Ever Heard of G3? Or They Meant 3G? [Hilarious]

I didn’t want to mock our great leaders and all-powerful Mr. Hamid Mir, but this video in which they are calling it G3 licenses that PTA is aiming to auction, it sure will make you laugh out loud.

Watch yourself and decide the level of understanding they bear for telecom and technology. Its pity that we have given them the responsibility to decide our future.

Lack of home work is obvious.

And BTW, I can recall there was this G3 gun we had a chance to use during NCC at college (Good old days).

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • LOL redefined.

      I couldn’t stop laughing while watching this program.
      PTI members first raised this properly.
      And these illiterate people are gonna lead the country on a tech revolution…

  • Politicians are like that, but I feel pity on Hamid, that if he is doing a complete program on such technology, at least read it once … so called educated journalist !!!

  • I guess hamid meer nay tou woh bola hai jo in policitian sahab nay parliament main name lia i.e “G3”.. waise baat tou ek he hai na Generation 3 ya 3rd generation :p… Scandal discuss ho raha hai BASICS Of TELECOMMUNICATION ki class thori ho rahe hai :-D

      • They are guessing like the bidding process will be not fear. and if G2 was before sold at 290billion so it why at this much cheap rate this time. + 50% of the price will be paid in 5 years after launch, so is it not bad? Hamara he paisa hamaray mulk main wapis aiyga tou phir INVESTMENT kahan se hoi? As all of us know k telcos are earning too much.

        Plus one more issue after launching 3G is of social aspects. Video chatting will might might bring alot of scandals, so PTA step of blocking porn websites will be not effected. Like currently web cam __X is becoming popular.

        Although I am not against 3G, it should come, but yeh bhe tou daikha jai k process clear hona chaiye, as telecom industry is much corruption free as far right now.

  • ALLAH Save Our Country…Jin Ko Kesi chese ka naam lena nahin ata ab woh us per speech aur faisla ker rahe hain ke yeh hamare mulk main honi chahi hai yan hain……..:x how shame for us….

  • khair hai . atleast they are concerned about it and raised very valid point which is surprising for me. democracy at its best

  • politicians ka mazaq urana tou hamara culture bun gia hai .
    issi site per main aik comment army kay khilaf likh dia tou aap logo nay ussay edit kar dia

    pakistani dont deserve democracy

    danda ki hi zuban samajtay hain hum sab aur yehi deserve kartay hain hum

    • zain bhai jan, politicians aur kiss kabil hein? Do you even understand the irony that they are talking about a license without bothering to learn whats the correct name of technology? jisko naam nahi pata, usko technology ka khaak pata hoga? Aur jab kisi baat ka pata hi nahi tu ai’traaz kaisa?
      Besides, people have equally ridiculed the ignorant Hamid Mir.
      On whose payroll are you anyways?

    • janab SAB eek hi kashti k sawar hain. Iss liyay young aur educated politicians ki importance aur bhi zyada ho gaee hai.

  • Army and ISI are bigger traitors and do treason on daily basis then these so called Politicans. kamaskam hum politicans ko criticize to karsakhte hain. army aur agencies ko criticize karne ki himmat hai kissi mein.

  • G3 is not equal to 3G. G3 is a gun and 3G is a newer generation mobile technology. Calling 3G as G3 directly indicates the intellect of these people regarding this episode of discussion. May be they know alike about every discussion they do.

  • the point that pervaiz rasheed has araised we should consider that point. you are selling 3G / G3 and all the other latest technologies with this one license. ohhh come on govt. this means they are selling the technology very cheaply. lets not discuss about 3G or G3.
    Admin try to be realistic rather than coming out with these types of videos. have any one noticed what he said about selling this tech????????????????????????????? you are selling it very cheaply….

  • Lolz, actually our journalists are least educated in telecom, IT and defence equipments. Any news related with defence equipments specifically in urdu newspapers is like a joke. I remember once at the main page of Jang, the news was comparing 1500 km range of ghauri missile to 25 km range of akash missile of india. Whereas, both missiles can’t be compared in anyway. One missile is SSM (surface to surface) while other one is SAM (Surface to Air Missile). I suggest there is urgent need of educating our journalists with basics of other fields besides politics.

  • Actually G3 is also very reknown thing. Thats why maybe he got confused 3g with g3, lolz. Now plz don’t ask what is G3..
    Actually the problem is our youth is destroyed by smsing and chating. Our journalists are now the politicians, the actual politicians are the businessmen and feudal lords. No one is focusing on education. Our knowledge and information is far less as a nation. We just stick to one field and we don’t know anything about other things in life. We even don’t care that we don’t know hell of things around us. Our desire to “know” and to “findout” as a human psyche has died. A jew child knows that where is his country located, where is mexico, where is cuba, where is morocco, and how far these are. How quickly you can reach there in different airplanes, if you go on a small turbo jet then how many times it should re-fuel. He knows where we stand in our galaxy in universe….. How many light years it will take us to reach next galaxy.. Our level of intellect is that: that a foreigner send a edited post on facebook that a woman turned muslim after seeing mecca and medina shining from moon and we share that post like hell. We even don’t think for a second moment that since when man went to moon after 69 ?. and when the woman went ?.. and who is that woman ?.. We just make fun of ourselves. Our ability to think is diminishing. Our education system really needs changing. We read crap till 12th grade and learn nothing.

