Djuice Launches Youth Anthem: Kya Darta Hai

With the aim to encourage youth to speak out against issues that are preventing them from having a better future, djuice has launched a youth anthem ‘Kya Darta Hai’, a song sung by Shehzad Roy, said a statement.

The song has been written by Shehzad Roy and Nazir Akbar Abadi while the music video has been directed by Saqib Malik.

Speaking about the anthem, Usman Javed, Director Marketing, Telenor Pakistan said:

“Music is something that connects young people everywhere; Shehzad Roy is Pakistan’s youth icon who is known for his social music, which talks about empowerment and social change. So the djuice team asked Shehzad to create a song which young people could identify with. “

“As a result, on the occasion of 14th August this year djuice and Shehzad Roy have made a song about the possibilities that can be turned into reality by the young people of Pakistan but only if they stand up to those issues that hinder their progress, and work towards a better future,” said Usman.

‘Kya Darta Hai’ is based on djuice’s commitment to the young people of Pakistan through its new brand positioning, ‘Khamoshi Ka Boycott’ (fueling youths’ drive toward a better tomorrow). The song urges young people to raise their voice against injustice and to not bow to difficulties that they may face on the way. The lyrics speak about the possibilities of young people uniting to make a better tomorrow a reality.

  • Pak Forums

    Ye telenor wale bhi na.. kia kia nakhrey nikal liye inhon ne

    • dinn

      haan fuzool ki daramay bazian aur ads main over acting.telenor aur djuice k ads dekh k lagta hai jesay batana cha rahay hoon pooray mulk main yahi sirf akalmand hain baki sab bewakoof.

      • faisal

        wasay Dinn , Telenor walay bol to sahi rahay hain.
        kuch galat to nahi hai , agar hum ” Youth” kharay ho jain to inshallah Pakistan bhi achay aur secured mulkoon mein say aik ho jaya ga.

        I think we need to rethink about our future now. Telenor nay aik platform to dia , agay humari himmat hai.

        what they have reflected in this ad is almost a reality ( bribes, corruptions,etc ) if we can stop it , even to a smaller point , we will surely progress.

        think about it !!!

    • Javed

      You the telenor’s Competitors Agent…… Buuuuaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

  • Ahmed

    “Dharta hai”..instead of this if it was “Himmat kar” or “Bol day” ..then it was going to be better. We aren’t coward, our generation realizes how corruption and moral sickness causes decay of a society, we realize it more than generations before, unfortunately we are waiting for everyone to join facebook so then we can join together for a cause.

    • Stone

      Blah blah blah blah blah!! Thank you!

    • faisal

      ahmed bhai what have we done till now to stop the corruption , instead we all keep quite on seeing it as well .

      We need that JAZBA JANOON back to prosper , we are one nation & we need to stand for our rights.

      Pakistan was built on Unity , Faith , Descipline ,but we have lost all three . now it is only hope that can bring it back.

      Hum zinda kaum hain remember

  • Babar

    thumps up telenor

  • faisal

    VERY WELL DONE TELENOR for making us believe :
    ” YES WE CAN “

  • Telecomguru

    great song, great video and great message – esp. on the eve of our 64th anniversary. l hope the youth takes the inspiration and fights for a better tomorrow. Azadi mubarak !

  • Abdullah

    Greet job done by telenor. At least we can see some good coming out of capitalism

  • Altaf

    Nice job, need of the time!