UBL Deceives Customers to Charge Extra for NetBanking Services

United Bank Limited was long working on its website revamp, which eventually materialized yesterday and customers were greeted with new refreshing layout and interface to use services offered by UBL website.

One major service that majority of UBL customers use is UBL NetBanking. UBL offers different category of UBL NetBanking accounts packages based on monthly transfer limit. Charges for each type of account is of course different too.

With revamped website, UBL mentioned that it is not charging anything for BRONZE and SILVER packages which they previously were charging at Rs. 25 and Rs. 45 per month respectively.

Check below screen for the evidence:


However, that’s not true. UBL is still charging its customers for Bronze and Silver packages, unlike mentioned on their website, we have confirmed from their helpline.

You can just check this yourself. You will be charged with Rs. 25 for Bronze and Rs. 45 for Silver package. Check below screen as one such customer was charged Rs. 45 for opting Silver package.


Talal Masood is one such UBL customer, who opted for Silver package and was charged Rs. 45 for it (Above screens are provided by Talal).

Here’s what he told me:

I thought UBL had waived monthly charges as part of some promotion or something and hence I subscribed to the Silver Package but I was still charged Rs. 45/-

I called UBL support and they told me that Silver Package is for Rs. 45 and we are sorry its not showing up on our website.

We are not sure how many customers have subscribed to these packages and are charged with money they were not communicated with. But one thing I am sure about is that UBL won’t refund the money bank to those customers who were deceived to subscribe to above packages and were charged fraudulently; even State Bank won’t bother about it.

You will have to agree with me, our banks are given a free hand to charge their customers with whatever prices they feel like. There’s no authority to question them, no obligation to anyone – just the banks and their own rules; that’s it.

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  • UBL now adopting same policy as Mobile Operator.

    In future they will charge maintenance charges, support charges etc -:)

  • Rs.45 does not mean much. My only concern is about deceiving people to sign up and charge them. If 10,000 people just subscribe to the Silver Package of UBL NetBanking after seeing this, where will this money go? What shall we call it, a fraud or what?

  • Come on guys, could be a bug in newly revamped site. I have not seen any marketing material or UBL promoting any ‘promotions’; My best guess is that its a defect that went through QC. Nevertheless since this was mistake made on UBL part they should give their customers atleast two months free – that is how it is praticed in developed nations.

  • I subscribe net banking, for silver packages, and UBL charged Rs45… even they are showing 0 charges…. Shame on UBL …

  • this is a bug now the page is showing the charges 25 and 45 rupees UBL is always charging. i am account holder of ubl and they deduct 25 rupees every month for net banking from my account.
    In my view standard charted net banking is best there is no any charges for any transaction no monthly fee and all option of ubl is available for free and the best free option i love is Inter bank transaction you can transfer any one link bank for free up to 2.5 lec a day

  • well this is not just net banking..ubl make small charges without informing customer..recently i made a $1 online transaction on my card, and they charged me PKR 340.90 as exchange, when I called their help line they said it was not just me, all wiz card customers are charged for such amount and they are investigating about and there is no ETA for result.

  • have change my account to silver package from new website at the same time i have charged for this

    this is not free

  • Mr. Saqib, Sorry to say but I am not 100% agree with your statement I had worst experience with standard chartered bank I do agree they have good internet banking website which I am pretty sure is developed by their head office team which is not developed in Pakistan. They (SCB) took 1 month to credit my account from HBL and meanwhile I visited my Gulberg Lahore branch about 5 times even I requested branch manager to contact HBL and ask them about the issue or details etc but they didn’t made any contact with HBL however HBL told me that they debited my Standard Chartered account…. Its a long story but at the end you know how this solution fixed? I contacted HBL’s team and get feedback from them then I updated my SCB’s operation manager about the status that’s how I receive my payment otherwise I should forgot my payment for at least 3, 4 months until Banking Mohtassib get it fixed.

    The bottom line is as Mr. Aamir Atta said: Our Pakistani banks has free hand whatever they do and there is no body who can take immediate action on them. They are free to loot their customers in anyway!!!

  • I think the poster is much more emotional about UBL otherwise this totally not a deception as it appeared just after the revamp so it can be an error. rather it should have been reported as bug.

    i dont think proPakistani gives news as evening newspaper where we see sensationalisation.

    this issue should be cleared admin.regards

  • yes I have also charged Rs 45 for Silver package. They should change / remove their charges in order to competitiveness in market.

  • i am a ubl customer and i have to say that their netbanking service is nothing but worst….first i had an account at mcb. mcb is way better than ubl in netbanking services….easy interface,economical and fast.

  • I am UBL customer and a month ago, I unsubscribe from UBL netbanking due to their bad web portal (which has many bugs).

    This is another blunder… :(

  • I have checked with UBL Contact center and one of my friends in IT, the above screen shot was taken during migration of new face of UBL. You guys may check the fee structure now in Subscription section.

  • I recently opened an account in UBL and just gave up right after 2 months when saw their stupid packages for using the online banking services. Why on earth I will pay for a service from which I will manage my own money while the bank is already getting benefits + income by keeping my money in their deposits!! Total rip off!!

  • We are also paying ATM Annual Fees and extra charges to
    transfer funds via ATM.

    Where as we paying Net banking packages charges and extra
    charges on every online transaction

  • Can any body tell me do UBL Charges Money on Tranfering Money Within Your Own Accounts Through Netbanking ?

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