Punjab to Regulate Internet Cafes

internet-cafe-for-sale-rawalpindi-10-pc-ad-63471Punjab Government has decided to legislate the way internet cafes should operate in the province, reported ApnaTime and Sama TV.

Reports said that a bill is being prepared to be tabled in provincial assembly, which will restrict internet cafes to allow easy access to adult content and other morally questioned activities in internet cafes.

It said that internet cafes are widely becoming distributors of adult material including websites, videos, movies and local dances that are ultimately hampering the behavioral attitude of the youth.

In addition internet cafes are also being used for hacking, sending SPAM, threatening emails and for other cyber criminal activates.

Bill is likely to be presented to Mr. Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab, for approval before hitting the provincial assembly.

It is said that bill heavily focuses on the work procedures of internet cafes, after which

  • All existing cabins will be removed from internet cafes
  • New net cafe owners will be bound not to build cabins
  • Internet cafe owners will be bound to get the identity card( CNIC) of their customer and they will also have to save and maintain the record of their customers’ identity cards.
  • Internet cafes will remain open between 8 am till 10 pm only.
  • If any computer at the cafe is found to have been misused for criminal, anti-social or anti-country activity, the owner of the internet cafe will be held responsible.

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  • Good decision but too late now. If drugs & weapon smuggling can be regulated then y not Internet be regulated on country level like china & Iran ???
    To all those who are inspired by free masons & I sound fundamentalist, extremist, terrorist to them, I damn care what you think & call me!!!!!!

  • Its really too late. And why just punjab. there is no generation of the future other then punjab. This all must be applied country-wide.

  • lets take it positive , at least one should step forward ,
    its obvious all can be controllable by ISP’s and PTA , which will remove need of such laws .

    I think Govt officials should seek technical consultancy to devise most optimum and practicable way rather than make such laws for their political benefits.

    we need leaders with national interests….
    the leaders with their own hidden agenda

  • Why you call this is late, ok, I know this is late but its a good effort and it must be implemented through out the country.

    • It is late because jb kisi cheez ki adat ho jae to phir control almost impossible hota hai… People will still use lekin cafe owners will charge exta money…. Now better to contol at country level instead

  • “save and maintain the record of their customers’ identity cards”

    Is it safe to give your CNIC copy to any Internet service provider? That’s LAME from poorly educated PML (N)leaders.

  • Don’t be so exited, It will only increase our corrupt police income. Just take the examples of easy availability of Drugs and Weapons etc. regardless of what the law says. The main problem is system and we must change it first, if we want any positive results, otherwise it’s another useless law :(

  • @ raza you seem to be addicted to porno, coz you are the only one against the law and also asking for price decrease! spending Rs. 20-40/hr for constructive purposes is not that costly unless you watch adult movies and spend hours in a cafe :-p

  • Great effort. Internet cafes should be banned in punjab. It destroy our students future and become the source of adult and porn movies. We have to do something for pakistan and not waste our time by watching these things. Hope government will take serious actions on that..

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