  • buhahaha he is comparing INDIA IT industry with Pakistan ….. India is much advanced and having much bigger industry then Pakistan. (DOGs)they just want to interrupt for their (bones)share……event not know what is 3G or G3…….

  • albeit the politicians’ act was hilariously stupid, is it worth highlighting on ProPakistani?? Is PP now running short of topics to present in here?

    admin please keep up with the standards of your weblog. the reason for which I (and prolly many other readers) started following it…

  • I admit when I first heard this on live television I was shocked, but after thinking on what would have prompted them to call it G3 instead of 3G, I came to understand as 3G stands for 3rd generation, and the older guys like to call them generation 3rd and hence G3. It isn’t so far off when you think about it like that.

  • ofcourse these dogs want their bones that is all and if you think these pricks of politicians raised a valid point about 2g tech in the past than just look at the difference way back than our telcos had to train their operators and enineer’s cuz they had no knowledge for 2g which was so far advanced for them, they had no idea what so ever but lookin 2 years or so ago if i am right and i remember correctly PTA conducted a seminar on 3G and participants from all the telcos were trained and tested hence alot of burden was lessened money wise and they the telcos quickly upgraded to 3G eqiupement with some consent to PTA and private companies. YES ALOT OF MONEY WAS INVOLVED IN THE TRAINING AND ALL THE PROCESS, AS BOTH THE PTA AND GOVT. TOOK ITS SHARE THTS WHY THE CHEAP BID SO I THINK ITS CLEAN AND I DNT SEE ANY HIGHWAY ROBBERY IN THIS. THESE POLITICIANS,THE VULTURES AS I CALL THEM AND THIS JOKER IN PARTICULAR HAD THE NEWSPAPER IN HIS HAND AND WAS WAVING IT TO HAMID MIR THEY DIDNT EVEN LOOK AT IT AND HAMID MIR WHO DIDNT EVEN BOTHER TO CORRECT HIM ONCE, AS BOTH OF THEM ARE STUPID ASS CLOWN’S. I WAS SHOCKED TO HEAR THIS I SAW THE INTERVIEW WHEN IT WAS AIRED LIVE AND I WAS SO PISSED OF WITH THIS ASSHOLE, I WAS LIKE, WTF DUDE! ITS 3G ASSHOLE G3 IS A FREAKIN RIFLE. in the end these people all who do opppose 3G/4G/LTE have no life they are just to perverted to see something good be done for the future of country all technologies have their upsides and downsides so get a life people if you dont want 3G just stick with what you have and dont bother us the future of Pakistan, GET LOS AND GET A LIFE and guess what once 3G gets launched these same perverted opposer’s will be dying and standing in lines to get it for themselves i know what dirty people with filthy minds you all really are and thats the truth and you cant change tht, tou apna mulla lulla panna appnay pass rakho and just kiss your mna’s ass we know you are getting money frm there payrolls zayada doodh k dhullay mat banno idhar aaker. KUCH TOU KHUDDA KA KHAUF KARO KIYUN DOGHLA MAYAR RAKHTAY HO LANAT HO TUM SUB PER BAYGHAIRAT K BACHAY.

  • oh my Godddddddddddddddd cant stop laughing. Its really embarrasing, this shows how LITERATE the participants are. Aur hum India se 5 guna (5 times) chotey nahi haen, balkey kaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guna chotey haen.

    2 February 2012 the Indian Supreme Court delivered its judgment on a public interest petition seeking cancellation of 122 cellular phone licences granted by the Government of India in 2008, including 22 licences to Uninor (Telenor India).
    The court has in its judgment quashed all 122 licences, including those granted to Uninor. The quashing is effective 4 months from today. Meanwhile, the Government may seek recommendations from the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) on reallocation of the licences.

  • wah g wah kya topic uthaya hai lanata a g. There is nothing wrong with it. I Have seen many errors in PP posts y don’t you post here so people may laugh at you guys.

  • Whatever they call it, but I must say their analysis is good specially of Pervez Rasheed. Looks like PTA thinks that noone would come to bid and that is why they are selling it in a price of scrap.

  • Brother,
    Its not so laughing. Even i did not laugh at all. Actually at the start hamid meer called it G3 and also said Generation 3 . And technicall its the 3rd generation so technically they are right.
    Its just like you call Apple’s IPhone 4S a smartphone and keep showing it and keep calling it a smartphone.
    So to me they are not so much wrong. We should be open minded in this

  • Dear all

    Hamid Mir is an illiterate self-deluded person. He thinks he knows everything very well. This is not the first time when Hamir Mir or Geo TV made such blunder. Does anyone remember Kamran Khan’s reporting of Iraq war in 2003 when he said that US is using F-35 planes (which have never been in service at that time). Anyway, God bless them and other so called self-righteous, deluded “Jaahil-e-Mutlaq”.

    Dr. Khan

  • For those who are saying that Mr. Rasheed has a point:

    Reason being that the standard and fair measure to compute the base price is ‘per-megaherts-per-year‘. Thus 3G being auctioned as a 10Mhz band license and not 13.xMhz band (2G), the base price comes to the same.

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