Zong Reconnection Campaign Gets Leaked Out

It appears that some one has leaked out a TVC for Zong’s reconnection campaign, which is likely to be available to customers soon. It is unclear so far when exactly Zong will launch this campaign.

Zong would be expecting to further strengthen its position in market, especially when it has lead throughout the year for adding highest number of subscribers to its network.

According to the information obtained from the TVC, Zong will offer its customers to win free 1,000 minutes, 10,000 free SMS and chance to win return tickets for Dubai and Thailand.

To avial all this, customer who have not used their ZONG SIM since 1st Nov, 2011 will have to activate their SIMs and send an SMS “Free” to 2244.

If materialized, this is going to be first ever reconnection campaign by Zong.

Check below the TVC:

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  • Saad Durrani

    Leaking is the new revealing.

  • Ali Imran

    leaked! hmm…anyways the ad is good unlike Zong’s previous ads and the production quality is also good…lets see when the offer comes

  • naveed akhtar


  • naveed akhtar

    ZONG pir chagaya,may tu Dubai jaonga buhut maza aye ga,tnx zong

  • Fakhar Abbas

    “Zong Recoenction offer” offers 250mins and 2500sms every week for 4 weeks..
    Mins can b consumed for calling zong numbers and sms can be utilized to any network.
    Validity for both free mins and sms are 7days every time you receive.

  • Telco Expert

    Good job Zong team … exciting Ad with a clear message ..

    All the best!

  • Azi

    hahaha exclusive on propakistani.. always exclusive ProPakistani :) keep it up

  • observer

    Zong is strongly improving its image

  • The problem is call drop issues after every five minutes, call connection problems because of busy network.

    useless SMS delivery reports (they are paid, not standard delivery reports. Instead they come as SMS. You send 20 SMS then you will 20 delivery reports in return and keep deleting them hehehe)

    • Aamir Sherazi

      Totally agree with you.
      Delivery report is extreme useless.
      It should be as before only delivery report not the message in the box.

      • waqas

        This is what do you think.
        for those who are using SMS only for the purpose of forwarded SMS.

        If you are using SMS for actual purpose then you need delivery report.
        you people are using this in wrong way. And this why becasue it so soooo cheap in pakistan.

        • I hate forwarding SMS messages but imagine on new year I sent about 70+ SMS, received 100+ delivery reports. Some were with pending, then delivered etc double double from single contact.

  • kamal ashraf

    hmmmmm, it is very strange, that this offer is leaked before zong launch it officially. any way, this offer is not for me, coz i’m enable my zong sim 3 days before, and it was off since one year, bad news for me,:)

  • Usman Attal

    Total low quality network!!!!

    • muhammad kaleem


    • Agreed. Zong team cannot manage network quality.

  • Zaffar

    Talkshawk Poora Pakistan Offer
    Price Plan
    All Telenor to Telenor Calls
    Subscription Price
    Time Band
    Subscription String

    TS 24 Hrs
    Rs 7+tax
    24 Hrs
    excluding 6pm-9pm

  • waqas

    Farig network

  • Faisal Raza

    Zong ki promotions hamesha he leak kaise ho jati hain :) ..employees halkay pait k hain lagta hai foran leak kar daite hain promos, pehle bhe ho gai thi leak

  • Ahmed

    Have to find my Zong Sim which I lost 3 months ago somewhere in my home :)

    • main nay sim lagai aur abhi free minutes nahi mil rahay. yeh na ho baad main offer launch kernay kay baad keh dain ap nay to sim laga le the :D

  • Kashif

    Ufone has increased call rates of its various packages such as:

    U to U Rs 1.25/Min (previously Re. 1)

    Tension Free and Tension Free Special Package:
    U to U Rs 1.30/Min (previously Rs 1.20

    Cover this with details, please.

  • Kashif

    Follow this link for new increased tariff.

  • Seems to be a great add, great going Zong wishing you further success and luck with in the cellular job market of Pakistan.

  • Qaiser

    I think this is a very different commercial compared to the usual commercials, i think Zong is changing strategy and their new director is kicking in :)

  • Azhar Malik

    Zong introduce “Student Package” on a special Sim in Junary 2012. Only Load 100 card and get 5000 free mints every month from zong to zong.
    Info from my czn he is in zong.

    • only free minutes? any other thing? sms etc?

  • Mohammad Nawaz

    And the offer is live on Zong’s website today… http://www.zong.com.pk/vas_zong_reconnection.html

    So not much of a leak :)

    • I didnt receive any free minutes :(

      • waqas

        Enjoy Zong ka Alla tareen khatia network

  • lagta hai ke Ye Jaaaan Boojj Ke Liye Gaya Hai

  • Great Offer!!
    Thanks For Sharing With Us..
    Thumbs Up For the post

  • i am using zong its too bad network. they don inform about free minutes and sms. they granted me Mnp’s but expires.

    • yeah it happens :D

      They dont even inform when they are expired.

  • Shayan

    Wow kya ad tha… I really like it!!!

  • Malik

    They got the Jazz girl in the Ad…lets see if her presence makes the difference…

  • waqas

    Chinese mobile operator China Mobile is planning to invest USD 1.5 billion over four years in its Pakistani subsidiary CMPak. China Mobile is hoping to increase its 3G market share in Pakistan, ChinaTechNews.com reports citing CMPak chief executive Fan Yunjun.

  • Now people should purchase 6 sim..
    One for use
    and other 5 sim for these type of offers :/

  • zong is the best network in pakistan is k sms pakages kamal ke hain i like it sooooooooooo much