FIA Says no Law Now to Check Cyber Crimes

The FIA says there is no law in the country at the moment to check cyber crimes and has thus closed the investigation against the son of PPP Information Secretary Fauzia Wahab, who threatened Editor Investigation The News Ansar Abbasi some months ago in a text message, reported The News.

“The News” disclosed this fact citing a reply made by FIA to the query of Ansar regarding his complaint. The FIA on numerous occasions told Ansar that his complaint was under consideration, but this reply says the relevant law has lapsed so nothing can now be done.


Ansar asked FIA:

“This is with reference to my application dated Dec 18, 2009, regarding threatening SMS that I had received from 0333-2182500. As a consequence of my application, I received an acknowledgement letter No FIA/NR3C/cases/ISB/1327-29 from Shahid Nadeem Baloch, Project Director; however, I am not aware of the follow-up actions.”

According to “The News” FIA’s reply said:

“The contents of complaint prima facie attract the application of the Prevention of Electronic Crime Ordinance. The ordinance has, however, expired in November 2009 and thereafter neither the same has been re-promulgated nor any other law has been passed by Parliament dealing with offences punishable under PECO.

In view of above legal position, the acts of omission/commission mentioned in the complaint do not constitute an offence punishable under any law available on the charter of FIA.

Hence, no action can be initiated on your complaint by NR3C for want of jurisdiction.”

It merits mentioning here that Cyber Crime law was first issued through a presidential order on December 31st, 2007 by former president Musharraf, which was later endorsed by PPP government with little amendments.

Ordinances are supposed to be endorsed or renewed every three months.

Keeping in view the current developments in cyber world, it is extremely important to have a cyber law in the country to execute those threats arising over the internet.

It is un-comprehendible that why Government of Pakistan is ignoring the said law for this long.

An FIA official in a conversation with ProPakistani said that agency has been reminding the concerned departments about the lapse of ordinance, but apparently they are either busy doing other businesses or they are deliberately not paying any attention.

He said that Cyber Crime law is supposed to be defined by Ministry of IT and Telecom, as internet domain is fairly covered by IT Ministry. He further added that it is the need of the hour to get Cyber Crime Law get passed from parliament to make it permanent part of Pakistani law.

    • Yeah, pretty logical question, how did FIA, Cybercrime got arrest warrants for those hackers when there is no law for what they did?

      If the court issed arrest warrants then how did it issue?

      If FIA arrested them on grounds of hacking the what did they wrote in FIR as theyr is no law for what they did

      If FIA ‘raided’ those guys houses/office it must have had search warrant/arrest warrant.. but in abcence of any law. there is no ground…. lol @ the hypocracy

  • this is the same law every body made fun of when it came for renewal. Remember jang group and News talking about a law which is being put up to stop jokes angainst zardari and rehman malik? i couldnt find the exact jang link but here is a link from times of india (their aman ki asha partner) on the story:

    I am so glad its none other but ansar abbasi paying for this as these are the people who misinterpreted legislation and stopped us from having rules required for living in 21st century!

  • another PPP’s shit work.. How could then they ruled out the 14 years punishments for those who write sms against govt..

  • Not unusual or surprising, as the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Bill also expired/lapsed and was never renewed/no one bothered to renew it. Who cares about these kind of things in Pakistan?

  • Then under which law they got hold of Pak bugs (hacker kids)? This is because they are not son of that rude lady?

  • It is just wrong to arrest those “Pakbugs” gangs, if they are not arresting the son of bureaucrat. In reply to A khan…..laws are just for ordinary people,good people are just sitting on the laws to change them, if it is a need to.

    Lets suppose the law is not renewed until 2009, then those boys should be freed.

  • To stop Cybercrimes or arrest hacker is looks very easy but not … everyone know hacker or any criminal person always use his/her mind in 360 direction, preventing for attacks is possible but its impossible to stop it. As we have good talent in Pakistan IT but no one utilizing them to implement cyber law.

    Muhammad Zafar Ameer
    Chief Technical Officer

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  • yeah it’s absolutely true saying … we don’t respect our talents.why we do’t take benefit from these hackers as programmer,IT technologist,security analyst,sw creators, monitor atomic labs. instead of taking them out and punish them? i say hacking should not be a crime. we can use this talent in a positive way instead of loosing such owesum talent.

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