How Young Technologists Are Leading a Silent Revolution in Pakistan

Ever since the 9/11 attacks, there has been a perception about Pakistan and Muslims in general, a social stigma that is attached to us that we are all terrorists.

Billions are judged by the acts of a few. Its a fact that over 95% of Muslims condemn these Islamic fundamentalists who are haunting us today. So how do we correct this perception?

Well an observer might point out to the fact that there are already people who are working to achieve exactly that. Look at the brilliant talent that this country generates, look at our fashion industry, look at various companies and startups whose work speaks for itself.

In fact Pakistan is one of the top places to look for freelance work. So by letting their work do the talking for them, individuals and companies/organizations are helping the world realize that we are not fundamentalist barbarians after all.

The following video aims to give a reality check and describes how young technologists are leading a revolution to disprove preconceived notions about us.

[This documentary video is produced by FiveRivers Technologies and]

Talal is a Director at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • Why is five rivers technologies’s website an exact copy of SAP’s website? how difficult is it to come up with a unique design for a simple website especially for a software house?

  • Oh well I was supposed to say that , mansoor already got so I’ll rather go on and say I really feel instead of focusing on Lahore in general they could have done a good job of keeping that documentary ( or as I may term ad for their software house ).

    But anyways all criticism aside I see Pakistan as a nation getting up and letting others know what we are capable of.

    Last but not the least *note to owners
    I truly appreciate what great content you guys are developing, but wouldn’t it be great to show the same love to your website ;) sorry I just couldn’t resist whenever I see a developers website made poorly and the work they are doing far exceeds than that of their own showcase.


  • The future is bright indeed. We need to focus on education, massive educational drives. AND get rid of these filthy politicians. Something which only educated youth can do.

  • Too much criticism by the commentators above. This effort, regardless of their website, is higly commendable. (and so is their professionalism that got them to be no 1)

  • No doubt they are doing a great job I didn’t mean to be critical about their work but just giving some feed back about the website.

    • No, you’re not doing it right. If you want to give them feedback about their website, send them an email! Posting here is not giving them feedback at all.

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