7 Tips for Designing Your New Blog

By Kevin Moor

blogging-effectivelyIf you are a new blogger or a seasoned blogger just looking to do some remodeling, there are certain things you should keep in mind when it comes to blog design.

Sometimes the things that you want to see on your blog and the things that your readers want to see in your blog are completely at odds with each other. So what is a blogger to do?

The following top blog design tips are designed to help you as you get your start as a new blogger or as you revamp your existing set up.

These tips are focused on helping you stay focused as you build your blog, keeping in mind what is best for both you and your reader. The following pieces of advice aren’t everything to remember, but they are a good springboard to your new blog.

1.) Simple is often better. A complicated interface may look cool or even be cutting edge, but to many buttons and dropdowns may make it too hard for your readers to get to the content they want. If visitors don’t find what they are looking for, they won’t keep coming back.

2.) Readability is a must. Blogs are meant to be read, and if your blog design keeps that from happening, you have got something seriously wrong. Be sure that the colors are easy on the eyes, and that the text doesn’t blend into the background.

If you blog is unreadable or headache reducing your readership will plummet if you redecorated, and if you are a new blogger, you won’t get off the ground.

3.) Don’t over monetize. A new blogger often starts blogging because they want to make some money, and one of the ways you make cash is through ads. Ads can be a major problem for your blog design, however, as readers definitely dislike them. The more ads you have, the less happy your readers will be.

4.) Don’t get a big header. No matter how great your blog logo is, you should do whatever you can to keep your header on the small side. As you work on your design, do what you can to make sure the header isn’t so large that it pushes your content down and out your reader’s browser windows. If someone visits your site and thinks it is nothing but logo, how long do you think they will hang around?

5.) Be unique. A new blogger may not be ready to take the plunge yet, but a successful blog needs a unique set up. The templates from places like WordPress or Blogger aren’t bad when you are starting out, but if you want to take your blog to the next level, your blog design needs to take the first step. Pay out a bit of money for a special pre-made template or for a custom design.

6.) Be reachable. As you decorate your blog, don’t forget to give readers a way to get in touch with you. A contact form or email link can be more than enough. If you don’t incorporate this into your blog design, you may miss out on professional praise, an opportunity for a paid guest post or even a book deal.

7.) Get feedback. Find out what others think of your new blog design. Sure, it is your blog, but getting input from family, friends and colleagues can be a big help. If there is problem with your design, it is better to have these folks see it and point it out before your readers see the flaw and start letting you know all about what is wrong with your blog and why they won’t be back – via email, blog comments and social media sites.

This article is written by Kevin Moor, who also writes for tweakwindows7.net, a site emphasizing on antivirus software.

  • good ideas, thanks to propakistani. i have tried to build the engineering community forum. you can click on my name link. but i think blog is best as compared to forum.
    what you say?

  • “Don’t get a big header.” The awkward moment when the author’s own site has a big header. lol no offense.

  • Rightly Said.. Unique Blog is very hard to write.. not every one is good at english and cannot write more than few lines..rest of points are good..

  • If you are finding hard to write in English, you can write in Urdu.
    I have blog, which you can check it by cliking my name, i write in urdu,though i am a beginner, but its not hard to write a blog
    see if you will not write it, people dont knw about you, so write even if you are a bad writer. people gona tell you whats the best and worse in tht. though you wont find anyone except ur few frnds or family members at the start of your blog :)

  • Good tips for beginners… though I strongly disagree with the term “wire for People”… Thats not the case… the main thing about blogging is Writing… and what best you can write… ofcourse your Own Interest… Start writing what you want to write, what you like, and people will come surely. Don’t write for People… You will waste alot of time thinking and writing for people… I suggest go with what you want to write or what you can write about… and let the ball rolling.. People surely will come… and yeah when you visit their blogs and likes or comments their, they definitely will come to your blog…

  • Thanks so much for the great tipps. Point 3 is in my opinion one of the most important ones.

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