Franchisees Allege Cellular Companies for Pushing them for Fake Sales

Issue of fake sales or fake registrations of cellular SIMs has made headlines recently, especially when a person was able to get a SIM registered in the name Rahman Malik, minister interior.

Media reports suggest that over two dozen men were arrested, those from NADRA, franchise staff, CPLC staff, and from other departments who were involved in leaking out the information of Minister upon which the SIM was issued.

But a million dollar question is, it was Rahman Malik who had all the resources (or call it Danda) to grab the culprits, but what if such thing happen with a common man like me or you? Will you be given the justice?

In a related news, franchisees of various cellular companies have written an open letter to authorities concerned, confessing that they are involved in fake registrations but they put responsibility on cellular companies’ shoulders by alleging them for pushing franchisees to make fake sales in order to meet their targets.

Franchisees note that if they don’t follow such instructions then their commission is omitted, and hence they don’t have a way but to do fake registrations.

We are presenting you the scanned copy of original letter, but before I would like to put couple of questions here:

  • Why issues of great importance surface only when victim is a high profile dignitary?
  • If the allegations are true then for sure this was happening for long (for years I would say) then why franchisees remained quite and are now seeking justifications when Rahman Malik became a victim?
  • If allegations are true then why PTA was unable to detect it earlier? If they had prior knowledge of this then why they didn’t take any action?
  • If these allegations are true then how many SIMs (out of 111 million) are fake?

Here you go now with the letter itself:



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  • A filthy game is being played in the name of sales & marketing. In fact no code of conduct & social laws of ethics apply to this field.. The bigger a person is liar & deceptive the better & successful sales person he is…

  • Dear admin, yea he sub kuch wimax companies ma bhe eak waqt se hota chala a rha haa, ASM & Teamleader k pressures per sales executives ko apni job secure karna k liya monthly bohat se connection karna parta hai…

  • i am impressed with the word CC. Franchisees who cannot write a letter in English can use & understand ‘CC’

  • Ufone is also doing this practise, I am ufone postpaid customer, I received recorded call from ufone offering me to get 1 free SIM by pressing
    “1”, i cancelled the call, next day a person from ufone call center contacted me and said that i have pressed 1 so they need to confirm if i need the SIM card, i said no i cancelled the call he said cancelling call means pressing 1, in short he again and again asked me to get free SIM although i told him i am already using ufone SIM and i don’t need it. But he processed the order and said i will get the sim in 4 working days. The question is why they are forcing anyone to get SIM registered?

  • CAN Any buddy tell me k agr hmaien kisi b mobile # k record chaey ho means k incoming+outgoing calls ka to hamien kya steps haien jo fallow kr k yahe data collect keya jaskta hai….

    plz if any buddy knows hElp meee

    • It is simple…… U have to participate in the next elections & will have to become interior minister after winning the elections..

  • Its True and real fact.
    Its the hard truth in the succes of every company in the market.
    Sorry, Operators,but its a fact and admit it.

  • Aslam-o-alaycum,

    P.T.A and all team are doing very wel.but not control it complletly.plz do something more as soon as possible…

  • i am very thankfull to ProPakistani and your all team.coz u give us all letest new about all telecomunication (IT)..
    Once again thanks..
    wish u all the best..

  • ya company waly kbi be baz nai aa sakty en na mulk dushmini jo nibhany ha. ya 100 % haqiqat par mabni darkhwast ha, ma un ko bar bar samja chuka ho asy kam chor do na apny franchisee aur mulk ky bary ma socho.

  • Aaliya jamal
    stick ur head in the ocean ….and wake up ,we can can hire you and osman khalid to write our letters.

  • It is a bitter fact but telecos will never acknowledge it. There are many franchise owners who got fed up from this business due to this dirty practice. One of my relative has a mobilink franchise and he told me that he has more then 100 fake post paid sales which are laying in his drawer. All these fake sales were done on the pressure of his zonal head to avoid penalties but by doing these fake sales he lost more then Rs. 125,000.He says that even Ufone is more worst in this case as they clearly mentions in the target letters that if any franchise will not achieve 85% of assigned 789 target their retension commission will be seized as punishment. How a franchise can assure these 789 activation targets if they don’t do fake activations as activation targets are always in thousands. If they don’t do fake activations they looses their retension commission which goes into hundreds of thousands. Is it the right way to force franchises for fake sales. PTA has to take a strict action otherwise every thing will be destroyed.

  • When there is a will there is a way… Govt, Media, Mobile Operators, Franchise owners and consumers no one is serious to resolve this issues, just meaning less discussions on blogs, t.v channels as there is no other issue to highlight. No case study to check Bano MArd karo sari sims block over night and ask consumers to get their sim un block after valid documentation and verification masla hal ho jaye gaa magar woh eemandar loag emmandar intezamiya kaha say aayee geee sab bakwas hai baatain hain nothing else.

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