Rs. 24.94 billion rupees in second quarter of 2011, up from 23.55 billion a quarter earlier.

Mobilink’s combined revenues for first half 2011 stood at Rs. 48.48 billion compared to 47.45 billion during the same period in previous year, showing an YoY growth of 2.2 percent.

Company EBITDA Margin grew 4.1 percent in first half 2011 as compared to last year to reach 40.3 percent.

At the end of second quarter 2011 Mobilink managed to increase it’s ARPU in local currency that stood at Rs. 243 up from Rs. 235 in Q1 2011. Company’s subscriber churn rate increased to reach 7.1 percent up from 5.9 percent a year earlier.

Stats said that company had attained 33.38 million subscribers by June 2011 depicting 3.7 subscriber growth in an year.


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  • Saad Hamid

    This is happy news for many :)

  • Really

    Mobilink Reports Positive Revenues in Q2 2011.
    Positive revenues? Really? So you mean there are some companies that report negative revenues? They give away money?

    • Saad Waseen

      Dude, that is just wrong on so many fronts!

    • Adeel Ahmad

      good one!

  • Muhammad Jamil Lilla

    Mobilink is still champion and growing in revenue indicates the profitability,churn rate is 5.9% to 6.4% in a year showing that customer Retention is decreasing,Anyway Mobilink is still working good.

  • Sleepless

    What I find astonishing that all cellular operators are not announcing these figures? I would especially be interested in the figures by Warid and ZONG. As far as I can tell, Telenor, Mobilink and in a large part, Ufone have been announcing figures for every quarter.

    • Truth Teller

      I don’t Ufone ever released their figures. They just issue a vague statement tht, they managed 14% profit increase this quarter etc, without giving any details.

      Zong & Warid are Business failures, they don’t have any profits to show

  • MA

    Congratulations Mobilink….

    This is team effort and from sweeper to CEO is part of this success. I user of mobilink and i feel that mobilink is comparatively better than other. As for as administrative point of view, I am 100% sure they have complete idea of those weaknesses and they will overcome.

    My only concern is industry growth. If industry will grow it directly increase the %age economic growth of PAKISTAN.

  • Raja Azmat

    Congrats Mobilink and good news for the Pakistani Nation. A Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) of more than US$ 6.4 billion has been made by the telecom sector and Mobilink has almost contributed to half of this. With the smartphones and all the social uplift projects, Mobilink is truly ahead of the game…

    • JangalKaRaaja

      They took out 4 times as much as the FDI they put in. With Mobilink Pakistan, Orascom built Algeria, Bangladesh and other countries.

      I am not saying Mobilink is bad for Pakistan but I sometimes think why can we not have a Reliance or Tata communications type Giant which is Pakistan owned and managed

  • Bil

    the reason that mobilink and telenor announced the results is mainly because of the public listing nature of their main parent companies. Mobilink and Telenor dont announce themseleves. The parent companies of Telenor and Mobilink, which are Vimpelcom and Telenor Group, are public listed companies and as requirement they have to issue the result.
    Whereas rest of the companies are not public listed.
    By looking at the figures, it seems mobilink is doing pretty well and will establish its market leader position. the only concern is churn, they need to focus on that.

  • Mobilink Reports Positive Revenue? Come on, at least correct the heading of your post. There is no ‘Positive Revenue’ term.

    • admin

      you missed the word “Growth”

  • Salam’ keep up mobilink. Mobilink RoCKs iN rOckS

  • Concerned


    These reports are as useless as many other in Pakistan specially by Pakistan Govt.

    Why? Well I came across something recently which just shocked me that what the hell is going on …..

    NOTE: Whatever I am going to tell you are not my personal witness or findings. So it need to be further investigated.

    “I have a friend who has mobile shop where he also provide Easy Load and NADRA KIOSIK service etc in a medium size city of Punjab. When last time I visited him he showed me few (more than dozen) TELENOR sims that he was using to share credit with his customers. When I asked he told me a shocking story which is like this:

    He said there is a group of people who sale him balance in these SIMs (Rs 100 balance for Rs 85, the balance which is in SIM when you first purchase a new SIM) he will share this balance with his easy load customers and will return the SIM back to them and will get new ones.

    Now those people will MNP these sims to probably MOBILINK and will earn more extra free balance on them due to the Mobilink offer at MNP and than will sale that balance once again. This circle will continue until the SIM is useless or probably will be sold to some one. They do this from their homes.

    Most shocking part is, according to him they have about thousands of such sims with them (according to him 50,000+) which they have got from franchises. They also do get them registered against ID cards numbers. So how the hell they get so many NIDs I asked and He told they purchase them, WTH? Yes they purchase 1000 NIDs @ 10 Rs from NADRA employees in excel files.”

    I don’t know more about it, names or locations but as I saw the SIMs and saw him sharing balance using them I pretty much believe it.

    What it does is:

    – Fake subscriber hike for TELENOR and MOBILINK.
    – NIDs theft and misuse, how can we trust NADRA that out critical information is saved with them? What if these SIMs are used to illegal activities even terrorism and are registered against innocent people like YOU and ME.

    @Aamir, @Admin of PropPakistani you might have resources and links to investigate so please let us know how much this is true and at how many places this illegal and dangerous activity is going on OR inform concerned authorities if they are interested at all?