PTI Facebook Pages Hacked, Millions of Fans Lost

PTIPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s more than 30 fan pages were hacked today in a single go, costing the political party millions of fans go wasted.

No one has taken the responsibility for this massive hack down of PTI’s facebook fan pages.

Citing President of the Insaf Students Federation in Karachi, Arsalan Ghumman, The Express Tribune reported that the official Facebook pages of PTI leader Imran Khan, the student wing Insaf Students Federation, and several, more including that of Dr. Alvi were hacked into and hidden from the public’s eye.

“The pages were hijacked at 3 pm on Friday. We are in touch with the Facebook authorities to recover them,” he said.

On other hands Facebook is notorious for taking such cases non-seriously.

Reportedly, hacker first cracked the gmail id of Mr. Imran Ghazali, the web manager of PTI social media team before cracking into facebook pages of political party.

It is unclear so far if pages were deleted or are kept private (hidden from public) by the hacker.

If not recovered, this is going to be a big blow PTI’s short term plans. This incident yet again reminds us that we are living in a country without cyber law.




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  • Azi

    really sad……

  • Minhasweb

    Bad News. “we are living in a country without cyber law.”

  • Mughal

    Not cool at all.. Really a shameful act. Shows the insecurity people are feeling due to PTI rise in Pakistani poltical scne…

  • 30 pages are really big deal. But I have a feeling that pages will be restored soon. even facebook can’t bear PTI trolls for long. :p

  • tiku

    lol.. if this happend to PPP know what they say?

    zinda hai bhuto zinda hai… aik or humla ppp pe… tum kitnay page hack kro ge her ghar se page niklay ga.. hahahah

    • Usman

      @ agreed & LOL

    • raybak

      Jamhoriyat ki khatir aik oar qurbani..

  • Aftab

    Meray khiyal facebook waloon ne PTI ke pages FAKE likes & fake fans ki waja se band kardiye hain.
    acha howa ye log sub ko galian detay thay..

  • Imran

    Its a “Fake News”

  • Waqar

    @aftab, Fake likes ni hai sb…kuch hongy…lekn zyada tar logo ne khud like kia tha…

  • Ghazanfar Ahmed

    All i can say is
    1. Stop using Windows
    2. Stop using public computers (computers that other people use). They may have keyloggers
    3. Stop using open wireless networks which you don’t trust! Others can sniff the data that is being transmitted!

  • GOD bless PTI

  • Arsalan Ghumman

    Pages are hacked. Some are recovered. We will be back soon.

  • binary-zero

    lol wut? khekhe

  • Azhar

    This is a desperate attempt on the part of those who fear PTI’s popular support and also its comparatively better utility of modern technology to meet its political ends.

  • so sad

  • Is this happening to all facebook pages?

  • v sad news … for all PTI fans. ..

  • it must have hurt very badly to PTI as there were millions of fans on their different facebook pages.
    Punjab Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif must form a IT specialist team to investigate this matter.

  • We do have cyber crime laws..but they are not that much effective as still alot of details are needed to be scrutinized in parliament about their implementation.

  • Yes its shameful but now how PTI Win Election :P

    • hahhaha Abid Bahi :D app baz nahie ao gay :D Dr sb nay app ko pakar layna ha :D

  • Pages were hacked, Hearts are still there… <3

  • ignacio

    internet is geting a hard place to be!

  • o yaar website open ho rhaee hai hack nahi hui !

  • Writer

    And i have observed, many evil minded people are taking advantage of this incident by creating fake PTI pages and pretending them if they are New PTI pages.

  • Ovais

    @SaadGH “OR at least brain if they’re not using it.”

  • To all the Hackers of PTI Pages:

    I know you want to prove that just like you hacked the pages you can also hack the supporters of PTI. Well, I want to let you know that you are mistaken.

    Now you’ll come to TV and say that they can’t secure there pages, how they will secure the whole country. Well, You can blame PTI for Low security on Internet but We are the future of Pakistan and you cant stop us.

    Ali R. Khan

    • Malik

      Who is you??????????????hehehe

  • Tauheed

    Mohammad hafeez (cricketer) facebook page has been hacked. check it guys.


    Well Well Well — This was bound to happen not by humans but by Nature. Once a new faced Q2 officially inducted looters and culprits of Zia, Musharaf, BB, Sharifs Rajs — in hope to make us (poor and innocent Pakistanis) fools once again under banner of PTI —- The NATURE STRUCK. Who does not know on this Earth what these HOTIS, LEGHARIS, KASURIS, QURESHIS, KHATATKS etc etc are? Late Paghara Sahib said rightly, IK will be caught on the boundary.

  • thanks God

  • Azi

    congratulations dear page are restored

  • (( UN DT ))

    wllll that was me catch me if you can. as you say that i m not the member of pti let me tell u that i m very near to ahsan & hashmi uncle my dad was the 3rd person whome hashmi give his book & yo i want the number of

    & many peoples of pakistan still dont gey my point what i want i dont want money mujha pasay shayea hotay to nawas sharif bohat da saqta tha lakin i hack cos i want them to open the wall post of the pages & reply to the Q of the proples which is still not done only as past ik oficial is open & they dont reply on that page how they can reply on pti official jaguthi imran khan PM page so i again say them to open next time i will not hack the page i will hack the peoples in real life thank you & c my wall post in the ik official users section page & contact me their

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  • Waqasali

    How to safety of facebook?

  • ahsan

    just only one thing i see to protect facebook account and also pages
    sms scurty on karo jab b account login hoga to ap k no par scurty code ai ga..
    than account login hoga

  • Prashant saxena

    Why facebook is not so secure, one of my friend’s profile was hacked some days ago.. I know three people those have been hacked…