Telenor Pakistan Posts 20% Revenue Growth in Q4 2011

telenor_logoTelenor Pakistan posted 20 percent growth in local currency for overall revenues which stood at Rs. 20.20billion (NOK 1,343) during fourth quarter of 2011, up from Rs. 17.27 billion (NOK 1,173) during the same period a year ahead.

Financial results said that increase in revenues were mainly due to increase in mobile subscriptions and higher ARPU, which grew 3 percent in local currency as a result of higher usage.

Revenues from financial services contributed 3 percent of total revenue growth during the reported duration.

Telenor Pakistan’s EBITDA margin increased by 13 percentage points primarily due to strong revenue growth and stable operating expenses. EBITDA in local currency increased by 77%. Excluding the positive effect of one-time items the EBITDA margin was 38%.

Telenor Pakistan, according to financial stats provided by Telenor Group, had 28,131,000 customers as of December 31st, 2011 – 27,835 of these were prepaid while another 296,000 were reported as postpaid subscribers.

Telenor said that average traffic minutes per subscription per month stood at 202 minutes, slightly ahead of 197 minutes a quarter ago.

Telenor managed to maintain an ARPU of Rs. 236 during the reported quarter, showing a slight growth of 3 percent over the last quarter. Telenor said that ARPU for postpaid subscriptions stood at Rs. 771.

Check below following financial stats extracted from Telenor’s financial report:


You can download Telenor’s financial report for Q4 2011 by clicking this link (PDF File – 295KB)

  • Congratulations Telenor
    Telenor Rocks
    We Love you


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      kahin ye paisa sara funds ka norway k agents ko tu nahi ja raha ? TELENOR aur easy paisa walon clear karo is baat ko itni zyda funding q ho rahi hai aur paisa kahan lagaya ja rahah ai.Cheif justice ,ISI aur governmet ko is baat ki tehqekat karni chaiye

  • Umair

    Telenor Sucks,

    • waqas

      Not Telenor its network. Other wise for job its very good.
      For QoS only we have Warid

    • faisal

      @Umair , Telenor services is not meant for you , If you don’t know how to use their BEST services its your problem then.

      they are far much better than others .


  • Amjad

    The best service in town.

  • Sumair

    Telenor is awesome, i’ve been a loyal customer of Telenor since 2006 (nearly 6 years) but their EDGE service is getting bad day by day.

  • Raven

    love them or hate them, fact is that they are doing exceptionally good business over here, better than other telcos over here.

    At the end of the day, its the company growth that matters, sadly some people over here fail to see the bigger picture and always crib about poor network and petty things like call rates. Word of advice for them, get port out n u will send same issues over there as well!

    • Stone

      ahahah get ready to be labelled a telenor agent :D