wi-tribe Offers Double Volume for Free in November


To retain it’s customers and attain new potential customers, wi-tribe has announced that it will double the data limit for each customer, for all the packages in November 2011.

Dubbed as Eidi for Eid-ul-Adha, wi-tribe will automatically double the limit for it’s customers on November 1st, 2011, so you don’t need to do a thing.

This increase in volume is for month of November only and hence data volumes will revert back to their actual rate on December 1st 2011.


  • This offer is valid for all new and existing customers
  • This offer is valid for all packages
  • Volume will be doubled on 1st Nov, 2011
  • Your monthly volumes will convert back to the subscribed package on 1st Dec. 2011

  • Pakistani

    Knee jerk reaction to Wateen.

  • Khurram Ali

    A true bargain from Wi-tribe. Keep up the good work Wi-Tribe

  • Probably a Good news for Wi-Tribe Customers, but, I am a Happy PTCL customer ;)

  • Amin

    Wi-tribe internet service has also deteriorated.

  • waqar afzal

    wi-tribe is proving a best friend for its users, good services, best of luck.

  • ALi

    Great news…Atleast they are still far better then wateen.

  • Ryan

    Wi-tribe download speed sucks….

  • Waqas awan

    I want wi.tribe….so plz help me….