Zong Launched Live Web Support

With the website revamp recently, Zong has launched it’s live online chat support for it’s customers. Zong is aiming it’s current customers to get their issues resolved while efforts will be made to convert potential customers with whatever help they require.

Given that call helpline calls are not free and due to prolonged wait time, live web support is going to be a treat for customers.

You can connect to Zong’s live web support by simply going to Zong.com.pk and clicking on “Chat/Live Support” button on the website.

Live Web Support Features:

  • Zong live support service is free
  • You will get your chat log in email after the chat. You can uncheck this option if you do not want to receive chat log in email.
  • Zong live support gives information details about services, packages, VAS while it also accepts complaints, suggestions and so on.
  • Zong live support is for non Zong customers too, unlike other networks where they first validate if you are really their customer.
  • Zong live support is for Zong prepaid customers too, unlike some other operators who offer web support to postpaid customers only.
  • Zong’s live online support is available from 9 AM to 12 AM

Zong Live Support 2

Zong Live Support

Chat Transcript with Zong Customer Services of Information and Inquiry   aaqilx gmail.com   Gmail

  • Its a good service but every time the agent said send us an email to [email protected] address.

    Yesterday i was talk over chat and complain about Poor Signal issue in JPMC-Emergency Department and the guys said send us an email so whats the benefits for me. The easily way is to talk him directly.

    If guys knows one email support channel available through E-Care but the issue is i sent multiple emails in briefly details from that complaint area and every time they said. See below email.

    Dear Customer, Dear Customer, Reference your complaint; you are requested to elaborate your concern for maximum facilitation. We regret for all the inconvenience caused. Please feel free to contact us on our 24-hour Call Center (310), fax us at 051-111-031-031 or write us on [email protected]. Regards, ZONG Customer Services.


    Every time they replied above email contents.

    I don’t think this chat is resolve our issues but if you want to ask something they can tell better about their services.

  • damit!! this is great..

    i was dying to see this feature on telecom website

    now waiting that when did ufone copy this concept for their web coz i am using ufone :)

  • @saeed: You are not providing the exact problem that’s why they aren’t able to resolve it actually it’s not a time when a person climbs on the Tower and resolves it they actually are doing it through online systems now and for that they need to know what problem is there exactly having worked in support dept i do realise customer always thinks that they have communicated the issue but they didn’t try telling them what your problem is For E.g Signal Drop,Fluctuation,Call drop, Voice Distortionan etc and do tell where the emergency dept is located in the hospital im sure they’ll help you out in this regard.

  • That is why I like Zong. They are always dedicated to provide comfort their customers. They also have the best E-care support for customers.

  • I am trying to activate my package but zong customer service is giving always 2 hours but not activated internet 4GB package.

  • my number is 0311 4235518, i can buy this number before 1 week but this number will not activated till date. i can dial any number msg shown on mobile screen UNABLE TO CONNECT.

  • i have Sim 03158887914 with PAC karma package.i have complained twice time in PAC and twice time at 310 but still there is no action.i have over billing about 300 hundred and still over charging.now i am annoyed and going to disconnect to any other company if there is no action taken or deduction.
    i m awaiting for answering.

  • plzzzz muja batay ga ka sms zong ki sim ha sms ata ha but send ni hota centar numbar mangata ha

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