Telecon Conference Planned for April 2012

5th TeleCon SMALL MASTHEADSHAMROCK Conferences is organizing the 5th Pakistan Telecommunication Conference 2012 (TeleCON) to be held on the 19th of April 2012, in Karachi.

This year’s theme, keeping in mind the numerous technological advancements in Pakistan, will be “Riding the wave of technology and consolidation”.

TeleCON’2012 is duly endorsed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Chairman Dr. Muhammad Yasin will be the Chief Guest and attend the day’s proceedings.

TeleCON has a tradition of bringing together government representatives, regulators, investors, service providers, marketers, academia and specialists from all facets of the telecom sector to share their valuable experience, wisdom and vision. Thus, the event has become a forum for gaining a thorough insight into this rapidly changing, high potential industry.

At the TeleCON 2012, these experts will collectively seek reforms and enhancements in strategy, endeavors and regulatory framework to ensure a business friendly environment, through informed presentations, technical papers and discussions.

This year, in addition to the previous telecom conferences, Shamrock Conferences is inviting all the mobile phone brands in Pakistan to participate in a Mobile Phones Masquerade which will be held at the conference. This masquerade will allow the mobile phone brands to gain greater visibility in front of the leading telecom professionals.

To participate in the TeleCON 2012 and the Mobile Phones Masquerade, you can get in touch at:

  • dude i am also getting this add on my cable and another add of digital box from another provider offering 300+ channels , i forgot the name of that provider.

    i am also anxious to know the details .

  • forgot to say 1 more thing. if this things to enjoy success then we will be still having the mess of cable wires on streets(galis n mohallas). i wish we could have this thing like india wireless digital box

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