Telenor Signs up Sybrid as Contact Center Outsourcing Partner

Telenor Pakistan has signed an agreement according to which it will outsource part of its customer services operations to Sybrid.

For the purpose, Sybrid will establish a contact center in Islamabad which will initially comprise 100 customer relations officers but with the capacity to move to 500 depending on business needs.

The agreement was signed by Christian Albech, CEO Telenor Pakistan and Iqbal Ali Lakhani, Chairman Lakson Group & CEO Sybrid at a local hotel today.

Lakson Group has also agreed to port-in to Telenor Pakistan 800 of its postpaid business connections. In addition, Lakson Group will look at the possibility of opening Easypaisa accounts for salary disbursals to 10,000 of its factory workers spread across 15 group companies.

Christian Albech, CEO Telenor Pakistan speaking about the mutually beneficial partnership said:

“Telenor Pakistan is strongly focused on enhancing its customer services. So we are delighted to be partnering with Sybrid, a credible name in Pakistan’s contact center industry, to be able to benefit from their expertise and serve our customers even better.

We hope that our partnership will result in the creation of around 500 jobs in one year. In addition, the prospect of Sybrid considering using Easypaisa for disbursal of salaries to its employees is also an exciting development, one which we hope will lead to a positive take up.”

Iqbal Ali Lakhani, Chairman Lakson Group & CEO Sybrid in his comments said:

“Sybrid intends to provide Telenor Pakistan a holistic customer services package. Both Telenor Pakistan and Sybrid are customer centric organizations so it is only natural for us to enter into a strategic partnership.

Sybrid’s engagement with Telenor Pakistan reinforces our position as a long-term strategic outsourced partner that is equipped to enhance an organization’s service processes and technical capabilities thereby providing it with cost and efficiency advantages.”

  • Yeh tu pehle hai ABACUS k sath outsourcing per hain tu yeh phir kiun? Aur wese Telenor ki CS isi liay fazool hain, is se CSR’s ka haq marta hai, Pehli 5 calls tu helpline per milatay he drop ho jati hain jaise he CRO se bat hone lagti hai, aur yeh Gorey helpline per charges bhi sab se ziada charge ker rahe hain. Looter

  • hamesha negative baat karte hain sab mr. echo!! ye nai socha k aik naye call center se CRO’s zyada ho jayein ge aur service level achi ho jaye gi. ab ap ko kam wait karna paray ga. aur telenor ki customer service aaj kal top pe hai. ye aap nai jante main janta hon. apki helpline pe aik call kya drop hogayi ho gi ap us ka ghussa idhar nikal rahe hain. customer ki aik call receive karne par call center ka taqreeban 37 rupees kharcha ata hai jis k peeche salaries, rents, applications k licenses etc shamil hote hain. Gegrayon main jana chorain aap sirf ye dekhain aik CRO monthly 25000 leta hai aur daily average 150 calls answer krta hai aur maheenay main 22 din kam krta hai. isi hisab se sirf CRO aik call k Rs 7.57 leta hai. Aur ap 2 rupyon k liye taras rahe ho!!!!

    • ya sub apko kis nay batya h??? cro 6 sa 700 calls bhe ans karta h jub outage ati h mn nay sybrid main 3 saal kam kea h or ap jo kah rahy ho ya sub galt h 13000 salary hti cro ke or baki ap nay jo bhe bola jub jhoot h

  • @ Mr. Imran, than you don’t know the ground realities, just ask from any CRO of Telenor working through ABACUS, who works for 26 days of month, and earning almost 15000 without any incentive. And service level will remain same.

  • I’m against the outsourcing, Because jo benefits Telenor ka apna Regular CRO avail kerta hai wo Outsourcing wale CRO ko nahi miltay.

    • The company outsourcing has nothing to do with the salaries paid to the employees of the outsourcer. Places like Abacus hire hudreds of people because of one reason and that is, they earn money out of this type of deal. Now if they choose to keep the salaries low to increase their own profits, the outsroucing company which in this case would be Telenor has nothing to do with it.

      I do feel for the CSE though. I was one for over 2 and a half years in various call centers. It is the toughest job. It does pay well if you meet your targets though, unless off course you work for an outsourced unit :)

  • mr. echo!! pehle aap aik customer ban k soch rahe the aur ab aik CRO ban k soch rahe ho :)

    har aik company cost cutting karti hai. ye aik cost cutting strategy hai. is se logon ko jobs b milti hain aur company cost b kam ho jati hai. kisi ko force nai kiya jata k wo aa k telenor k aik parmanent CRO k against Abacus ya Sybrid main adhi salary pe kam karay. But u should think positive that this thing will offer job oppertunities for those atleast who are jobless :)

  • yr telenor ka ky scene hai.. ??? mobilink me to ap ro ro k incentive k sth 18k tak phunchtay ho.. jab k permenants 40 b uthata hai… telenor ky offer kar ra hai??? n how to apply over der????

