Mobilink Revises Jazz Budget and Jazz One Packages

Mobilink has revised tariff for two of its package through a notice published in daily newspapers.

According to information published in notice, Jazz One and Jazz budget packages are revised with new rates.

Call charges for Jazz Budget package are increased from 68 paisas to 75 paisas per 30 seconds. Similarly, for Jazz One package call rates are increased from Rs. 1.00 per minute to Rs. 1.50 per minute for on-net calls, while for off-net calls rates are increased from Rs. 1.50 per minute to Rs. 2.1 per minute.

New rates will be applicable from January 18th, 2012.

It merits mentioning here that LBC offers, such as Jazz Pindi/Islamabad offer are available on Jazz Budget Package.


  • Stone

    Finally we see signs of telcos increasing tariff to adjust profitability….I see all operators following suite

    • zain

      yup . i agree. this is alarming . if even one operator followed things will start moving in reverse

  • WhiteCrow

    Now that’s the right decision, Bhai is matter mein Warid better raha hai, us ne call rates ki “Mitti paleet” nahi ki thi jitni other networks ne, hopefully rest of operators will also follow this forestep of Mobilink Giant. Aur wese bhi is Govt. Mein jis ne jo kerna hai ker lo, Jiay Bhutto!

  • Natiqa

    WhiteCow you lie just like that. Mobilink is poor and poor mgmt x poor service = user churn

    Now thats the right equaAaaa

  • zain

    i didnt understand why operator hit the real user of mobile phones. that is the one that use phone for their business and real communication. and they all use simple all network packages.

    they should increase rates on youth packages where call rates are still around 2 rs per hour

  • Saeed

    Mr. WhiteCrow – Rates increase karnay say koe faida hai kia Services tu pehlay jaise hi hai.

    Aur yeh companies tu itna kuch kamaa rahe hai tu opar say aur faida.

    Yar ap shayad mobilink kay employee hai jo is tara ke batain kar rahain hai.

  • knuckerman

    thats why I left mobilink quite some time back…

  • Stone

    Actually, this should improve servcies… first the companies were deadlocked in dropping prices without doing anything abt the quality of the network. Now if they stabalize the charging at a certain point, they can finally concentrate on other goals like network swaps. At least 2 operators will be doing that this year.

  • kashif

    mobilink kay rate increase karna zulam hai.

  • Adeel

    This had to happen sometime. They can’t go much lower without reducing profit margins to unhealthy levels. Adjusting for inflation and the weakening rupee, even letting rates stay constant is same as reducing them. Still call rates in Pakistan are at or near the lowest in the world.

  • Mudassar Ahmed

    So, what’s new here? These companies we charging too much hidden charges. Like Mobilink deducts 2% service charges on each load, also there are many other charges which they charge but customer don’t know.

    I am totally fed up with all this mobile companies, all are same but with just number games only.

  • umer daraz

    mobilink ko ya nahi kerna chahy tha, wo pahle he munafa main ja rahi hai, Mian jazz budget use ker rah tha, ab wo with tax taqreeban .95 paise mai pare ge, pta kya ker rah hai

  • Adeel

    Kindly also update about ufone also as they have also increased there Tariff Rates of All Packages.

  • Mobile User

    I am amazed why we are making such hue and crue…. GOVT raises petrol, Electricity, GAS and food items prices almost every month and also in rupees not in paisa’s. These telecom companies also operate in Pakistan’s environment and have direct influence of price hike. They are here for business not for social service.

  • Zee

    Why arent they advertising it the way they do when they reduce the rates?! :P

  • Qaisar

    F**k mobilink,
    I am porting to telenor.
    i was using mobilink since 2008.

    • Saleem Khan

      By the way, Telenor packages also have big Catch in their plans. Better you control use of SMS and calls…then any package is suitable for normal man.

  • Qaisar

    very bad :P

  • i donot use mobilink a very bad service ,
    jis ne jaib khali kerni ho mobilink use kery

  • naeemilyas

    we were using mobilink in our family, but we have portin all maybelink nos to warid because of there high call charges and no good package, we are happy with warid its roks,

  • Saleem Khan

    I think Telcos must increase prices of SMS too. SMS has become addiction of our society and derailing our youngsters from right actions to wrong actions.

    Telecom services should be used at the time of need….not like that it become addiction. Really SMS and late night packages are playing big role in spreading Sexting (not texting) in our society.

  • Saleem Khan

    Do you think that after arrival of 3G in country, Telecom will be able to sell lot of mintues and SMS? Majority of city population will start buying low end smart phones and will be able to communicate seamless with their dear ones through many VOIP and that kind of services. Viber, Tango, Skype, Whatsapp are in top list. :)

  • Sameer

    Dear Bc Mobilink,
    Why you hiddenly charge ? just tell MF***

  • Sameer

    why you charge as hidden ?