  • Echo,

    Company outsource karay ya permanent hire, its none of your business, telenor is here for business and they’ll see what is good for them, so this is how world works, and yeah, Usama will be leading the campaign here in pakistan, Abacus is assosiated with telenor but for their Lahore project.

    • I agree with your initial comment, but there is no such thing as a Lahore project. Telenor has 2 out sourcing partners, one is Abacus in Lahore and the other is TRG in Karachi. Along with their own call center, all three work stations asnwer calls from across Paksitan, regardless of their location.

      Sybrid will be its third outsourcing installation.

  • First of all many congratulations to Sybrid and team for getting this contract.

    Secondly to my assumption & experience and as per the above news when Sybrid will reach to 500 CROs almost Rs.10million (approx) of salaries will be disbursed to the employees, I think this will be the huge contribution to the economy, job market and will also help in reducing unemployment rate, moreover they will also provide good work experience.

    I wish very best of luck to Sybrid and team.

  • mr stone, what a logic!!!! Do u think a company should b launched not to earn profits but to offer jobs just to eliminate unemployement??? hahahahaha

  • @Imran, it’s the reality man, STONE is very right. If you don’t believe than just join Abacus for a couple of months.

  • Once I visited Abacus Call Center in 2010, it looks like a sweat shop, with no fresh air, cramped up. Again its Abacus’s management responsibility to provide. The reason this tough environment is present due to lack of job opportunities.

  • Dear Bilal, please visit for applying in Sybrid. As its not Telenor Pakistan, we cannot say they have structured compensation model. What I think is, its more like a bargain situation… Selling yourself. I observed same thing at Abacus, Lahore. By the way, Sybrid will operate from Islamabad.

    • how was your interview miss hina i am asking only for the sake of that reason because tomorrow i also call for interview for the post of CSR i have past experience of working in a telenor call center at TRG… and love to connect with sybrid or telenor ..

  • yesterday i also had interview and luckily m selected… i want sincere advice from u people that shud i go for this job?

      • thanx for ur advice =) muhammad junaid can i ask ya somethning? wanna know abt the environment coz iv not been there and iv no experience :/ and tell me about the timings also… m asking frm u coz when i called Mam rabia she said when ur training period starts then ull come to know abt timing… on rotation means morning and evening innay? coz night shift is not for girls.. the thing which botyhers me k evening ke timing kya hongi? yeh na ho k evening b 3-11 ho :(

  • i also got a call from mam rabia … after being selected they call me on 31 jan 2012 for training . u dont need to woory about that yeah that’s true that shift would be rotating every month .. where i used to work at TRG (telenor) call center the evening shift’s timing is 4 pm to 12 am .. but if u have major problem to work at evening there is a possibility that you can be change your shift dnt worry you will get the great experience of working in telenor call center .. age mujhe apka message complete nai mila .. if you have mailing id than do let me know FEAMAN ALLAH…..

  • hello sir i want to do job in telenor sybrid company as i have been working in telenor trg but due to some family problems, my family is shifting to islamabad…i don,t want to join any other company except telenor, it has been a very good experience of 2.5 years…. i,m very thankfull for ur response

  • Salam ! I did Telcom Engineering from fast, now it’s been 10 months that i didn’t find a job. I am seleted here in Sybrid so friends, i want to ask you all, whether i would join this job or not ? coz it’s nor related to my field ? :/

  • hi noman, u shud go for this job =) u know i did msc i.t from QAU and i was so confused whether i shud go for this job or not coz same like u this job was not my cup of tea but i still joined and m having great experience here =) go for it and wish u gud luck

  • Zeeya, thnx for your advice. Did you join the Sybrid yet or still waiting for the joining date ? coz as you said ” having good experience ” makes me thinking you already joined :/

  • Salam to all,
    I am also selected like u ppl, i have done Elec.Communication Engineering from NUST….. what you ppl sugest me?????????

  • hi to all

    i am the X employe of telenor and again i have send my CV to Sybrid for Telenor islamabad call center but still i h’nt recive any call or email from sybrid kindly give a look to my CV.


  • Telenor services is very pthatics. Espacially wsc-wss website i am trying to access since morning. But i could not yet. This is very pthatic.

  • Aoa,can any one guide me about the timing of JOB,i have got selected for the post of CRO,Wat will be the timing,i have done MCS from QAU,n it is not related my field,will any one will guide me whether i have to join this job or not,i am too much confused for this and also tell me about the progress in this field.evening ki timing kya ho sakti ha ha

    • w/s! i think ap join karo start me kuch problems hnge but phr teak ho jay ga sab… timing etc….

  • helo every one i have an interview in sybird and monday the fainal interview of mine IN SHA ALLAH i will do my best

  • Hi,me ghazal from islamabad i want to apply for job in sybrid can any one guid me how can i apply send resume any email id or something else can anyone tell me plz thanx

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